Best Live Tv Streaming 2018 | Ray Donovan

you know it was a tight dress she sends
a fucking wheel and keeps her mouth shut she’s a pair of tits in an arm sometimes
these little young high school nerds grow to be rich people and they think
that their money gives them power to do whatever they want to do and intimidate
people well bro you ain’t intimidating Ray Donovan
he’s the Hollywood fixer and every time I see that scene I just laugh over and
over again because this is a great show Ray Donovan had six seasons and we’re
gonna cover it in this week’s episode of the best live strain TV shows for you to
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let’s get into it but first I got to put on my plus seven glasses of cinema sexy
as hell work on skilling up my craft bringing
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they do have three six months and twelve month packages Ray Donovan is a very
very good morbid TV show that is in a sixth season I thought it was gone but
it’s back and just started last week and it is basically Olivia Pope turned into
a big strong man it stars the guy that played in Wolverine live Schreiber I can’t pronounce his
name and he and his family are from Boston they’re Boston Tubb and they
wound up moving to LA and when he gets to LA the main character becomes a fixer
for the Hollywood elites meaning he’s having to kill people he’s
having rough up people he’s having to get rid of problems that the Hollywood
elite would like to keep quiet now of course when you have this type of show
you know there’s gonna be sex lots of drugs and family drama
so alongside ray Donovan having to fix the Hollywood problems he’s got a whole
lot of stuff going on in his family number one his daddy Angelina Jolie’s
daddy in real life plays his father and his father doesn’t like black people but
love to sleep with black women can you you guys feel me on that oxymoron he
doesn’t like black people but he likes to sleep with black women and come to
find out he didn’t know it but he has a black son I mean this story is crazy and
then ray Donovan has two other brothers that aren’t black one is in the boxing
and one is just a little special little touch and they spin into that stories
where they’re getting into crazy stuff I don’t want to spoil the whole thing for
you but if you want some really good TV you’ve never heard of ray Donovan I
highly suggest you take a look at ray Donovan
it’s a Showtime show it is really really good and it’s got your boy pooch haul
y’all might remember him from the game he stars in it and some of these stories
that they go through ladies and Jim are just bizarre and you don’t see what’s
coming I did see episode 1 of season 6 and I’m a little worried that they might
should have canceled the series because the first episode this year didn’t grab
me but up into this point if you haven’t seen it
season 1 through 5 will blow you away and you will be thoroughly entertained
so if you are a fan of stand over your face
damages you like those type of movies you will enjoy seeing what Hollywood
throws at a guy who is a fixer and how he even gets in trouble himself with
some of those hot women in Hollywood and deals with his own situation with his
wife all in this one show called ray Donovan that’s gonna do it for this
week’s best live streaming TV shows to go catch up on please don’t forget to
like my channel comment and subscribe go get yourself that life gang ladies and
gentlemen go check out ray Donovan there are plenty of places you can get it and
streaming online and watch it because this is a great show to catch up on and
until that net sexy as hell video I’ll see you you

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