Biggest Plot Twists from Pixar’s Cars! | Pixar Cars

Biggest Plot Twists from Pixar’s Cars! | Pixar Cars

I am not coming in behind you again, old man. Oh, no! Yeah! Woohoo! I won baby! Yeah! [Flo] What’s he up to, Doc? What are you doing kid? I think the King should finish his last race. You just gave up the Piston Cup. You know that? Ah, this grumpy old race car I know once told me something. “It’s just an empty cup.” [Bob Cutlass] Darrell, is pushing on the last lap legal? [Darrell Cartrip] Hey, man. He’s not really pushing him. He’s just giving him a little bump draft. Hey, what? What’s going on? That’s what I call racing right there. Ha, ha, ha! Somebody’s been sabatoging the racers and hurting the cars and I know who. Oh, wait! Your Majesty. Bomb! It’s a bomb! Freeze! Everybody down! Get off the stage! Move it! Hold your fire! We can’t disarm it. Mater, I don’t know what you’re doing, but stand down now! This ain’t nothing at all like Radiator Springs. Mater, just cut to the chase. Okay, it’s him. What?! Me? You’ve got to be crazy. I figured it out when I realized y’all this ticking time bomb with Whitworth bolts. The same bolts that hold together that old British engine from the photograph. Holly, show that picture. Okay. And then I remembered what they say about old British engines. “If there ain’t no oil under `em, there ain’t no oil in `em.” What is he talking about? It was you leaking oil at the party in Japan. You just blamed it on me. Electric cars don’t use oil, you twit! Then you’re faking it. You didn’t convert to no electric. We pop that hood we gonna see that engine from that picture right there. This lorry’s crazy. He’s going to kill us all! Stay away! But Sir Axlerod created the race, Mater. Why would he want to hurt anyone? To make Allinol look bad so everybody’d go back to using oil. I mean he said it himself with that disguised voice. “Disguised voice?” What are you talking about? You’re nuts, you are! This is going nowhere fast. We really should go, Grandmother. One moment. I’d like to see where this is going. Mater, he created Allinol. Yeah, but what if he found that huge oil field just as the world was trying to find something else? What if he came up with Allinol just to make alternative fuel look bad? “What if?” You’re basing this on a “What if?” Okay, that’s it. [Guards] All right, let’s clear out. [Miles Axelrod] Wait, somebody save me! The lorry’s crazy. Keep away you idiot! Mater! Someone do something! Run away! You’re insane you are! Deactivate! [Bomb Computer Voice] Bomb deactivated. Have a nice day, Sir Axelrod. The engine from the photo. It’s a perfect match. How did the tow truck figure it out? It’s official, you’re coming to all my races from now on. Now you’re talking. Well the green lights on pit road is open, and everybody’s coming in. [McQueen] Get ready guys. Luigi, Guido, tires. Fillmore, fuel! Okay, I’m here. What’s going on? No, not me! Her. What? What is she doing back here? Come on guys, get her set up. Quickly! Wait, what’s happening? Hey, Ramone! You got your paints? You know I do! Guys, what are you doing? [Darrell Cartrip] Man. I don’t understand it. McQueen’s just sitting there. Something’s got to be wrong. Mr. McQueen? Today’s the day, Cruz. You’re getting your shot. What?! I started this race… and you’re going to finish it. What? She’ll damage the brand. She’s just a trainer! No, she’s a racer. Just took me a while to see it. That can’t be legal! The rules only say the number has to be out there doesn’t say who has to wear it. No, you can do this- [Mater] Hey! Did I ever tell you how much I love your mudflaps? Out of my way, bumpkin. Well, I got my facial flaps. Got my church flaps… [Lightning McQueen] Come on, guys! We got to get her out there. Let’s go! Tires, check! Fuel, check! Ramone! Best I can do in the time frame, boss. [McQueen] Yeah… That’ll work. Why are you doing this? You said it yourself. This might be your last chance. Which makes it my last chance to give you your first chance, Cruz. And this time I want you to take it. She’s got to beat that pace car out. No, no, no, no! You can’t do that! Now or never! What do you say? Oh, hey! 35mph pit speed! [Cruz] I knew that!

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  1. I want to point out how high and far dinoco goes through the air but other than that love the movie child hood favorite movie

  2. Chick Hicks is such a jerk on winning and making The King feel wrecked on the scene ' Miles Axelrod being the true villain of Cars 2 by Mater was wild and Cruz wanting to beat Storm in the race since Storm is a jerk to Cruz and Lightning and Storm was responsible for making Lightning crash.

  3. Cars 1 has best plot twist and cars 3 has worst plot twist !!!
    it could have been better if they kept the deleted scene in cars 3 !!

  4. -"You got a lot of stuff kid :)".

    -"I knowed I make a good choice!"
    -"in what?"
    -"My best friend :)".

    P.S.: I am a fluffy cloud

  5. Can we think about how Lightning thought the king should finish his last race, but Lightning never finished his last race?

  6. You watch 1 video. 1 cars video in your recommended feed. Then it’s cars for the rest of your life. Please STOP YouTube algorithm please no more f***ing cars

  7. Cars was my life since i first watched it.there should be a big race with takumi fujirawa as a car,wangan midnight devil z as a character,speed racer as a car etc with lighting McQueen

  8. That Cars 1 ending was emotional! Lighting McQueen may have sacrificed his race for Dinoco but that means that Lighting McQueen is truly a big fan of Dinoco and truly cares about “The King” and others. Cars 2 ending was a little bit predictable and Mater suddenly going from stupid to smart revealing Axelrod’s secrets and then stupid kinda throws me off, Planes ending was decent and shows a great moral of beating your fears although predictable, Fire & Rescue ending is boring and meh but Cars 3 ending?! It’s bad! In fact,I didn’t liked Cars 3 at all!

  9. cars 3 worst plot twist ever. cars 4 would be dope if mcqueen had like a lost moment where he becomes a normal car and finds out bout street racing and becomes like an outlaw. that would be sick.

  10. Fuck man…this is the worst movie in the franchise. McQueen should've beated storm instead of yellow car.
    This feminism shit is taking on everything???

  11. Mater is amazing. Despite literally everybody else saying that Axelrod didn't do anything, his confidence kept him going until he caught him red handed.

  12. Cars – Great movie with a nice redemption arc, epic racing scenes, and funny jokes. 9/10

    Cars 2 – Also funny and I liked the McQueen vs. Bernoulli rivalry. Woulda been nice to see more of that instead of the spy stuff. 7.7/10

    Cars 3 – Beautiful graphics and a solid plot, but I really disliked the ending. 6/10

  13. A major plot twist would be Lightning crossing the line and winning and THEN helping the King cross, denying Chick the title

  14. Cars 2 was confusing ?? Cars 1 and Cars 3 were my favorites and I wouldn't mind a Cars 4 ? as long as it isn't like Cars 2

  15. I dont get it, where were the other cars? McQueen, King and Chick Hicks arent THAT much faster than the others, they werent 2 laps ahead god damnit

  16. The first clip of hardly call a plot twist, as it was established at the beginning of the movie that Chick has an asshole. Lightning going back for The King I wouldn’t call a plot twist so much as I’d call it character development

  17. Tbh I'm gonna miss the cars series. I like how McQueen went from an overconfidence rookie racer to professional racer to a mentor.
    And for some reason cruz character kinda reminds me of dory(minus the short memory)

  18. Last chance for ur first chance warms my heart so much lightning was selfish at the first movie wanting everything then giving everything.

  19. I like the development team of Lightning’s unselfish character in 1 & 3. He gives up winning as the young star to help an old racer finish, and then gives up his last race for a new racer.

    I never thought there would be such a great character arc over a franchise about talking Hot Wheels.

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