BETTER THAN GEOMETRY DASH?! | Music Killer Gameplay

BETTER THAN GEOMETRY DASH?! |  Music Killer Gameplay

There was open the door It was the YouTube welcome Xterra cul-de-sac it super key show and who welcome you guys today to a very high Video that i’m hype for okay, you shout out to Andre from abstract art or sending me this key to this game Listen all the shinobi watching this video. I’m Nev gotta sit down. Okay. Listen, Aubrey. I wanna say, thank you Alright, Audrey, I mean Andrew You don’t know how long how happy you made this man today you’re looking good to Say what’s that on denim jeans off? Set a polo shirt looking clean or here Yeah, let’s just stop right there oh and it got that puppy combo feel to Oh Oh what cry i’ma cry all right listen, yeah When you play your music in LA, uh, I do was so easy it’s looking like a thriller. Ah, no Michael Jackson I’m really trying to packing all of the extra money. Maybe you just looking funny Yo, I know you dummies think that you tried to kill me. Maybe just try again I’m feeling like it’s a movie shoot you up with the pen I’m talking about I don’t know that sound like a drug reference. But like what the freaking says should have put a pen. I don’t Do we get a multi-player? Yeah Yeah, if these brothers got copyright music hopefully not like this keep on living track right here. Don’t have a lot So I’m hoping it’s not copyright Because I mean it wouldn’t be get the retro Got that green nightmare. They got there with your past. See what what are you trying to say? Uh-huh. Let’s go Venus. I like how Venus is looking Here shut up. Shut up. Wait Oh My what the Freak is gonna hold on. Alright, stop it. Oh This is hard What the Freak oh I have no idea what I’m doing This Erica, it’s like a difficult. Oh, I get it. Alright, let’s see Yeah, oh oh I know this song I don’t know if this is safe I can’t even tell you if I can’t really see your face man, my sensitivity. It’s so high. It’s so high I just wanna do oh Yeah, I’m with the crew. Oh, I don’t even know how to play this game But you know, I do ah, uh tissue the freaky shots, huh? Kill them with the blocks, huh? What does that even mean? Shoot at that UFO. I’m clean. We gotta do wheels, but I’m gonna die With the free box shooting that oh, dude, I’m gonna die again Bro, why is this so difficult? Is looking a trainer trainer, I don’t know Like I feel like I really got it I got to get the hang of this music get one bro. Nah, they’re just I Don’t know How to play this freaking game I’m just really trying to show you that I am NOT a lay We just now pulled up super fast. I think you know, what is up? What is Why am I so bad at this guy’s that’s a lie, but why am I spinning? All right, they just the thought hasn’t even started again I got hit with it with PS This is be a rhythm here, oh, oh oh, oh, oh, we shoot to the written rhythm. But where where where where? Do I shoot the sky? Even though I look so high then a skyscraper. I do not say stuff We change the difficulty. This chunk is hard but on Oh first of all in a very shooting mouse Wait, we can jump we can move. So apparently we can move which is like that just changes everything. Let’s go to a different level Left right afraid. All right. Let’s see Yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah. Yeah now we move in. Ah Now we movin. Oh, wait, just a frickin. Whoa Whoa, what you trying to do? I’m scared. What you doin over there? I’ll even Oh see I better go square looking kinda stupid But I’m looking kind of square Oh what you tryin to do what you dare? Uh, don’t you everything to get me? I’m gonna yo this whole feels I’ll be me rapid Jump whoa so much going on dude, but there’s a box in here. I think oh No and me a new phone honey, I’m ma what the Frick is dead Kill that spider get off my back. Uh-huh. I’m Bob. I’m gonna die. Somebody died – dragon dude Dude but I don’t know as I’m doing the right. Oh, he’s gonna cut me off Hey, hello, bro. No, I got that blew me what not buzu cook you so nice bro, bro, bro I mean, I’m gonna die. So dragon Yo get off my back I’m not to show you yeah, I don’t sniff crack right off on my back off on my back I’m not to go split a tea splat. Whoa, and I am dead. What are you doing? You look like some lay your big hair bigger than Kansas. I don’t even know if I can Molasse the beat stop. All right. All right, buddy. Use this freakin Turn it up song sousou-sama map that looks like it’s a turn of night. Matter of fact, let’s go. Let’s go richer It’s good. Look at Ricky for the turn above the turn. He was the be hit with the beat. There we go. Oh Okay, okay, okay Okay, okay Okay, okay Okay, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Listen Don’t you play with me? I’m so crazy. I’m about to blow your head off. Don’t you see me? Yo don’t play I’m gonna do it every single day am I freaking in frame combo pan, okay I got a penalty. Maybe I should do the crazy crazy. I’m easy, but the free par you do Weezy I’m really happy and I’m rapping and I’m dead don’t know please game. I’m dead bro. Whoa, bro They’re coming pretty fast Chuck you’re that spider Tell your the spider Bro the spies moving dumb fast guys, I’ll shoot please don’t jump Yeah. Yeah get the off up me. Yeah, I’m about to go crazy Can I catch you this look at me and I’m really crazy See I flew I would Japan over the southern seas, and I don’t know if I might be back all the time again I must show you that I’m really trying to find the Adrenaline, huh? I’m paddling up. I’m feeling the arm. They heat up in the up in the peace Let’s turn it up. I don’t know if I’m even gonna make it I don’t know if I’m gonna make it. I don’t eat you. I’m not gonna make it burn ever Can we make it better make big bro? I Guess not. Hey Hey Hey, this is mister. Missus fighting what you do women. I think you really get in there How is he I might have to fire you man. You know, this is better. Oh my gosh Why must as an art even though I’m just trying to stay alive that Disappointment is hard with you join men is hard in this joint, man I think I need to point to the future future man. Future future. Look at like Cinderella Greta See, I know that you don’t wanna pedal pedal see pedal to the metal I can’t really settle for Less the dragon hits. What Kingdom in next? Huh? Oh, oh, I’m fire. Okay. Oh Oh, oh, oh How do I avoid Kill these jobs kill these jobs. It’s a freakin. It’s a freakin UFOs that are killing me. Oh, Yeah laser freakin guns for you go come on the freak off of me Yeah, yeah whoo, they call me Thank you wrote cuz she wrote you know I am cool and I will never be zero man get this freak If you ever about this piece, then I know you don’t want to feel all the grease not auto-fire Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s Go It took me a minute to be minute to figure it out, but we freaking figured it out, dude This was freaking late dude needs to the public a semi guy. This is new This is new girl and I freaking love it If you guys did enjoy this video and you want to see more videos like this, bro yall already know that though Please be sure to karate chop, like button comment dumpin looks and moves with that subscribe today If you are new to become a part of the shinobi, I make new videos every single week. I will catch your beautiful faces in Peace

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  1. I rewinded after bout 5 minutes in this was funny .Also guys start storing food , water,& basic necessities according to your budget just in case natural disaster occurs or simple emergency. Also learn how to board up your home so can't nobody steal yo stuff in an emergency. God bless y'all shinobi subs 😇😉

  2. Nice video bro u remind of coryxkenshin but i sub keep the great work and u should play intruders hide and seek to see if u don't get capture. This game has a awsome story in it

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