Beware – YOU NEED TO SEE THIS GAME! (Driving Horror Game)

Beware – YOU NEED TO SEE THIS GAME! (Driving Horror Game)

I don’t think he saw us. (Sure Poods) AHHHHHHH What the hell? Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! AHHHHHHH *Original Intro* Guys, today we’re watching such a scary game that please watch it with a parental guardian *definitely* or at least someone you can hold hands with. I don’t even want to look at it, it looks so scary. *how you gonna play it then* How do I do it? How do I keep playing horror games without getting so scared? I don’t know. This is a driving horror game. Never heard of that. Have you heard of that? *Yes Poods* I just hit play and nothing’s happening. Game of the year! *Every Game is “GAME OF THE Year” for poods* What the hell? It crashed didn’t it? *Nah it didn’t* No, we’re still in it everybody. Okay [wierd ass Poods laugh] Alright well let’s, let’s freaking do this guys! Whoa, whoa, whoa-ho, whoa! Oh, it’s too fast, it’s too fast. Oh geez Rick. – Morty 2017 What the hell? Where am I goiiiing? AHHHH Am I even running away from someone? *Yes from demonetization* Okay, okay, kay, kay, kay. Alright, we’re going, we’re going, we’re going, we’re fine, we’re fine, we’re fine. It’s just bushes. Okay, here we go I gotta make it out of here alive. *Zero Deaths* Those goddamn Jacksepticeye fanboys, they’re coming after me. *Marvel Fanboys too* Jesus Christ! *Praise the Lord* I’m fine, I’m fine. Oh, did I hit something? *My Soul* Shit, shit, they’re coming. Shit, uh, I guess I’ll die. *I hate it when that happens* Woo-hoo! *Yee Haw* You’re never gonna catch me! Oh damn, I’m the fastest driver in this, in this town, wherever I am. Queue the ‘deja vu’. Wait, wait for it, *sings* right into the niiiiight. *Horribly off-tune* *still singing* Deja vu! I have been in this space before higher than the streets, and I know it’s my time to go! Calling you. *normal voice* I don’t even know what I’m running away from. How is this a horror game? This is spooky. Right *Inded Poods* Oh, wait, what’s this? Whoa, it looks so awesome! No, no! Leave me alone! Dammit, faster! *Zero Deaths* Oh god, this is genuinely scary. I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m just gonna keep driving fast dammit. [panting] Come on. Okay. Deja vu. Jesus, I don’t know about this guys. Why is it so creepy? Ah, just keep going. Oh god, there’s a car. Oh god, they’re fine, they’re fine. Oh god, oh god, there’s cars everywhere. Sorry, we’re going off-road. I don’t think he saw us. [yells] What the hell? Go, go, go, go, go, go! [screams x2] What the frick?! Get off my car you stupid hillbillies! Nothing wrong with being a hillbilly. Go go go, Jesus Christ, Jesus! *Swestian Channel* What the heck was thaaaat? AHHHHH I don’t know about this, bros. [panting] My god. It’s the Fortnite fanboys, it’s the Marvel fanboys. They’ve finally come after me. I’m sorry I don’t like you. Jesus Christ. I didn’t even do anything, go right? Oh shit it was the left turn. Oh god oh god I gotta get. Where does this turn? Oh my god, I am freaking out. Where am I going? I’m so lost. Okay, I think we chased them. Oh god, there’s another car. Don’t go in the lake, don’t go in the lake. Woooo! (x5) Oh god, they’re coming up. They’re coming up behind me. Hey, watch where you’re driving! Assholes! [laughs] Stupid assholes, you’ll never catch me! Uh oh, AHHHH We’re fine, AHH, it’s fine. Stop. No, no! Get off my car. Get off my car you fatty fatties! Dammit. They’re two fat Fortnite fans. Ahhh [laughs] [claps] Oh my god, finally a horror game that freaked me out a little bit! That’s so fun. So this is like an early version of the game, it’s just a demo. Obviously they’re gonna build on it. I feel like I said this a lot of times on games, and then they come out and it’s like ehh, it’s actually not that great but I can definitely see some cool aspects to it like if there was a passenger next to us adding dialogue, adding some dialogue and dynamic to the situation, some story and why they’re hunting us. I don’t know or maybe not! So they start hunting you here. Yeah. I’m a really bad driver, I don’t know if you guys knew this. I’m gonna genuinely try this time. Look at this driving, boy. Swedish racecar driver number one, handbrake initiated, don’t hit the radio tower. Such a unique concept as well. I’ve never heard of a horror racing game. I didn’t know if it would work or not, but it’s genuinely scary. I’m not sure how long it will last. Oh god, they’re in our rear winner- window. I can’t speak, help me! Help me, eeeh. There we go. Yes We’re going off-road baby! Bad idea, I don’t know where the roads go. The lights doesn’t really help that much. Okay, we’re going this way. Oh god we’re going in the woods. I hate woods, they scare me. Okay, they’re right behind us, go faster! No they’re coming up! [screams] Assholes, get away from meeeee! Dammit, AHHHH! Keep going, keep going, keep up. No! Shit shit shit shit. Turn around. You’ll never catch me! Ahhh-AHH. OOH OOH OOH AHH EE AHH EE AHH AHH [speaks Swedish] I think we got him. I think- nope, nevermind. I am way too into this. Come on. Come on Felix. You can do it. We bel- we believe in you Felix! Thanks guys Remember to smash like on this video and subscribe right now if you want more Fortnite V-bucks. I’m doing a giveaway. 500 V-bucks. Goddammit, stop distracting me! Let’s go this road. Damn, dammit! Shit my- oh god. Okay, okay, maybe they don’t see us. They definitely see us [laughs] Oh my god. Some interesting turns. They really start getting more aggressive after a while. And I just walk in a- drive in a circle. No, get away from me you stupid! No, back it up. Oh god! [giggles] I don’t know about this. Deja vu! Come on, turn, he was supposed to turn around really awesomely. Oh god, my car’s stuck. No, my car is stuck! No! NOOOO! Stop hitting my car. Ah, damn it, death. I like that, ‘DEATH’ I genuinely just want to play more, super interesting. Oh my god, I’m trying so hard. I want to see how far you can make it, you know? I think it’s just in a looping map though. I’m not sure. Uh guys, you just try to pass me without blinking. Okay, super disrespectful. Oh god, where am I going? Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Okay. Okay. Okay, kay, kay, kay. Oh god, oh no, stop, go away bald people! Nooo! Not like this, not like this, not like this. Where’d the bald people go? I killed bald people! HAHHHH! [chuckles] Yes! Oooh, bet you didn’t expect that, huh? We’re back on the off-road. Oh god, the sliding, look at it! Ooh it’s better without the headlights. What the hellll?! NO! Back-back-back-brrrrh! Oh god, don’t hit me. What did I just say? Guys, please. You really messed up my car. Oh, they’re coming up on me again. Come onnn! We’re going fast. Come on. Come on. I gotta turn. Ooh damn, you can actually crash. Sheesh, it’s like your car is your health. Anyway, super cool game. Really love this demo. If you’re interested in it, check out link in the description. Hooray! New innovative ideas in the horror genre, always appreciated. Thank you guys for watching this video, leave it like if you enjoyed. Subscribe if you haven’t and ring that bell. *outro music* Pewdiepie with the 6-0 M
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Tryna get like him Brofist to the face
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When you wanna hit the flow Grinding like open up pop a top and never stop
Run up in the city and I’m never gonna flop Tell me when to go I’m like whenever
I’m done with this, pass the mic to Edgar

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  7. Any video game can be fun in a way when Pewds is playing, he gives a game some kind of a charm. But this one is just simple but unique.
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