Big Wave Surfer – Gabriel Villaran – Ep 2

Big Wave Surfer – Gabriel Villaran – Ep 2

One of my goals this year is to be one of the top big wave surfers in the world in the Big Wave World Tour circuit. There is a big difference between surfing small waves and big waves. When you are running the big waves, your life is in danger. The technology applied to surfing is definitely an opportunity. You are able to see well in advance if the waves are going to be good, the wind conditions, what size the waves will be, everything. It is a great tool to see the swells and storms that generate these waves that travel thousands of miles. The good thing is that you can plan your trip two or three days before making the decision. These forecasts start from ten days to a week before the waves reach their destination. You can monitor all the oceans and all the beaches, practically every day, at every time. That’s how you decide to pursue a swell that may be in South Africa, Australia or Indonesia. At the end, one wave of that swell pays off all the work that you went through to be at the right place in the right moment. Owl Chapman is one of the best Hawaiian shapers, he specializes in making big wave boards and I’ve been lucky enough to meet him here in Hawaii. He’s a legend; he’s one of the best shapers in Hawaii, nothing less than Brewer’s pupil. The most amazing thing about Owl is that every day… he comes to the sea and watches the waves and the sunset, he has a connection with this wave and the people… that is something special. He has a really unique passion for sports and the ocean and I couldn’t be happier to know that this monster of the North Shore has made one of my boards. It is always better to have a board that is a little bit bigger rather than a smaller one. In big waves you need to catch the wave with time, if not you would be playing with your life for a few seconds. You cannot tempt these huge and extremely dangerous waves. You can have an accident, a small day, a great day. And that’s what Hawaii sums to right? Perfect heavy, large, and dangerous waves, and only very few people can tame them. In the long term, my goal is to be a great big wave surfer and that I transfer this sport to other people.

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  1. Yes yes I only speak English and I understand everything this guy is saying, word for word…………………….

  2. Basically all he says is that he wants to be one of the best big wave surfers, he points out how dangerous it actually is and how the forecasts made it a lot easier to chase big waves 😉

  3. I've never seen a wave that big in real life.. and waves 4 times smaller than that are still pretty powerful and can be intimidating when you're just swimming at the beach. I wonder what it's like to just be in the water with those kinds of waves coming at you.

  4. Embrace the ball-kicking you receive. Whether it's hardship or victory, there's always something to gain from.

  5. In english then. What I wanted to is let you know that your comment is rude and offensive even though is a joke, and I did not liked it, and also that you are the one who should learn spanish, english is too easy ffs.

  6. He is peruavian, and by the way why do people think someone who speack spanish is mexican, there are more countries that speack spanish, so maybe usa is full of mexican but that is not our problem.

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