I always feel so depressed when I launch this game. I thought we’d come back to driveclub today This is one of my absolute favorite games for this generation it has now been taken from us because Sony are idiots Sorry Sony. I love you, but you are stupid a Koenigsegg one to one it needs to be driven I have not played this game in a long time so keep that in mind before we jump in I’m Probably gonna do really bad. Let’s baby black mama tree show you how to go get Koenigsegg take one wheel up? Like a villian we don’t know where we are, but I want to assume canada because look at all the trees Oh, this is so quick already ok ok ok and I’ll play with the controller I’ve got manual what in the bloody?!.. I forgot about the awesome cockpit view as well I love this game so much And it sucks absolutely so this game has basically been put down the toilet by Sony Computer Entertainment How dare you? how bloody dare you ruin What is one of the best games that ever been really fun to PlayStation. So if you want Gran Turismo, I want driveclub so Quick Just leaps into action. You just let off and you’re like ok ok Let’s just chill. I’m not paying attention to what I’m doing. That’s alright, and then we go oh Look back at this and it’s just a perfect platform. This could have been the absolute best game when it came to Racing in the people came to – for youtube they turn off hardcore handling. Just because I’m not used to this game I need to jump back into and do a little bit of practice I had cars and bikes and they could have probably taken it even further they did the VR game It was that’s when they stopped. They could have done so much more with this. I’ve already done a video moaning about is I’m just gonna gloss over and pretend like no it’s all fine I may seem like I’m kind of joking, but I’m genuinely upset every time. I launch this game ok. Oh god this locks I’ve never seen a racing game look. This good show me another racing game. They look at this good I dare you, and if you tell the Forza or project cars You can go sugar up your bar know for a fact that I’m not gonna do amazingly well if not I don’t think I’m gonna do well in the slightest but I wanted to come back to this game and Read show you and some people the news of the channel well know that I cover driveclub And maybe you didn’t even play drivable I still have a massive theory in my head that they’re one of the reasons that Sony got rid of their evolution studios guys is because the GranTurismo tears were probably afraid and the fact they had two games competing to be like the online social racer and Driveclub was going to better our cave races is Generally more fun to play I’d say you get my point like they are literally direct competitor Okay, Wow, would you look about by pumps? He did he did very well the tiger was 46. He got 48. Yeah. I’m amazing welcome I got one stop regret playing this game when I play it cuz it’s an amazing sort of game But no one plays it I mean it’s probably still a solid online following But alright try and get me drift go in properly if they oh come on first game second gear oh there We go we got some skids up and then go tap the wall see I’m a smooth material other one who cool Chris get bang it second gear tell the wall the imagine if they made an open world version of us here And they were able to do that in the next one they were basically Absolutely destroyed horizon horizon wouldn’t be the wasn’t Sony do that instead instead of like Where you go, you know what they’re doing that so how about we instead of doing circuit kind of racing stuff They’ll go let’s throw them onto the open world miss because can you imagine this engine open world we’re scared come on 2800 that’s what I’m talking about see punches on it when he focuses he can get it done Mm again now to 1000 I said but another one Shift down and we shift up. I mean yes Cylons. Oh God. Let’s not mess it up now. We’re gonna miss Oh, we messed it up sigh. Let’s go baby. We did all right with it obviously how do we do just got? 8800 the time was 5,000 Oh Told ya I can do good. I just gotta be in the right mindset and not Clinical depression from Vegas girls have so many memories with this game it was like the most Exciting times some of the most exciting times on you when the ps4 just came out and it been out of for a little while but this was the first proper racing game rivals was before and then we got this and it just kept building a building and they Had so many features, and then they added the r34 towards the end oh It’s just the ultimate look at how good it looks it looks better than real life outside inside. It looks pretty good look oh Good imagine this game with like full and HDR with 4k. Let’s see. This is the ultimate battle We got the r35 versus the r34 They knew that people would love to see this and we’re gonna do today on the bypass channel to give it all I see you Fatty let’s go Mira. Do you’re gonna launch a little bit quicker? That’s alright you you’re modern, but how about I prove to you that I I am the better the better ah? Quiet on the inside clean up and clean on the outside clean on a beautiful perfect speck I remember her like I’m some guy Oh and a foreign who’s like well driveclub just filmed my car, and it’s like oh I guess I guess they’re gonna put it in the game soon and then Ben baby so many things I wanted to do with this game like we could have made this a proper race series and Everything both supports god. I mean I could still do it and I still always in the back of my head every other day I’m like you know what we should still go that drive for a series We should bring back driveclub bring it to twitch boober like wow how is that person still streaming drive coming? You’re like out because I’m pudgy anyone genuinely would like to see that Smash like smash like and let me know in the comments if you wants us to at least do a little Small series on that on this game the developers do live on don’t worry about they do live on I think most of them are Still they’re pretty much in the same studio together, and they’re making a new game on the codemasters, which I mean I’m extremely excited for and I’m hoping it keeps the kind of vision idea behind drive of it like The conference or the announcement they were like this is the game we always wanted to meet who would take pass this big boy now Come on. This is the final now. We nice Cape us is big boy. Oh look at him He doesn’t matter corner look at him into eyes pulling. Eye, mr.. All-wheel dress. Oh, yeah, that’s me about take you properly. Let’s do oh Come on a penalty that was my brilliant riving. No stopping me now Get it was like the song Oh Be careful, I took this got a really wrong bar okay, really we need to block him. There are 34 GTR but Baby black mamba dreamy gets her on she and unload he’s Japanese which is why he has that name. We’re in Japan He has a Japanese there. It’s just perfect no limits beginner. Oh, I only just did it. Oh time with 311 or less That’s the only one we didn’t do look at the Thai absolute best best car ever made It costs sixty thousand pounds with our insurer otherwise I would have snapped one of those babies up like yesterday even the menu music have so much put into it. It was like I will take this to the grave Sony. I swear bent on time is it repentant as an event on Our event on are you so saucy you’re so Roya so meet you cos drive club sounds just Oh Take off if this video inspires at least one person to launch drive come and play Then I have done a good thing really wish I push this game more when it came out I feel like I have a grudge against myself for not doing more of this game because it was a freaking Fantastic game, and they all sold for sir, and I still been covering for Popular and then maybe so and I was like I got like 10k views of video then soup is now Which it is this lot let me compare to now. It’s it’s not as first on as much. She got two stars done We gotta get the other one done. It’s got their events on drifting a little bit or she’s determined to keep going straight She that’s the cabin type of Caroline if I were making it up on the corner Stoker’s persons becoming a Jew And now we open this mouth and his ruined it give it one more go how about we skid on yeah? Yeah, make called a penalty are I give up. Oh they added the Ruggiero I forgot this was like one of the biggest like oh, I think it’s the combination of playing the game But also the music it literally upsets me a little bit it Sounds really really stupid, but oh here we go this car felt incredible Oh look at that Scott skits skit was skidding the traction control thing actually works on it telling you that you’re losing it That’s pretty awesome Focus on the essence life. Why’d you made the ground wet? It’s a bloody applause about ruining competent drivers such a mess at all. No this was the last pack as well It was called The Long Goodbye clocking off oh Why should the day? Can you drift Vera Guerra? Not if you meet here. We go. I finally got a lot of ever drifted This thing’s hard to trick because I’m usually it’s like it’s so much easier when you have gears to just bang it down a bit Like yo, do this. I’m asking me all those curious that the sweet songs actually give you anything It’s just the drift, so doesn’t matter right because it’s a drift event surely very strongly Please pull some scripts there stop being so bad. There’s another corner. This one’s good, right yes. Yes There’s the finish light get aside. Ah that was a good one for the ending. How do we do 7,000 points? That was? Absolutely disgusting Theo, but the finish line beginner stop. Thank you so much for watching this video It means a lot But be sure to leave a like if you enjoyed and you want to see more driveclub on the channel subscribe if you are new And I’ll see you guys in the next video until next time guys Thinking about it. We should probably see the gamer. They’re working on hopefully Next year I would say that’s that’s my main. That’s my main guess. I do think you made a mistake though Sony You should probably you know go back and say hey guys. No, please please come back and make a Open-world game like by pound said I’m at YouTube pretty. That’s exactly what the meetings going to be like in the office


  1. ahahah forza horizon 3 on ultra is so much more good looking game and is open wold your videos started drop there rate some time ago your driving needs improvement !!!!!!!!

  2. I was amazed by the graphics when this came out. And I thought all racing games after this were going to look this good, but I was wrong :/

  3. BEST LOOKING RACING GAME EVER!!! Do you even game bruh???If you think that maybe this shows why you only have 518k subs and the slap train has like 3.1 million….Don't quit your day job…Scratch that maybe you should quit your day job kid…

  4. You look like slap train, tons of good words when you play that title, but in another video in a different game, you throw shit against it, or just "forget" to play it just because you know the people hate that game (even if they didn't play it)

  5. First comment on Your channel, but Driveclub in the best PS4 racer… Platinum, all stars in career mode and about 80 level. Do a series 😉 !

  6. If this game can only run 30fps on closed track how the fuck you expect it to run 60fps open world? LOL and even so the car models are way crisper and more accurate in Horizon.

  7. Graphics doesn't matter when the handling is absolutely sht !!! It's the same as need for speed and the crew ! These games need a good handling model !

  8. Driveclub is still the best….The cars, the weather, just everything. It will remain the benchmark for a while. I do want more videos of Driveclub, even though it makes me sad too. We can hope that the next game they make at Codemasters is basically Driveclub 2. Now it's time to play the original.

  9. Liked driveclub so much that I have a platinum trophy for the main game and driveclub bikes and also own all DLC packs which in total are 179 throphies I think.Sharing photos since the game had a great photomode with the devs on Twitter was great they usually always responded to your tweets personally

  10. Evolution studios closed cuz too much staff left and they couldn’t support the game anymore so Sony closed it. The remaining staff now works at Sony to support the game (and hopefully a sequel)

  11. Heres a tip for DriveClub for those that don't know… in Sound settings you will find a setting for interior engine sound you can set it to external or internal i set it to external so you can have the engine noise from outside the car while driving in cockpit view. no need to thank me.

  12. the graphics are not that good actually.
    Sure ıt looks good but gt sport looks way more realistic and has way more detail on the cars.
    Driveclub tries to make everything look dramatic and fast with tons of motion blur to make the game seem better than it actually is. also the physics and the car list and the onlinne is so shit. why do you like it?

  13. A year on and Driveclub has become my favorite PSVR game. Even though GT Sport is regularly updating itself and becoming absolutely incredible, I do like the tracks and cars in DC. A racing wheel is surprisingly good on both games (with certain settings). I just wish that all the DLC cars from the base game made it to the VR title. DCVR is a game that I currently rarely go a day without booting up. The replay mechanic is completely unique on the PS4. And on the subject of the studio being shut down and the knowledge that there will never be a DC2. Don’t be sad that we won’t get another Driveclub, be happy that we got it and the devs are working on other games.

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