Benjamin Glaze Auditions for American Idol With Nick Jonas’ “Levels” – American Idol 2018 on ABC

Benjamin Glaze Auditions for American Idol With Nick Jonas’ “Levels” – American Idol 2018 on ABC

My name is Benjamin glaze. I’m 19 years old well hello, and what do you do for work Benjamin? I’m a cashier at an electronics store, but I love it because sometimes there’s cute girls And they’re not going anywhere without saying hi. You get a cute girl to say hi to you I gotta check out. Already Have you kissed a girl and liked it? No. I’ve never been in a relationship. Really? I can’t kiss the girl without being a relationship Come here buddy. No way! Hold on! Come here right now! Come here right now! You can’t on the cheek. In on your cheek? He did not the make a smoosh-up! That’s the first Thing for us now all right might have been the kissing girls Do you have any any water by chance why what happened to get nervous He’s still trying to recover from the kiss, but do you think? It’s just I kind of wasn’t expecting gonna get binge with some water give him some water give the boy some damn scope and breath mints and Are you gonna be okay Benjamin all right? There was a major deal. I mean that was oh, yeah, that was your first kiss was Katy Perry you understand me. That’s oh? That’s going up on the bridge. Oh What has this show turned into all right, let’s let him sing Lana, let’s let him smell for it Well, I’m know We could get high yeah, this double stood your love yet. Is that will suit your love and don’t know We could get higher Guess that will suit your love, and I keep on climbing up all These flames keep rising make a stop drop and roll just a bottling up that lightning this supernatural Let him go one Johnny get in the door go where they all couldn’t go I just think you need to hone your craft a little more get a little better at singing, so I’m a no Benjamin I really enjoyed meeting you today you gave my heart aflutter Stop it yah, I think you’re really sweet truthfully. There are some people that are just out singing you right now You know and so I don’t think it’d be fair to put you in that kind of competition You know next time. We’ll just take a little bit more time I think you’re a bit rushed and maybe that goes because I sped up your BPM of the heartbeat yeah Benjamin Let me just say to you that you’ve won. Everything today. Hey you need to practice yeah, and 19 years old I promise you you come back here about 21, and do me a favor kiss the cop track you I was gonna say kiss a couple man Okay, and you put it on us again, but I’m gonna give you a no, but you’ve already scored major It’s for even more idle an exclusive content subscribe below the official American Idol YouTube channel

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  1. I would have stuck my tongue halfway down her throat, PLUS coped a feel of her voluptuous tata’s! Boo Yah! You better know I would! -Stephen, Ohio

  2. Well then we know he will suck a nasty ass illuminati pussy ass bitch dick fuck out here with that weak ass pussy ass jonas nasty fuck loser can't sing don't put this guy in the same category as that weak ass pussy ass jonas brothers fuck out here with that weak ass pussy ass illuminati bitch

  3. I think Katy has an obsession for young energetic bulls. Have seen her doing that to young guys in her concerts.

  4. First a kissed with katy Perry it's a biggest lucky life..I never kissed with any singing girl haha

  5. Katty is the one who distracted him with the foolish kiss. He lost it. Otherwise he would have sing better

  6. I really love watching american idol you can also check on this its so fnny

  7. He didn’t win anything or scored major. I feel like maybe they purposely said no because he could cause more controversy if he was on the show. Kissing Katy Perry, a known hoe, isn’t how his first kiss shouldn’t have been. Yes I called her a hoe, because I can and she is. I use to follow her but she just became worse a person as time went on. Not saying I’m perfect or anyone is, but roof is in the pudding. Also Doesn’t matter if it was a peck kiss that his own mother may have given him. In his mind he lost something that he can’t say he gave to his future wife. I know this is old news, but I still believe Katy should be put off the same way as if one of those other judges would be if they kissed a girl.

  8. That's sexual assault and it cost him the performance
    If their genders had been swapped it would have ended in jail time

  9. WILL EVERYONE STOP SAYING IF A GUY DID THIS TO A GIRL HE'D BE IN JAIL. This guy said in an interview that they edited it to look like she kissed him without his consent, when in reality he said he was cool with it.

  10. Ok, ok, this is seriously screwed up. Katy is nearly twice his age. If it was a male celebrity, stealing a kiss (especially a first kiss being saved for a relationship) from a 19 year old girl, people would be freaking out. Not cool. I am seriously pissed about that.

  11. if #Conor_Mcgregor was there,he will say "Shut your Foooking mouth..I'm gonna kiss you & you will like to su** this big artist balls also..Mark my words" 😂😂

  12. So his first kiss gets to be an inch of pancake makeup from an older woman, like kissing a painted aunt. I am sure he will treasure it.

  13. If Katy pulled that kiss move on me id slip her the tongue 😛 and be like “you wanna play that game bring it baby” lol

  14. People saying what is the genders were reversed are missing one critical part of the equation. The power dynamics are not equal. This was not sexual assault, this was just a funny little prank. Ya'll seriously need to chill.

  15. Ain't Katy just the best😂 the boy probably lost it after the kiss that's why he's performance was a No!! the kiss was probably better than the competition to him

  16. Why is everyone like “if the genders were reversed it wouldn’t be funny” or “if the genders were reversed society would freak and it would be harassment”. Like if he didn’t want to kiss Katy he would have said no like she literally didn’t force him

  17. 🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰🥰🥰🤩🥰🤩🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰

  18. Why didn't she Just wait After His Audition b4 she Kissed Him…Ain't That A Bitch..Made the Poor dude Lose Focus.

  19. Of course it will be sexual harassment if a male judge forces a girl to kiss him..but it’s different for a women … it’s different think about it y’all…Man can defend himself from a women so it means that a male is letting a women kiss him but women can’t defend themselves from a man so it is harassment..I don’t like this rule either but! That’s the way it is…

  20. Yall are getting wayyyy too sensitive.. thats whats wrong with this generation. Too many ppl pushin the "SENSITIVITY AGENDA".. it wud be a major deal if the person male or female and vice versa forcably kissed an underaged kid. But the guy was 19 yall idiot. . If i was 19 and my first kiss was from katy perry; just like 99% of the straight guys out there, i wudnt even hesitate. Dont even lie yall… dont even.. . Lie!

    So calm down yall sensitive ass new generation agenda pushin suckas!!

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