Best IPTV – The Best IPTV Services of 2019 (Free and Paid Services)

Best IPTV – The Best IPTV Services of 2019 (Free and Paid Services)

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unlikely to sign a bipartisan spending deal to avoid another government
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still in effect I got my man Larry from today I feel like we’re discussing the
best IP TVs you can find right now above ground underground and it starts right
now it is in time you will know what it’s like to
lose to feel so desperately better right but to fail to read it just text what’s good YouTube you’re in a building
with y’all knowing or loving all feeling I’m seeing how powerful just damn all
everything that sex is hell host wittle sexy as hell
co-host my man Larry y’all know this guy back and we’re talking about the best IP
TVs whether you’re gonna go above ground or under but first on this channel there
we put on the plus seven so sexy as hell I got a pair for you oh oh yeah yeah
yeah cuz we work on skill enough our craft bringing y’all a better YouTube
expand something better to look at be sure to subscribe to my channel
subscribe to his channel links will be in the video description and if you have
something you want us to review hit us up this is a review for some of my
subscribers because they want to know about IP TV so I’m gonna go to Larry
first Larry give me your favorite quote unquote underground IPTV ooh my favorite
one your favorite one favorite one is for free my favorite free one I’d have
to say is CK TV oh man ya see Kevin they’re mobbed ROH yeah better than
mobbed row and I’ll tell you what they mobbed row has been around forever they
have a lot of channels they have more channels I think the CK TV right and
they’re probably a little bit more reliable but CK TV is still very very
reliable they’ve been around for a good amount of time and their streams are way
way better then mob drove yeah madjoe Montrose seems like they have just about
all SD streams yeah whereas CK TV seems like they have all HD streams oh it’s
just and it’s very very easy to use you can put it on fire sticks Android TV
boxes your phones you can put it on pretty much anything that you can put
mob draw on okay yeah so that’s his top free free one underground my three paint
ones that I love that have never done me Ronnie y’all know I’m about through with
IPTV cuz I just got screwed by IPTV provided 2-way set TV screw people I
just got screwed by one but the three I recommend that have been around stood
the test of time streams TV for sure nitro IPTV for sure and gears if you
guys are going to go anywhere in the underground streams you can’t go wrong
with those three if I didn’t name them I’m done with them that’s it I’m done so
now let me take you above-ground Larry if people are gonna spend money on
something that is quote unquote legit above the ground where would you direct
them to get their streams from whoo for IPTV mm-hmm okay let’s see it can be it
doesn’t have to just be IPTV something that can get people good content on a
low price because we bought making life games on this channel we ain’t trying to
spend a whole lot of money well there is there is a there is a service called sky
stranger sky sky stream is really nice there a straight-up legit all the
licensing is in place so that’s a nice one
you know honestly if you want to go above ground and you want streaming TV
there’s some there’s some good ones out there I’ve done it I’ve done a couple
videos and we just talked about it off camera about low-caste mm-hmm which has
now the thing in the low caste low caste is not available in every area they’re
servicing about I guess about eight or nine major cities right now in the US
there’s ways around that if you don’t mind watching you know news or local
programming from another city but Netflix is my favorite for movies okay
above-ground because it’s still right I mean for the price and the size of the
catalog it’s just sound space outstanding these are huge
mm-hm I know it’s kind of just generic its Netflix but I mean Netflix is so
pervasive for a reason everyone has Netflix because it is I mean it is huge
and it’s that awesome right now for me if I’m gonna go above ground and I want
to stay there I would recommend YouTube TV now it’s not price sensitive it’s $40
but you get I think it’s something like 72 hours of cloud DVR service you can
have the family plan where you get six people can use the same login anywhere
in the world there’s no restriction and they do get
your major channels they get Bravo they get ESPN one two and three and they get
my old uncle che sharp on fs1 y’all they know that man’s my uncle shade shot that
you hit that and they also have a deal where you can get Showtime for five
dollars if you want to go up they also got it where you can get HBO y’all know
Game of Thrones about to come on some of y’all follow me for that so if
you’re gonna go above ground and you don’t want to worry about some of the
other things that people try to throw on you I would definitely recommend you
guys check out YouTube TV oh yeah yeah and as a little uh as a little sort of
underground tip that’s sort of not so underground but yeah underground
straight up YouTube if you want a flip if you want to watch something and you
know where to look you can find it on YouTube hey wait all
right you are you telling me that something like Dragon Ball Z super Broly
can be found on YouTube and the movies still in you can find everything on
YouTube you can find entire seasons of shows on YouTube you can find movies
that are just you know when they release DVD screeners for the awards season you
can find all that on YouTube now I’m not gonna tell you guys where to go to look
the fine oh I’m just gonna let you know if you poke around a little bit it’s on
YouTube a man a man that pokes is a man that makes babies that’s all I can say
that’s do it for this video don’t forget to like the video comment and subscribe
let us know if y’all want to see us do another YouTube team-up we’re gonna be
dropping videos probably about the next two weeks where we have teamed up you
got any reviews or anything you want us to check out post your comments let us
see what we can do join my facebook group join his and until the next sex is
hell video we’ll see you don’t forget that love peace and hair grease yo man
get that hair breeze man you

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  3. I just subscribed to Mayfair, now I need to get Gears Tv, could you guys tell me if the “2 Lines” can be used at different locations with Omarsvideos???

  4. I only want canadian and u.s channels, most of these services have crap channels you cant even understand. Dont want spanish channels or any other country not in North America

  5. My favorites underground is Livenet because you can adjust it to your liking. My paid service is Eternal tv. Very reliable and it too can be taylored to your liking.

  6. screw free iptv its useless and buffers cause to many trying to use them…paid links are better and more reliable and there is a help ticket system that does work…

  7. Omg you two guys have hooked up I’m proud to see y’all connected together in the game!
    I subscribe to you both and I just want to say thank you for your videos they’ve helped me tremendously!
    Good work fellas!

  8. Hey … I would like to find out … What is your opinion of Vader IPTV ??? I was looking into it as a worthwhile option … I found NitroIPTV a bit pricey … So I wanted your opinion

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  13. I use Gears for one connection and NuOption TV they are $10 for 2 connections and VERY reliable. I've been using them since August 2017.

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  15. Ok so I am a developer and IPTV provider, I won't give my name cuz that's not cool, but I do try out every other service that I can to check out my competition, and I always get confused, I charge $25 a year and offer much more than this , it's nothing more than greed I think to charge more than $10 a month, I also give my customers the number of connections they need! With no extra fee, all I'm saying is I'm sure 99% of us service providers do it the exact same way, lets keep the price down low and make it affordable to everyone so we can get the Giants to relent and lower their prices and make service available to everyone

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  17. Hey Lamont, you need to check out CyberTV, great service and they have the all the channels you look for in cable service. VOD, PPV, and major sports channels, it's $25/mth with a second package and free 3 day trial. I've had allot of the services you've talked about, but you should check them out. They're on every social media and the website is I think you'll like this one.

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