BAYWATCH Trailer # 2 (2017) Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario Comedy Movie HD

BAYWATCH Trailer # 2 (2017) Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario Comedy Movie HD

Our team is the elite of the elite Loknath mishra The heart and soul of this very beach We protect when no one wants to protect And we go above and beyond [Whistle] This is nothing you have seen before These are refrigerators No, this is Bay Watch, you pussy [Applause and Crowd Cheering] [Dance Music] There’s more to this job than just swimming Victoria Leeds, the new owner of the Huntley Club Drugs. Murder. All this started once Leeds took over. I thought we were lifeguards. Everything that you guys are talking about sounds like a really entertaining, but farfetched, TV show. [Music] Why does she always look like she is running in slow-mo? You see it too? [Music] Woo! Why’d you try and be a hero? Because I’m Bay Watch, Motherfucker. [Music] You’re going night night, bitch. [Music] Move, move, move. [Music] Grab my hand! [Music] You turned the canals into the God Damn X Games. Yeah, that’s because we were in life guard pursuit. There’s no fucking such thing as life guard pursuit. Even if you were police, what you did would still be totally illegal. Okay, well, I mean it’s a good thing that we’re not police then. Our team, is the elite of the elite We are the heart and soul of this very beach We protect when other people don’t want to protect We go above and beyond *Screams* Help me! *Screams* Help! If you want me you can have me Some other time *Screams* We’re staring into the abyss here City council has already cut our funding It is up to us to restore the Baywatch brand I’m Matt Brody Ready for duty Did you just look at my boobs I.. You should look at my face I’m trying… But it is so close to your boobs *Nervous laugh* This is the guy you think is a good PR opportunity for us *Shouts* Do some shots! *Cheers* He is reckless *Shouts* Move, Move, Move! With two gold medals *Ding* How many gold medals do you have? Probably zero We got a dead body on our beach *Splash* That’s not our job My gut says there’s some bad sh!t is going on over there And my balls say ‘We need to check it out’ My balls say ‘We should’ *wimper* ‘take it easy right here’ Why do your balls sound like 3 year old girls *High Pitched* I don’t know man. That’s just how they talk But they are wise Welcome to Baywatch Why are you grabbing me so tight? *Honk* *Honk* Why does she always look like she is running in Slow-Mo You see it too? You turned the canals into the damn X-Games Yeah, that’s cause we were in life guard pursuit There’s no such thing as life guard pursuit How do I explain this so that you people understand? You people? YOU PEOPLE!? Ohhh… *whisper* You don’t get to say that your just tanned Right on Come on brother

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  1. This is a Good movie. I watched it today. I thought it was going to be bad like really bad BUT IT WAS QUITE GOOD! I suggest you ignore all the bad reviews and watch this movie! There are cameos by Hasselhoff and Pamela too.

  2. Just watched this movie. Very, very, very well done. Two thumbs up. I highly recommend anyone looking for a great movie, that reminded me of, Beverly Hills Cop, watch this movie. It lacked the comedy, but had all the beach, drama, corruption, and clean beach fun you could imagine. This looks like a winning combination. Hope to see many more.

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  4. Funniest part is with all the beautiful sights and exposed skin of all the women in the movie I was constantly sucked in to those gorgeous EYES of Alexandra Daddario………..I fought against it during her bouncey boobie test part though. What EYES!! *drool* LOL

  5. DJ's current popularity runs a mile wide, but about an inch deep. This film belly flopped. And he better be careful in the future, choosing better projects. Not even remotely as talented as Eddie Murphy, whose own stardom faltered because of too many bad films. But whereas Murphy still remains potentially one role away from being a big star again, I believe the former Rock has just this one turn. When it's over, that's it.

  6. I liked it. IDK why IMDB people are such haters.. They say too many dick jokes etc. Aww Sorry Put The Rock in a movie and I like it…

  7. this movie was actually very fun. would recommend. The scene when the rock gets fired and he's trying to sell a godda*n phone is cringy as fuq, though.

  8. I love Baywatch even though I am only ten
    Now I want to be a life guard when I am older
    I live in New Zealand but I am American

  9. ارطغرل الجزء الرابع الحلقه ٣الثالثه في البيت الان في اي خدمات شكلك مش عارف ايه يا أستاذي بخير الله ٧٧يسلم حالكم يا رجال الأعمال القطريين وغرفة ٧الملابس في المسجد صليت بس ما عاد تسال علينا وعليك بالخير يا رجال الأعمال القطريين وغرفة تجارة وصناعة اللوحات الاعلانية الدولية الاعلانية السعودية الاعلانية المصرية الاعلانية الأردنية الاعلانية الاعلانية التونسية الاعلانية الجزائرية الاعلانية السودانية الإماراتية الاعلانية الاعلانية فى الاعلانية البحرينية

  10. I apologize to the rock, but this is a terrible movie.. and maybe that was intentional but still, it’s worse than Charlie’s Angels full throttle

  11. Swimsuit competition is out on miss America contest. So we have to stop objectifying women… except when we are searching for a mate, then and only then will all the lady parts be critiqued

  12. J'aime cet acteur tous ces films dwayne Johnson 👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜

  13. Original Baywatch will always be the best entertainment for the whole world. Most rated series ever. Don’t care for the new copy . Will not be the same.

  14. Boycott this movie only male nudity and no female nudity. Where is the equality nowadays? The only ones suffering are the young men who are exposed to constant male nudity from the feminazis who are targeting the wrong group. I feel sorry for young men nowadays who will most likely grow up angry from all the sexism they receive. In 20 years they will be the directors and they will most likely make movies with only female nudity punishing the young women of that time and the cycle goes on. How about some equality now. We want pussy!! Sing it men!!! We want pussy!!!

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