Best Tools For Streaming – Free Soundboard for your stream

Best Tools For Streaming – Free Soundboard for your stream

hey what up guys my name is Dell today
I’ll be showing you guys where you guys can actually find a soundboard for you
livestream you guys can download it install it and run it and I’m gonna show
you guys how to set it up so let’s get straight into it what you’re gonna want
to do is you’re gonna want to open up your web browser and you’re gonna want
to head on over to collegian edu and you’re going to see this website right
here so you’re gonna want to go and download the applications so just head
all the way to the bottom download newest version is available
here you’re gonna want to click this blue text and you can also find the link
in the description you’re going to want to keep it you’re gonna click it and
install it guys so now that the installer has started we’re gonna just
do click install nothing really to read click Next start D C there he goes guys
now sometimes it’s gonna ask you to update so just make sure you guys click
the Update button that way it updates now once it’s updated guys you’re gonna
have this and this little icon right here you’re gonna want to open that up
and here you guys go this is the real easy simple to use sound board by death
counter and sound board and the way to use it guys is you’re gonna want to hit
this little plus sign right here you’re gonna want to click the name of this so
you can name this whatever you want so sound 1 we’re gonna go find the file
okay cool and I found the sound file now I’m gonna press the key that’s going to
enable this so I press this little thing and then I can now press the key when I
said one time there you go setting them at 1 and then I can adjust the value
just in case it’s too loud and then also if I wanted to loop I can hit loop or I
can just leave it as is so that would only plays once now that’s all set
you’re gonna exit out and you’re gonna see right here that you have one sound
in your sounds area so if you just press the key that you BA you bind it to it
you’ll play the sound hey nobody can time today there you go
hey nobody got time for that and we’re just gonna do that one more time so
we’re gonna name this sound – we’re going to find a file we’re gonna choose
the airhorn now we’re going to go and bind the key so we’re gonna buy a number
pad – valium we’ll leave it at that we’ll exit out and now you guys can see
I’m starting to build up my list so now we’ll play someone and then sound
– nobody got time for this there you guys go so I hope you guys
really enjoy this this is really fast tutorial this is how to use a soundboard
which is very loan resources and really cool to use real simple free so if you
guys really enjoyed this tutorial please hit like and subscribe make sure you hit
on that Bell and thank you guys so much this is Dell
it’s been a pleasure teaching you

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  1. Hey, just stopping by hadn't visited the channel in a while😃 your climbing hella fast in subscribers and I can't believe it, maybe when you do gaming lets plays again we could play sometime.

  2. Good explanation and simplified, accurately mention the steps in the description box,
    You deserve my appreciation, thanks and support,

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