Biggest Royal Rumble surprise appearances: WWE Top 10, April 28, 2018

Biggest Royal Rumble surprise appearances: WWE Top 10, April 28, 2018

[SOUND] Can you dig it, sucker?
>>[LAUGH]>>Booker T, the six-time World Champion, the former King of the Ring,
the Tag Team specialist. This is what pay-per-view’s all about,
cuz you never know.>>[APPLAUSE]>>And I don’t even care who number two is, so just send him out already. [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My!>>[APPLAUSE]>>You gotta be kidding me!>>This place is rocking! [SOUND]
>>Ladies and gentlemen, from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, Cactus Jack.
>>Three, Two, One! [SOUND]
>>Hey->>Wait a minute.>>Wait a minute.>>My gosh, this ain’t right.>>Wait, I’m more confused here.>>Somebody’s not gonna have a nice day.>>The luck of the draw has everything to do with this. What?
>>No!>>I don’t believe it!>>I don’t wanna believe it.>>This is Foolish Baby Boy is pulling a triple header.
>>Who is number 32?>>Three, two, one. [SOUND]
>>Holy->>You gotta be kidding me. Big Daddy Cool, Diesel.
>>What?>>Diesel’s back. Diesel’s here, 6’11”,
311 pounds from Detroit, Michigan.>>[SOUND] My God! Let’s go.
>>He’s back.>>And he’s the former anonymous general manager.
>>It’s Hornswoggle!>>Hornswoggle’s here!>>I can’t believe it!>>It’s gonna be next actual royal rumble by the time he gets to the ring.
>>Go get them Woggle! [NOISE]
>>Who’s next? [MUSIC] My God!
>>Are you kidding me?>>He’s here.>>Not king.>>That’s my pick.>>Rey Mysterio.>>My pick is here.
>>Your pick?
>>Yes.>>Rey Mysterio, the man who won the 2006 Royal Rumble match.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My God!>>[NOISE]>>Ladies and gentleman, for the ninth time in his career, Triple H is in the rumble match.
>>Three, two, one [APPLAUSE]
>>Holy!>>What?>>My! The rated R superstar! The former World Champion.
>>What?>>Listen to the ovation. It is thunderous in the Philips Arena.
>>After what many thought to be a career threatening injury, Edge has returned.
>>And a spear.>>[SOUND] [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Is it? Can it be?
>>It is! The phenomenal one is here! AJ Styles.
>>My God!>>It has been rumored for weeks that the hottest creation in sports entertainment was heading to WWE. [MUSIC]>>Who’s number 30? [SOUND]>>[MUSIC]>>What a tournament. [CROSSTALK]
>>What is this?>>It’s John Cena. John Cena.
>>My gosh. [SOUND]

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  1. “It’s gonna be the next actual royal rumble by the time he gets to the ring” lmao why they gotta do hornswaggle like that lmao

  2. Does anyone actually like HHH? Haven't watched in years but I remember hating him even more as a good guy. Must be gross to sit at the front and have him spit all over you when he comes down to the ring…

  3. Cole yelling “CAN IT BE?!” Ruins everything. Vince. GTFO of everyone’s ear. Let Cole call a match, he’s great when he’s not over produced.

  4. 0:09 when you have nearly finished a Rumble in 2k19 and then the toughest superstar comes out at 30.

  5. Foley's 3 face was the best 1 because all of them are awesome. I think each of them should have there spot in the Hall of Fame. Not 1 all together.

  6. How would Rey mysterio be in the 2018 royal rumble when he was pronounced dead on May 24, 2015 from cardiac arrest is it like another person

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