Battlefield 1 Official Gameplay Trailer

Battlefield 1 Official Gameplay Trailer

Auf sie! Come on, come on! Are you out of your mind? You’re gonna get us all killed! Edwards, behind you! Come on, Edwards… Go, go! EDWARDS! Move! Get going! Come on, this is our objective! Stop! You fool! Dig deep, boys! Artillery!

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  1. How do you go from this masterwork of cohesive artistic direction and impeccable atmosphere to the mishmash that is BFV?

  2. Bruh I've seen this at least 20 times but that part where the air plain in in a up ward dogfight still makes my jaw drop

  3. When battlefield was battlefield and didn't feel and play and look like a crappy call of junk duty game..*cough bf5 cough cough* …smh….WHAT……A…..SHAME!!

    Was so psyched for bf5 after playing bf1 I thought it would be like bf1 but ww2 and I was crazy excited for it…..but then played it at long last and to say I was dissatisfied and disappointed is a gross understatement. How can you go so backwards between games? How can you go from groundbreaking, incredibly immersive, absolutely stunning, beautiful, massively grand bf1 to such a shabby, shambly, dry, click click call of duty like, mess????? Why??!!

  4. Legit cried during 3 campaigns. 10/10 game. Really the visuals and sound really put you in the sh×t…scary to think what these men went thru. Proud of them all.

  5. So many hackers now…I played really a lot more than a year ago and every now and then there was a hacker, now that I am back playing I notice EXTREME hacks (placing down mobile respawn points, calling in artillery fire and other crazy stuff – wtf?) in almost all matches! Dice, come one!

  6. 這遊戲太囂張了,你在遊戲世界稱王,在現實世界卻是個對戰鬥一竅不通的弱者,敢問你打架打過幾次,虛幻世界是最虛偽的,建議你來現實世界學習武術.格鬥.對打.槍砲射擊,甚至真的去當兵,學習現代戰爭的方式,但不是叫你殺人放火,而是在合法的場所對打,那才是令人熱血沸騰的榮耀

  7. I love to death this game. Great details, mechanisms, soundtracks and epic ambiences (DICE nailed it with Verdun Heights). Sadly, the entire BF franchise is not that great, and with BFV's failure, i think it's sure to say that the new Modern Warfare being released this year is going to destroy BFV, and maybe BF4/BF3

  8. I was here 3 years ago praising the death of COD. Now after battleflop 5 I have found myself pre ordering and eagerly waiting for Modern Warfare.

  9. I miss the memories i had on this game. i was excited af for bfv. but i never bought it and got into it. ill always miss this game

  10. 0:52
    *When you're friend is giving you ride to take you and you're crush to the movies but she menssages you that you're taking to long

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