Best Of Freestyle Football at Red Bull Street Style

Best Of Freestyle Football at Red Bull Street Style

On the stage, we have two players one ball and three minutes every 30 second We have changing after the battle after determining the touch to the best The judges are looking for five criteria, which is difficulty all-around originality execution and control So Paulo Brazil 2008 the stage is set for the beginning of what would become the premier freestyle football competition on the planet The first edition belonged to Frenchman sein Gagne who used creativity and b-boy influences to claim victory In style more than in sport more than religion more than culture it’s like In 2010 the vibrant city of Cape Town South Africa hosted the second Red Bull Street style world final Located in the ancient Colosseum at the city center in legend Italy two years of freestyle football showmanship and innovation were on display for an enthusiastic crowd Japan Tokio in 2013 was the first time the event has been held in back-to-back years Paul and FEMA would reign supreme taking the crown from quote Erica Gouda We’re here in Salvador Brazil from the free station An incredible final 30-second attack from UK’s Andrew was all he required to defeat Argentina’s Charlie and earned the title of Red Bull Street style champion Well, there we are the Red Bull Street style world final 2016 at the Roundhouse in Camden Charlie gets it. Finally Charlie from Argentina is the world champion

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  1. Foi uma experiência incrível participar de campeonato red bull street STYLE 2019!! Obrigado a todos ???⚽????♥️

  2. Wow, cracking promo video for subs ??
    I hit sub as soon as it finished, then realised I unsubbed because I was already subbed, so I re subbed ??

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  4. Hi Red Bull, are you looking for new editor or camera operator? I make videos like you. My latest video is: Van Der Poel wins European Championships.

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