Battlefield V – Wake Island Overview Trailer

Battlefield V – Wake Island Overview Trailer

17 years ago this horseshoe-shaped classic was
the first Battlefield map ever released. Designed to offer players multiple choices
for tackling each situation, Wake Island kickstarted the
unique and unpredictable sandbox that is Battlefield. Now, as part of Battlefield V’s live service, our latest free update builds upon that legacy to create the incredible air, land
and sea experience we always had in mind. Welcome back to Wake Island. Battlefield V’s version of Wake Island
is twice the size of that in Battlefield 1942. Increasing the size has helped us
to create better pacing in matches. But don’t worry about
snipers or prone machine guns. We’ve balanced all that space
with plenty of vegetation and rock formations you can use as cover. To get up close and personal
with your enemies. The expanded map and the flatter
topography also works great for vehicles. Giving you lots of room to move around. Amphibious tanks and boats that spawn
on the beaches of Wake allow you to move freely around the island discovering new and interesting ways
to surprise the enemy. Wake Island is a different experience
each time you play. And you’ll see this most clearly
when you switch game modes. Breakthrough is all about intense invasion gameplay. It’s a great way to master the island
in fast paced fights. While a round of Conquest Assault
is the Battlefield sandbox in its purest form. It is here that those
Battlefield moments live. We loved seeing your response to the
release of the first two Pacific maps: Iwo Jima and Pacific Storm. And we are using those learnings
to improve the core gameplay even further with the Wake Island update. And with our Year 2 Edition now available
including War in the Pacific and the best arsenal from the first year, there has never been a better time
to join the millions of other players in Battlefield. Welcome back to the original Battlefield.

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  1. planes are overpowered, destroy tank with one hit, no chance to repair or hit back. planes just fly away and repair, take new bombs and land on next tank wit new aiming system you gave them. aa tank cant destroy them ether. you have to serch planes now in the sky, concentrate only on them, becouse you cant see them, only in pacific when sky is clear. and if you hit them, they just turn around and go repair themself. and you still gonna die sooner or later….

  2. I would've been excited for this new map and the jungle map tease at the end if it wasn't for the awful TTK update. DICE, do the community a favor and revert these terrible changes.

  3. Millions? What nonsense, after this atrocious 5.2 update, the player base is shrinking by the minute. I log on to my PS4 and see people who've clocked in over 1k hours playing other games instead now.

  4. Dice you should increase the recoil instead of increasing the ttk so weapons get harder to control which rewards skilled players who can control the recoil

    See bf community it's not hard to bring solutions to an issue instead of crying

  5. Is it just me or do the Battlefield Devs like showing off the Japanese killing Americans rather than showing off the Japanese getting gunned down and burnt out of their holes?

  6. Dont worry about the game anymore because with our new update we fucked up the game completly and your favourite guns aswell this new game experience should help us lose players welcome back to battlefield everyone hope we messed the game from u

  7. Imagine the next Battlefield being from the Napoleonic Wars or something like that

    It would be awesome

    Or Vietnam ^-^

  8. DICE, please make BF great again, and bring old ttk. And if it;s possible i would please for Paracel map or Hainan Resort

  9. Ok. Iwo Jima, Pacific Storm and now the Wake Island.
    But where is the real naval combat like in the BF1942 and the BF1?

  10. Now just fix the TTK and I'll be excited again. Machine guns are now marshmallow shooters and SMG's feel useless at even medium range. Classes are totally broken after patch 5.2. Fix please!

  11. Battlefield 3 and 4 awesome, battlefield 1 and 5 nah.
    I liked how you could play hardcore and be able to distinguish your team from across the damn map.
    I also really liked how there are weapons you could use across all classes. I like to play medic I hate sub machine guns.

  12. I'm going to buy and play Call of Duty Modern Warfare for awhile until DICE can fix their game. Groundwar on COD is like Battlefield but without all the constant glitchy and game breaking updates that DICE likes putting in their games.

  13. I’m pretty sure there’s not even a million players playing BFV right now. It’s sad cuz more people are playing Payday 2 on Console than BFV right now

  14. “Welcome back to the original battlefield” sorry I didn’t notice it, all I hear is women soldiers screaming at the top of their lungs every time they get hit

  15. I pre-ordered BFV and endured the the most broken stages of this game and still played it daily, This was the only FPS I played. Good job dice?

    the recent update made me uninstall BFV and reinstall halo and also bought reach, this update is as bad as Star Wars TLJ being introduced to the skywalker saga.

  16. EA/DICE : pssst we give you big map

    Everyone :

    EA/DICE : we make it harder to kill people further away on our big map

    Everyone : classic

  17. Me and my 4 friends uninstalled game. Ttk5.2 ? game sucks now. It's a casual only game now. Moved on. Rust will be my new game when it hits. Battlefield will go down

  18. Наконец-то игра начала быть похожа на игру про Вторую Мировую Войну!

  19. The Crab's grandson: Pa, what were the beaches like back then?
    Grandpa Crab: It was… raving… Eating sand flashbacks

  20. A part from the ttk which at my concern is trash (sorry dice, I'm quite a fun but I must agree, because the idea behind this new update , a part from a financial point of view that disgust me, could have been really great. But this should have happened before the game even launched… Or at least u could have test it within the community before even lunch it as definitive … Please DICE listen to the community!!! ) there are planty of bugs again.. Just for an example, which to me is the worst one; is the "sorry, we could not fetch your results"… I ranked 3 times since the new update and never got company coins or skin for the guns… Not stonks

  21. Just wanted to point out, in 1942, the Japanese were the ones invading the island. In this, it's the Americans. I guess the assets for Japanese landing forces never got made.

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