Biathlon Stories to Watch at PyeongChang 2018 | Olympic Winter Games

Biathlon Stories to Watch at PyeongChang 2018 | Olympic Winter Games

STORIES TO WATCH) (BIATHLON) A mix of cross-country
skiing and rifle shooting, biathlon was first contested
at the Olympics in 1960. It was and still is
a test of contrary mandates – speed the legs and heart through the aerobic
demands of skiing and pause to slow
the heart rate sufficiently to fire five shots
at sedentary targets between two and four times
during a race. Each missed target either adds
a minute to the final time or entails skiing
a penalty loop. In Pyeongchang, biathletes
will contest a sprint event. Biathletes contest
the longer individual race skiing in intervals
against the clock. The top 60 athletes
will next participate in the pursuit event, with the fastest sprints
taking off first. They contest
the mass start all at once, as if running a marathon. Four skiers per team make up
the relay events. The mixed relay
includes two legs each for men and ladies at their respective distances
per team. Competition will take place at the Alpensia Biathlon
Centre, a site that first held
a 2008 Biathlon World Cup event and also the 2009
Biathlon World Championships. The shooting range is 82.5m
by 50m. The course width is 8m with an altitude difference
being 47m. Which famous Norwegian
biathlete is married to Olympic champion
Darya Domracheva? (FIND OUT AT THE END) Ole Einar Bjorndalen
is the greatest biathlete and one of the greatest
Winter Olympians in history. He will be 44 years old
at Pyeongchang 2018. In six Olympic Winter Games,
Ole Einar has won 13 medals, the most in history. Ole Einar was elected to
the IOC’s Athletes’ Commission in 2014, but resigned
from the position once he decided
to pursue another Olympics. He has participated
in 23 World Championships, winning 45 medals,
including 20 gold. In 2008, a three-metre-tall
statue of Ole Einar was erected in his hometown
of Simostranda. Martin Fourcade won
two gold medals and one silver at Sochi 2014, adding to the silver medal
he won in Vancouver
four years earlier. He also has won 25 medals, including 11 golds,
at World Championships. His brother, Simon, is a
two-time Olympic biathlete. Martin is the only other
biathlete besides Ole Einar Bjorndalen to have won the overall
World Cup six times. Martin has two daughters, aged 11 months and two years. Martin hails from Ceret,
France, a town at the base
of the Pyrenees mountains, known for producing some of the world’s
sweetest cherries. European nations top
the medal count for biathlon at the Olympics. France is fifth
with six gold medals, behind the Soviets with nine. Russia has ten gold, Norway has 15 gold medals and Germany,
with a total of 45 medals, with 16 gold. Darya Domracheva won
gold medals in pursuit, individual and mass start
events in Sochi 2014. Though she was born in Minsk, Darya grew up in
the small Siberian town of Nyagan, where she started
skiing at age six in the frigid winters. Darya majored in
tourism management at the Belarussian State
Economic University. Darya took 500 hours
of video of herself and her team-mates before
and during Vancouver 2010. The edited material
was made into a movie. Although she did not contend
for a medal at Sochi 2014, Laura Dahlmeier
enters the Pyeongchang Games as a prohibitive favourite
to win several. At the 2017
World Championships, she captured gold medals
in five disciplines and a silver in
the sprint event. Laura began shooting
at age seven but needed two more years to give up alpine racing
for biathlon. Laura loves the outdoors and says a perfect day ends
with a night in a ski hut. Did you know biathlon is the number one
sweat-producing event at the Olympic Winter Games? The average female biathlete
produced 1.4 litres of sweat, while males produced
over 2.3 litres of sweat. Gabriela Koukalova won two
silver medals at Sochi 2014, in the mass start
and mixed relay events. Gabriela’s mother,
Gabriela Svobodova, won an Olympic silver
in cross-country skiing at Sarajevo 1984. Gabriella’s husband,
Petr Koukal, is a Czech professional
badminton player. She won her second career world
title in Hochfilzen last year, edging Laura Dahlmeier
in the sprint event. Gabriela says her mother
turns away when she shoots
in competition, cos she’s afraid it will be
bad luck if she looks. Gabriela preferred writing
and drawing as a young girl, and showed interest in sports
because of her mother’s medal that was on display
in the living room. Marie Dorin Habert is
a two-time Olympic medallist with two golds at the
World Championships in 2015 and three more in 2016. She is married to biathlon
team-mate Lois Habert and had their daughter
Adele in late 2014. Marie is an avid fan
of outdoor activities. She enjoys climbing,
windsurfing and hiking. Did you know the answer
to our earlier question? That is Ole Einar Bjorndalen,
one of the greatest ever. Biathlon runs for ten days during the Olympic Winter Games
Pyeongchang 2018. In the first week, the sprints, individual
and pursuit events will take place. The second week consists
of the mass start events and the relay. The crowds at biathlon events
are always vocal… ..and this competition will be
no different. The Olympic Winter Games
in Pyeongchang set to begin February 9th. Fill your knowledge tank by watching other episodes
on Olympic Channel.

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