Best AMAZON DEALS Of The Week (INSANE Electric Bike Deal!)

Best AMAZON DEALS Of The Week (INSANE Electric Bike Deal!)

– I have your top five Amazon deals, including electric bikes
and a gift card giveaway, coming right up. (gently chiming bells) Hi, I’m the YouTube
deal guy, Matt Granite. I find the biggest deals in the country. I give all sorts of crazy good items away to the amazing subscribers watching, and we actually just had
to bring this bike inside after testing it for weeks outside because there’s a major
storm that’s coming… A storm of savings! But also, since I can’t be
outside I didn’t want to postpone this video in any way, whatsoever, because this is one of the
biggest deals I’ve ever seen with free delivery, and free assembly, and one of the top five
deals at Amazon this week located right under the video screen. Let’s get straight to these
electric mountain bike savings. Oh, yes! For less than the cost of a mountain bike, you get a mountain bike with a motor. – Whoa man, this is crazy fast. – As all of our teen
testers quickly figured out. Let’s start with the battery, goes right into the pouch on the front, you get four to six hours of assisted use, so what this means this
is not a motorcycle. This is an electric bike, as in, you start pedaling and
then it propels you faster. You’re gonna get anywhere
between 24 miles per hour and 31 miles per hour. You also get a half-day of battery use, four to six hours in our test
depending on who was onboard and the weight of the
particular individual. Safety is a key feature of this bike. You get front and rear disc
brakes, which is awesome. You have front and rear suspension, because not only is going
fast a huge component and a feature of this bike, but stopping quickly just as important. And I did mention safety. You get the light, you get a horn. The brakes as we’ve alluded to, you see can stop very quickly
with this and at it’s heart, this is really just an
awesome mountain bike. You get seven speeds but
the additional controls that allow you to not
only control your speed, but see it with LED lights, makes this one of my favorite bikes that you can find anywhere, let alone, just a really
awesome electric bike. Oh! And it folds really
easy for portability. With free delivery, and free assembly, shipped directly to your door, this is one of the best
deals you will ever see. You can find this deal
for a very limited time with the coupon code located
right under the video screen. You need to apply the coupon
code to reduce your price. Also, under this video screen, a link to Powerbeats3 wireless
in-ear headphones at $70 off. I don’t think they’re worth 200, but at $130 with Father’s
Day right around the corner this is a great deal. I’ll also mention that Best Buy
is selling them on sale too, but at Best Buy it’s $10 more. Now, I’m wearing one of the other deals and then we’re gonna get to
some other hot items but… Oh yeah, I look good for a reason. Awesome, highly protective,
helmet deals at under 35 bucks. Get the visor, which is nice. Or, you can take it off. Love this, fits well. You have the adjustable strap but on the higher end
helmets like this one you actually get the
padding under your chin which is great if you’re a rough rider or you like it electric. But apparently, a lot of
you also wanted stationery. Got so many requests for exercise bikes when I finished testing those smart scales and fitness trackers last week, these are now $100 off the link right under the video screen. Where you will also find some
of the hottest sunglass deals. Now, I’ll show you these, they’re great. The MSRP is marked up, but with
the savings across the board this is one of the top deals on Amazon you will see over the course
of the next two weeks. Now that you’ve seen all of
the hottest deals for the week, they’re all located right
under this video screen. They will expire, they will sell out. Make your move if you want them. I wish I was able to give
away an electric bike, but I don’t even get to keep this. This is going back, but I
did find $50 in my wallet so I’m gonna give $50 to you. Using TubeBuddy’s random selection
tool to find a subscriber who’s commented in the last six months. You get a free $50 Amazon gift card. Congratulations goes to: Joe G., whose wife loved
the purse deal I featured. I’m so happy to hear that. Yes! You won! Oh, that probably wasn’t the
best position to do that in, but that’s okay. I want to put you in a
position for even more savings, so just click on my happy head right here to get subscribed to this channel. If you need help turning
on your notifications or leaving a comment, just click up here. And, if you missed my last
big deal roundup, no problem. Just click here.

100 Replies to “Best AMAZON DEALS Of The Week (INSANE Electric Bike Deal!)”

  1. At 4:07, did anyone else notice that the wheel and handle bars fell out of alignment? Looks super dangerous!

  2. Man I could use that bike. My eye sight doesn't allow me to drive a car any more. But I believe I could use an electric bike.

  3. I really love this bike. It's as big as they say and really fast to. I ride the bike without a helmet just to be safe incase anybody sees me with a helmet on, but everyone else should wear a helmet. Really lightweight to only about 20lbs or so

  4. Electric bike motor and battery conversion kits. Like your presentations, have you ever done motivational speaking?

  5. Bought this bike on ebay, only get 50 mins out of battery, contacted company about new battery & was told battery not sold separate , comes as a unit with bike. Anyone know or have a link where I can get 1 as battery has to fit in handlebar carry case. Thanks.

  6. I don,t have money i am frome poor family i like cycle but i can,t buy cycle i am using anthor phone and seeing this i like the vidioe

  7. I thought u had the option to pedal, or ride the bike under its own power otherwise an Electric Bike just doesn't make any sense to me, you need a Motor just 2 peddle Faster???!

  8. bought ancheer 7 speed folding mtb $114. Converted it to 21 speed with super low gears less than $100. Installing 500w10ah motor and (heavy) SLA batteries $220. Total less than $450.

  9. I have same bike but not electric. Now after seeing this I want to convert it to electric can I get spares for this.

  10. I tried to use the codes to get one of these bikes and they did not work. You should take down your video when the codes expire.

  11. That's a decent price for an E-bike. However if you're willing to spend 750$ may as well spend a little more for a lighter E-bike that has twice the life on the battery. If you look around you can find a way better bike for close to the same amount but do whatever u want. I just wouldn't buy it

  12. Got the for my wife. It's shockingly reliable. Change the front fork to something that has a lockout and better quality.

  13. Want that bike but wife needs a 3 wheel e bike . did u ever see what 3 wheel is best for disabled folks?

  14. How about you build the bike right. The handle bars are straight yet the front tire is at about 15 degrees lmao

  15. With no Mudguards is a way to get your back covered in grit and mud in next to no time on those days you get court in the rain.

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