Battlefield 1 Official Gamescom Gameplay Trailer

Battlefield 1 Official Gamescom Gameplay Trailer

The legend of Lawrence of Arabia dies tonight!

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  1. I remember back in 2016, it was Christmas and I got an Xbox one S it can with Battlefield 1. I didn't know about Battlefield 1 at the time, so I did some research on YouTube and found this. I was excited because the game looked amazing, and I played it, and loved it.

  2. The music in this is probably the best out of any trailer I’ve seen I rate it best trailer of all time.

  3. I knew people had problems with this game but also said it was great, i went to the ps store and this trailer was the deciding variable.

    I bought the game

  4. I still come back for this trailer. Its a damm masterpiece the music the pace ,the tone , everything. how the hell they managed to screw bfv trailer is beyond me.

  5. Wow you can play.. A Ottoman Soldier while Riding a Horse in the Desert with a Saber Sword and Guns. Plus a "Ya Umahty Nasheed song" ..background.. It's gonna be "Allahuakabar" ☝️ ready to be Martyr.

  6. This trailer is epic…Especially the start, that combination of confussion, fear and the feeling that nobody can save you makes this trailer great…Not like some other trailers Cough BF V Cough

  7. Ptm pensar que hasta ahora nada de BF V me logra emocionar ni una pizca de este trailer. Sigo esperando que esos 60 dolares valgan la pena en ese intento de juego buguero.

  8. Battlefield 1 is the game of firsts in the game world. BF1 was not a perfect game, but it was a completed game. Dlc policy and servers no matter how bad … You said 2 new maps will come and now you pretend not to announce. That's fucked up. How could you disrespect a game that sold over 25 million and its players! I hope the next game is bad company.

  9. Girls locker room: Ew, i hate sand, it's coarse and rough and it gets everywhere.
    Boys locker room:

  10. Imagine how epic it would be if we had access to this many vehicles
    If only gameplay was as the trailers
    I really hope someone remakes this in like 20 years or something

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