Battlefleet Gothic: Armada – Gameplay Trailer

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada – Gameplay Trailer

Hello and welcome to Battlefleet Gothic Armada, a new RTS from Tindalos Interactive based on Games Workshop’s much loved tabletop game. Take to the stars with fully customizable Imperium, Chaos, Ork, or Eldar fleets across multiple game modes and a full single-player campaign. Where you’ll unlock and customize ships, even leveling up your commanders from Port Maw. The world’s first RTS game built in Unreal 4, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada recreates in detail the ships of 40k from hundreds of meters to 8 kilometers long, pitting them out in solo and multiplayer skirmishes. Each faction has its own strengths, and skills. The Imperium are heavily armored with a lot of torpedoes, powerful macro weapons and harness the awesome nova cannon. The Chaos are fast, with a longer range than the other factions, utilizing powerful lances. The environments in Battlefleet Gothic also house many hazards and also opportunities Position a ship behind the debris of a destroyed opponent to avoid a barrage of enemy torpedoes, or fly between an asteroid field as cover against projectiles; hide within gas clouds, which makes it difficult to be hit. Damage is compartmental, and the skills you have at your disposal rely on the functionality of the responsible area of the ship. When damaged, the skill will not be usable, and you’ll either have to fight with your remaining skills or – if possible – warp out of the fight, and return minutes later having undergone repairs. Some of the many ways to damage ships include macro abilities – which are offensive attacks activated when an enemy ship is in range without player input, lances, boarding parties from the launch bay, torpedoes, the nova cannon, and many more to come… The movement of ships can be manipulated by prioritizing manoeuvers, increasing speed ‘full steam ahead’, or by making high-energy turns, and even ramming the opponent. Ship detection also plays an important role, with probes and jammers able to detect, or hide your ships from the enemy. Many of the skills in Battlefleet Gothic require careful positioning and planning in order to land a connecting blow, making management of ship movement an all-important part of the victory strategy. That should introduce you to the very basics of Battlefleet Gothic, but why don’t we take a look at something a little more… chaotic. The Marks of Chaos are present and will have a dramatic effect on your attributes and skills; feel the impact of Nurgle, Tzeench, Slaneesh and Khorne. Those Chaos ships are led by Abaddon the despoiler warmaster of the black legion at the head of the 12th black crusade with his planet killer able to destroy an entire planet. Battlefleet Gothic is coming to PC, 2016. Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Pro tip : Don't be like ubisoft, and just add the maximum graphics options on day 1.
    Not like watchdog 😀
     Some of us have high end graphic cards 🙂

  2. Visuals are stunning. Game play I dont know, maybe I just fancy more micro management.

    EDIT: Oh this is Warhammer 4K universe. Erll that changes my opinion! Looking forward to it.

  3. This game is in the Warhammer universe right? Could someone please explain the lore of Warhammer to me. On one end, I see sci-fi and starships with unorthodox architecture and on the other, I see orcs, dwarves, and all-in-all a fantasy game.

  4. Must say i have never been so hyped about a game in a long time, but this looks amazing and a fair few tactics to boot. Never played the TT version by the time i thought to get back into it you couldn't buy the stuff anywhere and no doubt the length of time away and less free time my painting skills would be pretty bad 🙁 but i noticed everyone seems to be using paint guns now.

  5. This looks like a far more advanced version of Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon.
    Played that game so much by now, and this looks so much like how it used to play.

    Can't wait to get into this

  6. Beautiful……Utterly fucking beatiful kyaaaa xD xD xD so Hyped on this game as the same level of hypedity in Dark Souls 3

  7. looking at the ship bars it almost looks like Nexus the jupiter incident interface. Oh if only this was in three D, Nexus manged to get three D capital ship navigation down in my opinion.

  8. There should be a multiplayer mode where you pick one ship and level it up through multiplayer games vs and with other players single controlled ship. You unlock upgrades, aesthetics and have a level system so its fair on equal leveled players. Then people can start making fleets of single player ships in clans.

  9. Looks great and I`m waiting for Eldars but… Why these ships are burning in space? Explosions looks great but fire. Dunno.

  10. When you think for a minute.. How do they have such good rate of fire, considering loading those cannons would be like something similar to building the pyramids

  11. Gotta love that Emperor Class Battleship at the beginning of the Trailer. Though I still am very fond of the Retribution Class Battleship.

  12. I have the nagging feeling that this game will beat the new Master of Orion just because of the vastly superior combat. Well … WG labs have three months to finish their game and they hopefully understand that "more (ships/planets) is NOT AUTOMATICALLY better".

  13. Every single bloody ship not present on release will be it's own DLC. Prepare your wallet 🙂

  14. We need more dakka like DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!!!

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    / / |_
    / / //|
    /_________/ ////|
    | _ _ | 8o////|
    | /'// )_ | 8///|
    |/ // // ) | 8o///|
    / // // //,| / 8//|
    / // // /// | / 8//|
    / // // ///__|/ 8//|
    /.(_)// /// | 8///|
    ()' `()//| | 8////|_________
    () / (_)'| | 8///////////////
    () "/ ()'|_| 8/////////////
    ()..(_) d' Hb 8oooooooopb'
    `(_)' d' H`b
    d' `b`b
    d' H `b
    d' `b `b
    d' `b
    d' `b

  15. Wait, GamesWorkshop? Aren't they the guys that charge insane prices of plastic models that come unassembled and unpainted?

  16. wow this game is going to be crap.. only need to see the video to see how many issues and bugs there will be.. what do you guys think?

  17. Why are space ship acting like sea ships? I mean flying in one axis(?)?
    I hope you know what i mean, cant find the word

  18. Wish they Would port this at least to ps4 if not the sequel.Doesn't seem so fast clicking style game in gameplays,even then you would just need a pause where u can select commands it seems. Looks fun games.

  19. I love how.. goth everything looks! Also the fact that you said ''The Black Legion'' Apollyon shall rule once more!

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