Becoming a Professional Athlete with Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

Becoming a Professional Athlete with Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a brief insight to the Tokyo 2020…Olympic Games Looking a year into the future, when the world’s population has been overtaken by the Mushroom Kingdom…and… ..a bunch of hedgehogs, who have had some very unfortunate games, in recent years outside of, literally, just Sonic Mania. I don’t think there’s been anything else…like, redeemable… …poor Sonic. Narrator: MARIO AND SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES! RT: Just in case you can’t read, uh, they remind’g’ya. There’s…all the countries of Europe 1. And all the countries of Europe 2… All three Oceania countries. Oh Jesus! One of these is not like the other… *INTENSE SHAKING ACTION* Come on! *MORE INTENSE SHAKING ACTION* Narrator: Goal! Miles ahead… It’s not even close. See, all our training in WiiFit has paid off now…I’m in like, peak physical condition…*by* playing this game *EVEN MORE INTENSE SHAKING ACTION* This is, REALLY, straightforward… Narrator: New World Record! I-I, I really don’t feel like I did anything *uncontrolled laughter* thEreEheE… “*In* this event, you’ll run and throw a javelin for maximum distance…build up enough power, and you can hit someone in the audience too! *shaking…shaking…s h a k i n g…S H A K I N G…* *Short Breath* *I* think that was the worst one, yet. Oh, hang on, no guys, we gotta go outside… And get enough exercise, playing this exercise game. No one believes in their swimming ability… Uh… Yeah, *uncontrolled laugh again* suURuE *INTENSE G A M E P L A Y* Well, now we just won the Olympics, ’cause no one’s gonna get 20 points. Let’s go! *Chuckle* Showdown for the ages.. He gave up. Look at my special attack of a normal swing, basically, I don’t need to do any of the button prompts. Just… …just hit the ball… …just hit the ball, like, that’s enough for me… You see, like y-you hit it back, three times… There’s like a program, in his A.I. that kicks in…and it’s like: “Oh, I got to let the player win.” Oh, they blocked it three times. I got a forfeit the match. Like just watch this; One… …two… Didn’t even try. I love how they are like all making noises on hit, too. I Want Die, is just…deathly quiet. I think if I Want Die had a voice, it would just be like, screams of agony… …more than anything… ..uhm, because he’s realized that he exists. Let’s go! The Showdown we’ve been waiting for; we’re gonna kill Mario. *You’re* going down Charles Martinet. AUGH, NO! Mario’s on everything, but I’m convinced no one likes him… …he’s like the poster child for every Nintendo franchise and……eh…deh… …if you talked to anyone, it’s like: “Which character do you playing *in* like Mario Party, or like smash bros?” like, it’s never Mario, …it’s always the side characters, like no one likes ’em. Like, who picks Mario in Mario Kart? You pick Luigi…he’s cooler. No, vending like Mario is the normie character We have to classify him, somehow… …like Mario is like-le the character you go for, if you don’t really know the series… It’s like saying your favorite is Pokemon is Pikachu, because you don’t know what a Pokemon is. I still won, but I’m just bitter.. Oh, it’s time to take a break again. This time, it’s just ’cause I’m stressed like ca-calm down, calm down, just ya know… …go have a snack… …go get some fresh air… Shadow: These are only games… *RT Repeats*: These are only games… Hey, we unlocked the “Moonlight Circle!” It’s circuit not circle. Oh, okay… Let’s do-let’s do “Moonlight Circle”. This has the dream race in it. People are still- Guys, you gotta let “circle” go… Oh no-oh no, did I say it agai-? Guys, look, you’re not supposed to point out when someone’s going senile… ..okay? You’re supposed to be polite… It’s very mean what you’re doing here, okay? You just gotta let it slide, like, I’m getting on in years. I’m 23 now… I’m gonna be, like, DEAD in two years. Okay, we’re really good at this one… *SHAKING AGAIN GOD DAMNIT* You’re just gonna hear a lot of rattlin’. I don’t know what it is, with the running ones… I’m just pretty good at them. Yeah, because ever ever, all the other games require like… …fine movements, like, you have to like do something, other than just shake the Wii Remote. So, of course you do worse in those games… …because that requires the Wii Remote to be like … …a functional device. Twenty-Three is 25% of the way to dead… How do you know when I’m gonna die? ‘cuse me, I could be a much higher percent… …I could be 50% if I want to be. Then we’re taking some poor life decisions to speedrun life for the next while… Who needs exercise, y’know, vegetables are overrated… That’s-that-that’s how you play life on fast mode. Just get to completion… …vegetables just slow you down, if anything. It takes so long to cook… It’s trying to get, like, max level in an MMO, ya know, you don’t care about, like, the level of 30’s in Warcraft. You gotta get to, like, level… …120 or whatever it is… Let’s get to the endgame. Battery…’s fine. Okay, it just wants me to pull back… …just… *SHAKING AGAIN, BOIS* Came third! “This event is a long-distance running race to go the goal. The key to winning, is dodging obstacles and using the items to attack your opponent’s effectively.” This is Mario Kart, but you’re running? Pick up item boxes for useful attacks and defense items and press “A” to use the items… This is literally just Mario Kart, but you’re running… Like Mario Kart, but you forgot your car today. I mean, this is the sport we need to see in the Olympics, if anything… …just imagine the athletes just like… …attacking each other, as the games are going on… …like a hundred meter sprint, but like you’re allowed to bring a crowbar… That sounds very exciting! Mario and Sonic is greater than Fortnite. I like to think so. You can’t compete with an absolute banger… …that is like… …probably 11 years irrelevant, or; let’s be honest, this game never really was relevant. How dare he say that to this game? Guys, is not relevant. I don’t think… …did Mario and Sonic The Olympic Games, like, transform the gaming scene, when it came out back in 2008? Was this like the landmark title to come out of, like, the early 2000s? Like this defined the genre… Like, you know, like the Oculus devs just looked to Mario and Sonic in The Olympics there’s like, that’s what I wanted to make… …that’s the game that inspired me. I need her to be able to play as Sonic… …SEE as Sonic… …to be Sonic. With that action, that might of inspired VR Chat. Okay, I’m gonna try like a monster swing… …this time… You gu-you guys get ready for this, okay? I’m gonna go for a big arc of the arm. Motion controls in action* *SHAKY BOI* OH FU- I HIT MY HAND These are the risks you take, being a gamer… It’s not an easy life. How did you end up in a hospital? Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, is simply a masterpiece of a game. I just have to get the gold medal. I was so far ahead. I don’t even need to compete in the next sport. Alright I can just take the piss here, I’ll just take potshots on the audience. I’ll still get the gold medal.. …people will die but, duh, yeah, I’ve earned enough points… Okay, it’s-it’s still got plenty of charge guys, okay. Like…like we’re only streaming like 25 more minutes. Just try get a perfect score… PPFPFPT…. Planets Circle… I KEEP-…now, it’s just on my mind, because you guys made such a big deal, about that one time I slipped… *MORE AND MORE SHAKING* We knocked over like three hurdles; World Record… Someone tells us how having complex joke: ME: . . . RT: circle. ME: This is the height of comedy. I’ve become like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory whenever he just says “Bazinga!” and people lose their minds…no matter the context… Come on final one…we haven’t missed a shot. I’m going to focus… *TUHH-Hhh…* *Giggle* I’ve already missed two… Auuugh, that was tragic. You’re not a real fan, unless you get the Eight-Year RTGame sub-badge, now. That we filter out the pack. Unless you have it now. I know I’ve only been partnered like… One and a Half Years…you don’t have the eight years sub-badge like… …get out of here. I don’t want you on my Twitch Channel. You’re not dedicated enough… For me playing video games on the Internet. This isn’t just a fun activity; that like you could just hop in and out of… …this is a commitment. *SHAKY SHAKY SHAKY* Perfect jump! Jumped ahead of the pack a little bit. Wait, this is higher than the world record… …maybe I shouldn’t have said it this high… *Loud Laugh* I didn’t think this through, I didn’t realize… Yeah, we shouldn’t have gone so high. Like Mario won with 2.34 We were trying to go 16 higher than that. [wii shop music]

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  1. RTkart!
    play as your favourite RT characters like sad bob, old ghost from the sims, jim the sim carrey and his actors, magical john, i want die, end mii city skylines weather reporter, oxygen not included colonists, the don't starve dudes and a bit more!
    also, everyone forgot their kart
    coming to wii in 2030, because just dance will not be the touchdown title!

  2. anti-vax flat earther beef with logan paul life speed challenge gone wrong ft rice gum #Jesustakethewheel

  3. I remember playing this back in 2008 for a good hour or so…

    1 hour of gameplay = 1 week of a sore arm ?
    (Nice nostalgia tho lol)

  4. 1:00
    RT: I'm in peak physical condition
    Matt:" And thanks to who"?
    Matt:" Get back over here you pathetic scrub ".

  5. First video I’ve seen and I love it, especially his BEAST Irish accent (I mean I’m Scottish but no ones perfect)

  6. 4:58 RT says he knows he’ll die at the age of 26
    Person: actually no you’re only 25% of the way there
    RT gets offended that he’s gonna live more than 2 years

  7. I remember flailing my arms like an autistic 7 year old while playing with the Wii… those were the days.

  8. How you said that nobody plays With the character Mario

    I was like IKR so true

    And Mario gets all the credit for everything
    Even if Mario is on vacation

  9. hey here's how to help your son speedrun life
    1 – give birth
    2 – throw him off a cliff
    3 – world record baby

  10. Dude this is true one game that really tested your stamina because you actually have to try and swing your hands like your life depends on it. Its like all the events have a low sensitivity on the Wii remote so you actually get a work out eventually

  11. I want die is Jesus yet he lives in pain. With power comes stress. With the ability to kill all and see the future and win against Sonic must be stressful. Who should we sacrifice to i want die today, rtgame? Maybe little Timmy?

  12. My sister fuckin mastered this game. I still feel bad our Wii broke down and we couldn't recover the info to put on our new Wii. So much effort gone to ashes

  13. Older Games: Remember to take a break once in a while!
    Newer Games: You think that 30 straight hours of this game is too much? We're just getting started.

  14. When I was 10 I found this game for the ds on the ground and played it everyday so yes it did in fact change my life bc I have no life now

  15. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is the new Wii Fit.
    ………..Mariatt. I just had the idea to mix Mario and Matt and I got Mariatt. Even though Matt is only Wii Sports and not Wii Fit. I have no idea why I mixed actual god with the Nintendo poster child.

  16. Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic games was actually what got me into Mario and sonic before then I didn't really care at all
    my favourite character to play was Waluigi

  17. Watching Shadow the Hedgehog, Edgy the Hedgey himself, chilling out enough to play ping pong and then getting his ass royally handed to him, is the best thing ever.

  18. "Sonic has no good games recently" I mean… do sonic colours and sonic unleashed count as recently? Because imho those two are both pretty good

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