Becoming a Wrestling Heel | DARK SIDE OF THE RING

Becoming a Wrestling Heel | DARK SIDE OF THE RING

♪ Yeah, my dad was just a big kid,
big for his age, you know. It’s too bad, people always
consider that freaky big kid, that he’s strong
when he’s really not. He’s a little kid
and he’s soft, but he takes it because he
doesn’t wanna be called a sissy. And then,
this picture here, was… a little older, but
here’s my grandfather, Pappy. My granddad had him boxing
out in the streets of Jewett. And… you know,
punching another kid. I think it was bare knucks. Yeah, bare knucks,
I think it was. And, you know,
my dad usually won and they passed the hat around,
you know, and my granddad was sheriff at
the time, too, you know, so… I don’t know how he
got away with that, but he was. He would literally have
Fritz fight other kids in like
the town square. Almost kind of
like UFC, you know. They would all square off and
different kids would fight, and you know,
Fritz became really tough. He had really
done my dad hard, but maybe it was to raise
him into the iron he was. He was so strong
and so determined. ♪ The original Fritz Von Erich
was a mean, big, evil German who was
probably supposed by all the fans to be a
Nazi, and this was… 10 or 12 years
after World War II. I don’t want to
say they believed, but they believed a lot
more during the period, you know, when they
were at the show, they took it very seriously. Fritz would come
into the ring, and you know,
the, the strong walk, and the cape,
and the whip. The idea that this
all-American from Texas could suddenly become
this evil German, Fritz Von Erich, it was a
lot for some people to take in those days. Matter of fact, a lot of
people hated to wrestle Fritz ’cause they used to
say that size 18 shoe of his would leave prints right
across their chest because they said when you
got through with Fritz, you had taken a beating,
you know. He was just known
for being super tough.

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  1. I recommend you also watch the triumph and tragedy of world class championship wrestling.

    There's also World Class available on WWE network

  2. GIVE THIS SERIES THE TIME IT DESERVES. AT LEAST 10+ MINS. you will kill this series by keeping it at 3 mins. Like, why bother these guys for a whole day, just to cut it all down to a 3 min segment…..

  3. I met kevin a few years ago. He gave my son a great speech on the importance of work ethic. Don’t know if he was full of shit or not but he seemed incredibly nice.

  4. Kevin Von Erich lost “5 brothers”, 4 of which were younger brothers, and Kevin was a bold, risk-taker in his own right. I’d say he was lucky enough to live to an age where he finally became wise. Rather than his brothers’ deaths leading him down a path of self-destruction, Kevin embraced “life.”

  5. Being a "Heel", I've heard from old timers, was an art form. Not only that, but the "Heel" usually "steered" the direction of the match in the ring, so, to many it was : First, a sign you "Had arrived" in the business because usually "heels" called the matches in the ring and thus, were allowed a lot more creative freedom. Second, "Heels" Made or broke  "Baby faces", a good heel  could make a Baby face with little or no talent look like a million bucks. By the same token, you could have a Baby face that "had it all", but if the heel didn't "sell", the guy might as well quit and go work at a gas station. Second, what did the fans come to see? The fans came to see the "Heel" get his ass kicked and a really good heel could draw crowds over and over again…and make the promotion a bucket load of money.  While it is true that it took "two to tango", the heel was the glue that held matches together.

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