BIKE UNCHAINED 2 Gameplay Review for Android & iOS – Racing Game #2

BIKE UNCHAINED 2 Gameplay Review for Android & iOS – Racing Game #2

Hello everyone to Big Paw Gaming! I enjoyed playing Bike Unchained 2 and I have decided to make this game into mini series. To recall, Bike Unchained is downhill racing game featuring mountain biking. In the game, you will meet some of the most famous athletes from mountain biking and licensed bike equipment to collect. In this part, you will see I was lucky with gatcha and got some new upgrades to my bike as well as some premium currency I will use in the future. In this video, I am still racing against normal players around my level and so far, I am doing quite well. I wonder if I will see any of you playing against me? Give me a shout out if we end up matching up! I leave it for now to enjoy the rest of the gameplay. I hope you can stay till the end. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. Please remember to subscribe. Thanks!

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  2. morning my friend, a very cool and fun little game 馃檪 I enjoyed watching this, great job, full view and a like 馃檪

  3. Good game, I have this idea, why don't you play the full rewards box then stop the game. so will attract more viewers !!!

  4. Very nice buddy, good graphics! 馃挅++new friend & like, hope u can hug-s^U*b my cha*nel as well cheers 馃挅馃檹

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