56 Replies to “Best 100 Fifa 19 Rages!”

  1. Jungs was seid ihr schlecht
    Nicht aufregen ihr seid für solche Spiele nicht gemacht probiert doch mal Tennis………..

  2. Love the over reaction and soy boy rage. All this happening little boys playing games at home bathing in the narcissism for views while people invade your country. Can you rely on these so called men to stand up for their people and country.

  3. Every time I hear that Italian dude rage out I think of Mario and Luigi or he sounds like his making food on a cooking channel

  4. 19:11 hahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahah

  5. Some of those streamers I could understand the rages (Like Ronaldo missing open goal from 2 meters), like that 3x post in a row, keeper trying to header instead of catching the ball.

    Some others, ESPECIALLY MASSEO are just nonsense rages (I think he did it purpose) and who cant accept single fail and misses or goal which could happen.

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