Ben 10 PS4 Gameplay Part 2 Zombozo Boss Fight/ cartoon network

Ben 10 PS4 Gameplay Part 2  Zombozo Boss Fight/ cartoon network

alright guys so welcome back to my
channel of just like in Marfa life my name is Joseph so welcome back guys to a
no horrible game I ever played Banton freaking oh my gosh it got even more
worse they mess up while my oh my god I mess up qualifying why what oh my gosh
why 80 minutes of wildfire look at this ain’t like the version of
Doctor Octopus we call him now wild by octopus or doctor wild fine octopus oh
no guys oh my god his by skill is slain weight length a
log Heatblast oh my gosh they mess up this bad oh my gosh
oh my gosh it’s so freakin lame – solid lame they mess up the hero bed
right come on oh just cannibal all right okay okay a
little bit badass I like that a little bit badass the what I don’t know what I
mean God well your dues I just look that what he’s saying all right come on really
he fights kills lame right there bad oh my gosh they mess up so bad I’m
heartbreaking mess up my favorite hero he blasts look at one you whine like this like
this like oh hi guys you can say Oh back away people I got to go oh shit oh
my gosh oh my gosh they mess up while my voice oh my gosh why people why you mess
up one of these classes benton hero alias man oh no oh no they mess up he
process a tailor you know but know that scorpions life this is how scorpions
sound like Oh never I mean never um still if the best
cafe ever of Gill over here so away never create this game you should good
fire oh my gosh oh my gosh got even more worse – oh my god – why why oh my gosh I
so lame that’s all Amos ever ever heard if I
skill is oh my gosh oh my god did me stop saying that man
you so freakin lame Arielle there you go now a great matter of
fighting skill way pendant Heatblast forearms stop alarm cannibal
and what the heck is that ain’t all ba-bye they mess up his voice they mess
up grave matter voice so even more bad guys oh my gosh there go no I hate you I
hate you whoever created this game there’d be a
lot of haters that a lot hairs is me oh my gosh thank you just annotate this guy
out lame lame yeah here we go come on come on no more
oh my god there you go you’re so horrible to watch horrible to
play there you go so lame as hell oh my gosh – bullshit why-why-why people oh my god okay who says I’m not so pretty oh my gosh what the heck oh my gosh this
so freakin lame corny cheesy lame oh my gosh
they mess up a character everything guys why why oh my gosh I hate you I freaking
hate you no one who ever I bet they’re like some
people are freaking stupid because you’re why whoever they’re like some
people say like oh it’s the best oh this is the best band 10th game I
ever played like fuck no the best the Intel game that everybody is to play is
a original band 10th game originally so lame oh my gosh that’s all right oh my
gosh it gave him more corny cheesy exhale they mess up a sory man what the
heck look a freaking kid oh he running so slow sorry toph right like that’s so
what’s wrong you you people and you guys don’t know how to make Ben 10 alien see
you’re right this is complete wrong oh man oh man oh my gosh let me see something what the heck is that like I have to run
you’re 1 come on people oh my gosh
okay now that awesome okay cool now that awesome now that I talk about
right now he went so slow but his crit punch is lot faster day by this slow oh
my gosh people get it right so lame oh my gosh oh my gosh oh crap
alright they’ll sure that’s so lame our our our oh my god it is beating you’re
not need for speed you said need for slow slow fold that
you are slow PO oh man what the hell hey to remain oh my
gosh they mess up I’m so bad this is not a dog that’s all right now you’re right
now this is a survey all right I see you oh my gosh right up those slow like a
damn Oh grandpa I sound right like oh oh sorry it’s all
set oh my gosh they’re so freaking sad oh my gosh
– so horrible ah so freakin horrible they mess up Banton characters their
look their personality and everything why you’re unnecessarily elaborate trap
and kick your butt right oh and 2 + 2 m 2 they mess up so bad okay how will go
fight some bubble see Oh okay how to fight in some bubble what
the heck is that fire really been so lame okay what the oh there we are
no I’m mrs. s alright what oh no oh no no no Tommy got me oh my gosh Oh though oh my gosh Arielle perfect there you go well is funny doc come on
out nope
No oh my gosh so lame oh look he bought France I can Oh there we go nice work man he’s a king
which by the way I could go for about now
Oh almost forgot your tent problems are officially solved and this one is way
roomier than the older thanks Ben I hope you’ve learned something from
this yeah next time I’ll be more careful when I’m testing out a new power I might
end up hurting more than 1/10 it was a pretty cool power though I know right
wonder if all my forms have an ultimate power like that let’s figure that out
later that’ll teach you stupid alright guys so
thank you for watching the horrible a my man play Ben 10
Irie per se don’t forget I could they like scry come easier you think of or
check out my channel oh just a gamer for life hi guys see ya

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  1. Although this looks like a simple game, it is so much fun. I really like to play this kind of games. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

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