Better Late Than Never – Spain’s Signature Sport (Episode Highlight)

Better Late Than Never – Spain’s Signature Sport (Episode Highlight)

– I’m gonna–
El Gande. – El Georgeo.
– He’s been retaining a little fluid lately,
so be careful with him. [laughter] – Hey, guys, look. You’re about to get
some great demonstration. ♪ – Is the matador gonna
put him penis away before he teaches George? – El grande!
[rambling in fake Spanish] – Look at that thing. – They say you’ve gotta have
big cojones to fight a bull. [camera shutter clicking] – Uh, the matador
is a symbol of courage. Of masculinity.
Of being a man. Now, that guy really showed–
I mean, he had– He was a big man there. – I’ll be the bull. – I’ve been three inches away
from a real bull. A bull is a killing machine. Those horns can kill you–
will kill you. – Sorry. – Going around with a bicycle
wheel is not a bull. ♪ – [rambling in fake Spanish] – Now!
– Hey, hey! [laughter] – No “ha-ha-ha.”
– No “ha-ha-ha.” – Please! ♪ – [huffs]
– Come on, big George. – Hey!
– Hah! – To be a boxer you have
to have fancy footwork. Now I got a chance to show off
my fancy footwork. – No! – George and his
killer instinct. – [grunts] ♪ – That’s it!
That’s it! Play to the crowd.
That’s it! – That’s how you do it. – Yes, quiet, please. Uh, señors. – This is very important. – It’s necesario. – Uh, be brave, everyone. – One man needs to
be brave enough. Will that man please
step forward? – Got it. – [laughs]
Hey. ♪ – What’s this–
What’s this mean? [laugher]
– Gracias, muchas gracias. – Bye.
– You guys are splitting, too? – No, no, no,
I’m gonna take pictures. – This isn’t fair. I’m the youngest guy
in the group. I got my whole life
ahead of me. Put Bill in here.
He’s on a ticking time clock. [whip cracks] [rooster crows] [Spanish guitar music] [hawk screeches] ♪ [huffing] ♪ – Boy, it sounds like
something’s getting ready to get you. [huffing] – Are you a little nervous?
– Yeah. ♪ – You know,
I would be in that ring, and I would help him out,
you know. But this was his experience. Go get ’em, Jeff. – Don’t they normally have
an ambulance on standby? [huffing] – You’re gonna do great. – Well, here’s how I die. ♪ – How high do you think
he can throw you? – [laughs] – Holy cow! – [laughs] – Hey, can I have your truck? – Nobody wants your date book. – Inflatable bulls?
Come on, that’s not scary. All right,
I was a little scared, but it’s still not that good
of a prank. [grunts]
– You’re doing great, son! – That’s very graceful. He actually gored him. [laughs] – Run, Jeff. – Do you realize how
dangerous this is? – Yes, I do.
– You know. That bull
can kill you! – [grunts] [laughter] – We need to come
out there? – [laughs]
– That is scary right there.

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  1. This video is yet another proof of the hypocrisy of our society.

    If a video makes fun of any western ethnicity, it is funny and we should laugh about it.

    Would such a video be about a non-western country the internet would be outraged about such xenophobic/racist act.

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