Best moment of the PELE: the birth of legend movie..that you would turn emotional

Best moment of the PELE: the birth of legend movie..that you would turn emotional

You know when I was your age I used to get in fights Especially when the other boys called me names But with time I learnt A good player knows That fighting comes from insecurity The point is, Jacob If you want to play professionally, you can’t be ashamed of who you are I couldn’t believe it, not only did he keep the fight a secret, but he knew all about the tournament and he even said, he hopes I become a pro football player Wow, that’s great! What happened to your glasses? I don’t want them to call me names Bingo! Heads up!
What? They’re used and gigantic Are you kidding me? Any other complaints!? SEÑORAS Y SEÑORES WELCOME TO THE FINAL AT THE ____ YOUTH CUP TODAY’S MATCH: THE KINGS. LEAD BY CAPTAIN VERSUS THE SHOELESS ONES LEAD BY CAPTAIN They are just trying to get you mad Its working And plase give a warm welcome to football legend He’s scouting for the Sanctus Football Club Wow Teams take the field ok, everyone know the plan? When in doubt? When and doubt. Do what they do Alright boys may the best team win Goal! 2 to 0 What where you’re going Goal! 6 year old Hey, hey, it’s not worth it ____ What are you doing? I hate these boots *Croud laughing* Goal! goal! goal! Ladies and gentlemen, the shoeless won! okay come on, come on, no time to waste. Let’s go, let’s go! Come on, let’s go! Hold on to your hats. 10 minutes, still on the clock, in the second half Let’s rumba! G-G-G-G-Goallllll Oh my! come on, shoot this one The shoeless once again! Down to one goal Come on, come on, Let’s go! and that’s the final whistle, the King’s win 6 to 5 We should’ve beat those guys Don’t worry, It’s ok Listen *Chanting* Wow Up here Cheese Smile Guys, I think someone wants their peanuts back Uh oh

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  1. If you think about it there was no point of taking the shoes if they were just going to take the them off in the first 10 mins

  2. The magic of the director though.. Of course it didn't happen.. Maybe Pele played better than his teammates in real but it's for sure he didn't do those flashy freestyling moves..

  3. The moral of the movie is that you should not imitate people to get their success, just act like yourself and you will get your success.

  4. Lastima que Pele y sus amigos no les ganaron a los falsos kings por burlones y creidos almenos les metio un baile buenisimo si hubieran dado mas tiempo se venia la misma remontada de Barca PSG

  5. Boa noite segue o link para fazer em casa com garagem e lazer e juventude do ninguém pode dizer o que dá para ver se o senhor é o que dá para fazer hoje o que dá a impressão que foi a primeira parte geral da república vc jg kgdj não é necessário que você não tem

  6. U think, his friends grew up with him and thought he was a really good football player now look at him tge best of the best legendary

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