Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.78 : PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics special trip! [ENG/THA/2018.02.18]

Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.78 : PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics special trip! [ENG/THA/2018.02.18]

(Numerous great tips for trips) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) (Lee Hwijae, N of VIXX) Travel is war. Battle Trip! Alright, everyone. We have a special host for today’s episode. He’s N of VIXX. Come on! Hello, I’m N of VIXX. I’ve prepared myself as the special host today. I’m honored to be here. Thank you so much. It feels like he’s been here the whole time. I feel comfortable being here too. You must like our show. I love it. I always told my agent to keep an eye on this show. “Keep an eye on it.” I told him to keep an eye on it so when there’s an opening, I can swoop right in. That’s what I told him. Anyway, we are joined by N of VIXX who loves traveling. We have an amazing special this week. Sikyung? Right. It’s next week already. Passion. Connected. The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games will begin on February 9th. The worldwide festival will take place close by in Gangwon-do. We must partake in the festivities too. So this week, it will be a special episode. It’s always a special. The PyeongChang Winter Olympics special, we’ll head to Gangwon-do. I love Gangwon-do. In the previous episode, I chose sports as the traveling trend of 2018. That’s right. And the start of that trend will be 2018 PyeongChang Olympics that’s starting next week. So when you think about Gangwon-do, there are lots of places to visit as well as food to try. After hearing what Hwijae said, I was convinced that Battle Trip and I are meant to be. You keep pushing toward that. The thing is that I was the torchbearer. You were? Yes, as the torchbearer, I carried the torch. I thought that’s why you invited me. As far as I know, Seolhyun was a torchbearer too. But I made headlines for it. – Really? / – He’s a smooth talker. You suit our show. There’s a limit for this special. The budget limit for the trip to Gangwon-do is… – $100. / – Goodness. And it will be a day trip. A day trip. $100 is doable with Gangwon-do. – I know where I’ll be going. / – It’s doable. – Where? / – For $100 in Gangwon-do. I’ll head straight to Hoengseong and have some beef. Have $90 worth of beef. – $90 worth. / – Then on the way back… Buy some Anheung steamed buns. Eat some steamed buns on the way. Then it will be exactly $100. Why would you eat beef and carbs? Gangwon-do has the ocean. – Raw fish? / – I went to Jumunjin Market… And had some raw fish. I had $60 worth of raw fish. 4 people ate till our stomachs were about to pop. We had two plates piled up with fish. They don’t cover the bottom with display radish. – That’s right. / – It’s just a mountain of fish. We had herring since they were in season. It’s delicious. It’s to die for. Today, we have Gangwon-do special. It’s also a special for the PyeongChang Olympics. Let us invite our 4 trip designers. – Please come on out. / – Please come on out. (Seongjong and Woohyun of INFINITE) (Mingyu and Seungkwan of SEVENTEEN) (Goodness) It seems like a battle… – Between idol seniors and juniors. / – You’re right. Will it be the eager SEVENTEEN? They aren’t really rookies anymore. Will it be the experienced INFINITE? That’ll be the battle. But both of the teams… – Don’t have time to travel, right? / – Right. – You’re busy with concerts. / – Right. I came from Jeju-do yesterday. – By yourself? / – Yes, by myself. – Jeju-do? / – My friend lives there. Where in Jeju-do? – I’m from Jeju-do. / – Seogwipo. Yeah? Really? Really? Something like that. Seogwipo… (Speaking in Jeju dialect) (The local’s pronunciation) Let’s start our trip now. Where did these two teams go in Gangwon-do? First, Seongjong and Woohyun. The blue ocean and the scent of coffee… We went to the romantic… Gangneung in Gangwon-do. I love Gangneung. Gangneung. Sitting by the ocean. With some fresh raw fish… With raw fish. Open your mouth and… We did that. Just as you said, we sat near the ocean, listened to the rough waves. – And had a drink. / – We had a drink. Seongjong didn’t drink. It was just me. Right. I didn’t drink. Only Woohyun did. Why didn’t you? I have a bad drinking habit. – I quit drinking. / – It’s really terrible. – Why? I’m being honest. / – It’s really bad. – I’m an honest person. / – It’s terrible. Do you call people? I get really hyper. I was worried I’d get too hyper. I’m hyper as it is. So I quit drinking. – Where did our team go? / – Yes? The city we visited is a place where it’s covered with snow. It’s known as the Alps of Korea. It’s the place the whole country fervently cheered for when it was announced that the Olympics would be held there. That’s the place. It’s Pyeongchang. That’s a great city. – It wasn’t announced that slowly. / – Then? Pyeongchang. That’s how it was done. – Really? / – Yes. Anyway. He doesn’t care. – Why are you like that? / – He just… He just cut me off. Please welcome our 100 judges in the audience who will make a fair evaluation. Nice to meet you all. It’s a single-round match. After watching the clip, if you want to visit, you can cast your vote. You can vote for both of the trips. – So relax. / – You can vote for both trips. Both teams have a budget of $100 for the trip. They also have the same means of transportation. Woohyun, how did you get there? There’s a line where you can take a KTX to reach Gangwon-do, the Gyeonggang Line. You can get to Gangwon-do from Seoul in 1.5 hours. – That’s great. / – The line begins at Seoul Station. It passes by Yangpyeong in Gyeonggi-do, Pyeongchang, and Gangneung is the last station. We took the KTX there. – That’s so convenient. / – So comfortable. – So good. / – In the past when we drove… – It took 8 hours to Gangwon-do. / – That’s right. On the KTX, you’ll get there in the blink of an eye. – In the blink of an eye… / – Blink and you’re there. – So quick. / – It took 1 hour and 30 minutes. If it takes that long to blink, you need to visit the hospital. It was so quick. We arrived real quick. – Which team should go first? / – Which one? Why don’t we start with Pyeongchang? – Pyeongchang first? / – Yes, Pyeongchang. Let’s ask the name of their tour. We went with a cute name. Shout out the name. – Mingyu… / – And Seungkwan’s… – BuGyu Trip. / – BuGyu Trip. Why are we always stuck together? Let’s show them a great chemistry. Please take a seat. (Hehe) (Gosh, I feel shy) Should we say hello first? Say the name. SEVENTEEN. Hello. – I’m SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu. / – I’m Seungkwan. It’s nice to meet you. (SEVENTEEN is a nice group of 13 male singers) Haven’t seen this in a while. (Seungkwan, cute main vocalist) (Let us introduce you to these two) You shouldn’t eat potato rice cake when it’s hot. Wait till it cools and it gets really nice and chewy. Nice and sticky. (He has an expressive face) You add the rice to the soup… You’re not going to come even after watching this? He’s good with reactions. – They’re both so funny. / – Don’t miss out. He’s rich with reactions. We traveled passionately. – A day trip to Gangwon-do. / – Yes. With a $100 budget. We must come up with a plan to thoroughly enjoy the trip. I went there for a shoot. I went to Pyeongchang. There’s a trout festival. You have to make a hole in the ice. – Put a small fishing rod into the hole. / – Right. – That’s fun. / – Wasn’t it cold? – It’s fun. / – I thought I was going to die. – I survived. / – Then we don’t recommend it. – Not recommended. / – That’s right but… So we don’t recommend it. No, I mean we do. Okay. – It’s… / – It’s really cold in Korea now. – I know it’s cold. / – Okay. (It seems like he did enjoy the festival) My pressed with my hands… You know that chewy feeling, right? – Seeing how plump it is? / – Yeah. I really wanted to eat it, but I couldn’t. We can treat that as an idea for the trip. But it might be too cold. Then first of all, when I search for Gangwon-do, I get… Weather. Places to visit. And this term pops up right away. – Just as you said… / – This is what I’m talking about. – Pyeongchang Trout Festival. / – Trout Festival. – The hole was this big. / – He kept talking about it. – There he goes again. / – He mentioned it so much. He must love trout. You must taste it. When you eat it, it’s all over. – You must try it. / – There are many fish festivals. Inje Icefish Festival. Hwacheon Masu Salmon Festival. – That’s a famous festival. / – Trout Festival. Do you know another famous dish in Pyeongchang? What is it? Buckwheat is famous. Buckwheat… Gosh, there was a name for that. There’s a poem. It’s not a poem. It’s a novel. There’s a street full of it. When you go there, you must try buckwheat noodles and buckwheat crepe. I want to eat buckwheat noodles. – We should try that activity. / – What? We should experience the PyeongChang Olympics. What’s really interesting is that when you go to Pyeongchang now, the stadiums are being built. That’s amazing. Look up Pyeongchang too. This is it. So the city we will visit in Gangwon-do is… Pick one. (Should I announce it?) Pyeongchang. – Pyeongchang. / – Pyeongchang. – That was similar. / – It was similar. – It was similar. / – I love you, production crew! – Pyeongchang. / – It’s right. It is a bit similar. Now, it’s the Olympic season in Pyeongchang. – We won’t have another chance. / – Right. This is amazing. This is so fun. This is a trip you can only take in winter. What is that? – What is this? / – That’s what I did. (Let’s go to Pyeongchang!) – That looks fun. / – You caught that? That’d be awesome if you did. Then how can we get there? There it is. KTX Gyeonggang Line. Okay. We head off at 8:01. – It’s really pretty there. / – It is. Let’s have a blast in Pyeongchang. I think it’ll be so much fun. For real. (Seoul Station, 7:45 a.m.) – Finally. / – Yes. – We’ve arrived at Seoul Station. / – Right. Our travel expenses… Are you giving it to us now? – Battle Trip. / – It’s all prepared. We’ll head inside Seoul Station now. Let’s go! How do we do this? Let’s go and say BuGyu Trip. Let’s go, BuGyu Trip? – Seoul Station. / – Let’s head inside Seoul Station. 3, 4. Let’s go. BuGyu, BuGyu! So cute. – Let’s go. / – That’s the best time. It’s the most exciting… – When you head to the train. / – You’re right. You need to be a little tired to enjoy the trip. Of course. “Gyeonggang Line.” “The fastest way to the Olympics.” Platform 14. Here we go. We’re on the train. To Pyeongchang. We’re departing. I’m really happy today. I’m so excited. I can’t wait. Seriously. If it takes 1 hour and 30 minutes, you don’t have time to sleep. – That’s a short trip. / – It’s fast. You can just take a nap. My gosh, what’s that? We have to take photos of this. Is it all frozen? Where are we? It feels like a movie. Let’s decide on what we’re going to eat when we arrive at Hyoseok Cultural Village. They serve buckwheat noodles, buckwheat crepe, buckwheat fritters. Everything. Okay. We should go there then. This is so pretty. The presentation is just top notch. And the price is reasonable. This station is Pyeongchang. Pyeongchang. Get up. We have arrived. It snowed a lot here. I’ll explain Pyeongchang Station. It’s located at the altitude of 660m. – It is? / – Yes. When you arrive at the station, you expect to see the stadiums. But to go to the stadiums… The next station after this is closer to the stadiums. Is that so? Should we take a photo? (Memorial photo with Soohorang and Bandabi) 1, 2, 3. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. When you get off at Pyeongchang Station, there’s a bus stop right in front of the station. Can you see it? But we won’t take that bus. We rented a car to get there faster. Really? It’s over there. Is that it? That’s the car. This car is going to help our trip in Pyeongchang. – Here’s the car. / – I call shotgun. Mingyu is known to be a safe driver. Mingyu gets to drive. I’m so excited. I thought Seungkwan would lead the trip, but Mingyu is leading. Let’s go to Hyoseok Cultural Village. Should we listen to some music? (“Chococo” by Gugudan) (Song recommended by SEVENTEEN for winter) You know this, right? (Join in) (His jukebox is ready) The trip is more fun with friends like that. – You don’t get sleepy while driving. / – That’s right. That’s right. It’s good. We have to roll down the window for this. This song is great in both winter and summer. It’s better in winter. Can you see that? Hyoseok Cultural Village. (Right now, it’s a snowfield) This is nice. (Bongpyeong is the setting for Lee Hyoseok’s novel) We’re passing by Lee Hyoseok Memorial Hall. – We have arrived. / – That’s it. – Let’s eat. / – We’re here! (Buckwheat noodles made in boiling water) This is it. That’s… We went to have this right away. Well done. I can smell it from here too. I’m going to get spicy noodles. – Spicy noodles? / – Yeah. I want… Hey. If one has mixed… – The other has to have cold. / – That’s right. We’d like one cold buckwheat noodles and spicy buckwheat noodles. One buckwheat crepe and potato dumplings. Our best dish is homemade buckwheat jelly. Really? Or boiled pork. – Boiled pork? / – Pork? It’s $30? Alpine leek boiled pork. Oh, alpine leeks. Alpine leeks. – Alpine leeks! / – Oh, that. – Meat… / – That’s the best. How much is it? It’s $15. Let’s skip potato dumplings then. Let’s skip potato dumplings or the buckwheat crepe. We’ll skip the crepe. The crepe? We must let it go. – Okay, then. / – Take it out. One cold and one spicy noodles. – One potato dumplings. / – Dumplings… – And one alpine leek boiled pork. / – Boiled pork. You already spent $38. We didn’t save money on food. And you shouldn’t either. Please give us a generous portion. I’m sad I can’t try the crepe. Should we say what you just said in a funny way? – We don’t want to lose the crepe. / – Lose the crepe. Right now, at this moment… ♪ This is moment ♪ Our food is here. When I researched, I saw it too. – This is cabbage kimchi. / – Cabbage kimchi. My favorite. – I love alpine leeks. / – Alpine leeks. They look so delicious. I can’t wait. Seungkwan, I’ll take a photo as you open it. – You haven’t looked yet, right? / – No. You’ll be so surprised. 1, 2, 3. (What do we do?) That was a real reaction. It was too good. My eyes rolled back. (He’s the happiest man in the world) I took a great photo. So cute. At the thought of eating it, I was entranced. – That’s how pork is served? / – Yes. (He already ordered a bowl of rice) I’m so happy. With this cabbage kimchi, it will be the best. You know what I mean? You’re not going to eat rice after that? – Try this. / – But it looks really delicious. It’s full of charm. They seem so friendly. It was so hot. (It’s time for potato dumplings) (Chewy) It’s really chewy. The dumpling skin is made of potato rice cake. It’s really chewy. Everyone. You’re not going to visit? You’re not going to come even after watching this? The cold and spicy buckwheat noodles are getting ready to enter. We’re really looking forward to their performances this year. From looking at it here… We can’t tell which one’s which yet. They’re heading towards us now. – Here they come. / – Which one’s which. – Revealed for the first time? / – Is it? – Spicy noodles. / – That’s me. – Here you are. / – This is the spicy noodles. Thank you. (The visuals really shock him) I really want to praise something. It’s the ice in this bowl. – You know what it is, right? / – You know, don’t you? You must take a look. It’s the perfect size that will melt in my mouth. I have to put aside the boiled egg for now. Take it out… Wow… There’s a flower. There’s a flower in the broth. There’s a flower? I can smell the flower. – You can smell the flower, right? / – You’re right. It smells like the flower. It smells like the flower. The taste of the sprouts. It’s like a flower. Compared to male guests who starred on Battle Trip, you’re the best at describing the tastes of food. They’d sell out on the home shopping network. Sure. I’ll start accepting calls. I have buckwheat sprouts. Let me mix the sprouts. When you look at the spicy noodles now… The colors are very pretty. – It’s like mixing bibimbap. / – My mouth is watering. Amazing. A bit of broth… – It makes it moist. / – Strangely. Buckwheat dishes from Gangwon-do… – Are different to Seoul. / – They are. This is it. All done. (Slurping) How appetizing. This is how people ought to eat. I’ll add a pork slice. – Then some alpine leeks. / – That’s the way. You have to eat the pork with the noodles. He knows how to enjoy food. I bet it was so delicious. – Like so… / – They eat well. After eating some, I’ll add the broth. My gosh, he knows how to eat. Just enough to cover the noodles. (He does something else) You know what this is, right? I know this. We should film this. You know what it is, right? You put the broth in the egg. – The sauce… / – This is it. And on top of the egg… This is the best bite. Last bite. You know how to enjoy food, don’t you? Buckwheat noodles are… – Very nice! / – Very nice! They really finished the noodles and the rice. We licked the plates clean. That’s how people ought to eat. – You thoroughly enjoyed the food. / – Right. (Mingyu and Seungkwan’s day trip) (Pyeongchang Trout Festival) Let’s go. As someone who’s gone trout fishing, fishing skills aren’t important. You just need to wait. All you need to do is pull out after waiting. (Pyeongchang Trout Festival, till February 25th) (A winter festival for people of all ages) They’re this small. Do they pop out of here? You get a fish this big. That looks like fun. Your fishing skill doesn’t matter here. – Mingyu. / – And Seungkwan’s… BuGyu Trip. – So many people. / – So many. Let’s go. We’ll go inside. – 2 adults. / – For ice fishing please. 2 tickets. That’ll be $26 for 2 adults. $26. – That’s a lot. / – You’ve spent a lot. We felt a bit worried then. – You already spent half. / – With $26… Can you take however many fish you want? Each person can take two fish home. – Someone has to clean the fish. / – Yes. We don’t need chairs or nets. We just need fishing rods. – Just fishing rods? / – Yeah. It’s easy to catch with these too, right? Skilled people catch a lot of fish with this too. It’s all up to the individual. (Who will catch the most fish?) I’ll catch them with passion. You can see them swimming through here. Mingyu, which spot is good? Here? – Here? / – There are a few hundred holes. There are holes. You just choose a spot and fish. You should pick a good spot. – Yes, you should. / – Right. I’ll catch it for you. I’m going to catch it no matter what. (Seungkwan can’t stay put) (Looking around) Mingyu, you have to keep moving it like this. What brings you here? Who caught these? You? My godfather did. Your godfather? (Seungkwan approaches the godfather) Hello. How can I catch trout? Should I just keep waiting? These trout… They react to moving bait. You have to keep doing this. You have to keep moving this so they bite. People who come here leisurely and catch fish. – Mingyu, it’s all about waiting. / – You need to move. I think… He learned a skill. It’s not this. It’s like this. Move it back and forth. Because they react to moving bait. It’s not moving right now. (Why isn’t it moving?) – This is how you do it. / – It’s hard. They need to catch it. I’m sure they’ll bite, right? They must catch it. How did you catch it last time? I don’t know. How did I do it? I don’t think I can do it this time. Please, please… – You caught one last time, right? / – I did. I think that’s what he wanted to look like. I didn’t get to eat that last time. I really want to try raw trout. (Determined) (Dear Almighty God, please let me catch a trout) It’ll come true if we’re desperate. (He prays desperately in one spot) He looks anxious. His knees must be freezing. I felt upset. – Someone next to us caught one. / – Right. They caught one from the spot I picked before. They caught one. (I want to catch one too) (Laughing) They spent so much money here. – So they have to catch one. / – We had to. (He turns and sees) Everyone here is like me. They’re out of it. Everyone is fishing like this. Because it’s cold. It’s not a festival. Look at him. Look at his face. Look at him. – They’re fishing but… / – Have you caught one? – Yes. / – My brother did. Did you catch one? That’s awesome. You caught two? Seungkwan, stay here. I’ll be back. Where are you going? Let’s go. (Firing it up for the last time) (He checks different holes) He caught one. Let’s just go. (Right then) You scared me. You scared me. He caught it? This is for me? No. Why not? You caught it. I’ll give it to you. You will? Are you giving this to us? Yeah, he is. – Thank you. We got one thanks to you. / – So nice. What’s your name? Hong Yurae. Hong Yurae. That’s right. Ready, go. Mom and dad, I love you. Mom and dad, I love you. So cute. Thank you. I won’t forget your kindness. Wait a minute. (Making such a fuss) Put it down. I really can’t do this. I’ll do it. I’ll do it. It’s good thing you can only take two. So you can catch them and share. Also, with one trout, 3 or 4 people can eat their fill. Seriously. – That’s the place. / – We’re here. It’s tough. That’s costly too. (The trout you catch gets baked in a firewood oven) It’s a baked trout. That looks good. Are you going to miss that? You can’t miss that. You’re going to miss that? How do you want it? Raw fish. Bring this back when you come to pick it up. If you catch two fish… – You can have one baked and one raw. / – Right. – We spent too much money here. / – We did. $6 for fishing rods. No. 1065. Go. No. 1065. Go. (Excited) Thank you. Enjoy. Thank you. Seungkwan, how much money do we have left? We spent $3 on filleting the fish. The sauce is $2. So we spent another $5. We spent $37 on fishing. So this is worth $37. This is $37. – You didn’t order vegetables to save money? / – Right. $100… (The fish makes them forget about money) Finally. The visuals. It’s the best, everyone. The best. That was the least fishy raw fish I’ve ever had. I thought it’d taste fishy but it wasn’t. It tastes a little bit like salmon but it’s firmer. Trout is in season in winter. It’s chewy in winter. It’s fatty and tender. Give one to the camera director. – What? / – Give him one. – Please try it. / – Let’s share. Just try one. Here you go. Isn’t is good? It’s honestly good, right? That’s what happens. You don’t think it’d be that great but then… It’s chewy too. The Pyeongchang Trout Festival is… – Very nice. / – Nice. You should go skiing or sledding in Pyeongchang. Right next to the trout festival… – There’s a sledding slope. / – There is. If you don’t want to fish, you can go there. You can go sledding. When I think of Gangwon-do, I think of mountains. – That’s right. / – I want to ski… Or go sledding. Seungkwan, do you know… – How to ski? / – I’m not very good at skiing. Don’t you snowboard? No, I ski but… How about learning how to ski on Battle Trip? (Thinking) I need to think about this. I think it’d be nice to experience one of the Olympic sports. (For Seungkwan who can’t ski or board) This is it. What’s this? This? I see. You can ride a virtual reality bobsleigh. You can ride it at 2, 3, and 4 p.m. (It’s a winter wonderland outside) The weather is great today. (Who am I talking to?) He expended his energy too quick. Now that’s he’s eaten… He spent too much energy on fishing. He’s become a trout. The face of a freshly caught trout. Yes. This the place. Is it? We can experience all the Winter Olympic sports here. ICT Pa… Pa… Oh, it’s pa? Pass. There are so many sports in Winter Olympics. All the snow sports that are in PyeongChang Olympics… – Not the ones on ice. / – No ice. You can experience them here. So right now… We’ll go… And try it out. This has been Reporter Kim Mingyu from KBS. Let’s go. A reporter like him would be so popular. (Pyeongchang ICT Center) (You can experience the IT that’ll be used in Olympics) (And variety of VR simulations including Olympic sports) That looks like fun. Hello. I heard that you felt the heated passion of the winter Olympics. If you look above… That looks like so much fun. – Gosh. / – That looks exciting. That… What’s your name? I’m an information robot, FURo. – FURo. / – FURo. When is PyeongChang Olympics? The PyeongChang Winter Olympics are from February 9th, 2018 to February 25th. It’s on for 17 days. 17 days… That’s like SEVENTEEN. Excuse me? For that time… – That robot was so attentive. / – The ICT… Excuse me? Hey, be quiet. Until then, the PyeongChang ICT Center is for free. For 17 days. Just like SEVENTEEN. I was so surprised that it was for free. Can we race? Yes, you can. – We can? / – We can race? Let’s do it. (Seungkwan can’t right snowboards) Yes. Here? (We’ll see who’s the best at sports in SEVENTEEN) Please look at the front. Do you snowboard frequently? No. You don’t know how to? This was my first time experiencing virtual reality. I doubted that it would feel real. This is the PyeongChang Olympic snowboard stadium. – Next up… / – Bu Seungkwan. – It’s Bandabi. / – 3, 2, 1. Here he goes. (Woah) – 3, 2, 1. / – It’s Bandabi. Here he goes. Bandabi takes the lead. It’s the first jump. We were actually competing against each other. Seungkwan is fast right now. – Four people can play this game. / – Yes. Snowboard cross is a competition where several boarders race down a course with obstacles. Is this right? – The second jump is coming up next. / – Let’s go. The second jump. It really felt like jumping. (Their reactions are like they’re on the national team) It’s a success. Where are you, Seungkwan? This is so fun. You can’t help it. He’s winning. The fourth jump is coming up. Fourth jump. – It’s a success. / – It’s a success. Perfect landing. It’s a perfect landing. Even if we go snowboarding, we can’t ride like that. That’d be a great experience. I’m going even faster now. He’s going faster. He’s even faster now. He’s going faster. He’s even faster now. – The final jump is important. / – Final jump. The final jump! That looks fun. The thing is… You have to experience it for yourselves. – For real. / – Right. It’s the finish line. – We made it. / – Made it. – A great record. / – VR just have to be tried. – I won? / – Came from behind. It was really close. I’m looking forward to the bobsleigh. Bungee jumping… The bobsleigh… There are guys who try bobsleigh… And end up crying. This is the bobsleigh? Yes. The VR bobsleigh we experienced is the same course as the official Olympics event. (Why am I so nervous?) It’s too close. Wait a minute. We’re going to ride in a bobsleigh that speeds up to 149km per hour. This is the PyeongChang Olympic bobsleigh stadium. – Next players, Soohorang Team. / – This is VR too? That’s VR too. I thought you were going on a real one. It’s all VR. I thought you were going for real. There are no handles. This can’t be right. What’s going on? What’s going on? There are no handles. If you don’t take this seriously, you could get sick. – That’s right. / – You will. Drive, drive. I am. Left, left, left. (Hahahaha) This is amazing. – Seriously, people are genius. / – Anyone can do it. Even kids. This would be so scary in real life. (The cold wind of Pyeongchang at 150km per hour) (Pressure that exceeds gravity by several times) (They’re overcoming the pressure) (With their frivolous behavior) (The race comes to an end) The thing is… That place isn’t an amusement park. So when you take the helmet off, the attendant is like, “You can get off now.” It feels so awkward. 1 minute 12 seconds? Come out. If you lose to me in this, that’s two losses. Be quiet. Thank you. This is the PyeongChang Olympic bobsleigh stadium. Next players… Why? Why? Why? We’re heading out now. Why? Why? Why? What’s going on? So the person in front has to drive well. (Hey) Seungkwan! Seungkwan! He’s so eager. Because he wants to win. Be quiet. (He starts the game with a fighting spirit) Hey, hey, we’re flying… We’ve flipped over. We’ve flipped over. You can flip over. You need to hold on. If you don’t drive properly… This is what happens. That’d be so scary. You have no idea how pathetic I thought Mingyu was. I told him several times to be careful. – Seungkwan was really good. / – Yes. Geez. Eliminated. Fail. You pulled too hard. That’s why it flipped. Are you good at sports, Seungkwan? Yes. Really? Basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc. I’m good with ball games. – You lost in the end. / – Please step forward. – Are they all connected? / – Yes. Do they even have an awards ceremony for you? You can experience the medal ceremony. – Really? / – They all have one. That’s so fun. It’s funny. I need to try that with my friends. You give each other medals? You just need to have fun. They have that. (Who won the gold medal?) That’s so adorable. Athletes cry, right? It will be fun with friends. – With friends. / – He won gold when he can’t ride it. When you do that, the employees stare at you. Like this. But you have to overcome the embarrassment. You can see it on screen like that. They even have a seat for the commentators. This has been Seungkwan… And Mingyu. The PyeongChang ICT Center is very nice! You enjoyed everything there. Yes, that’s right. Everything is free if you go there right now. – That’s a really good opportunity. / – Yes. It’s going to be really popular from tomorrow. It’s time for us to be tired. It’s time for us to melt our bodies. – Yes, it’s time. / – Hot spring? Not that extravagant. We can’t afford that. Goodness. Woljeongsa… – It’s one of the best views… / – Oh, a therapeutic walk. And they have things that are preserved for thousands of years. Woljeongsa. That Needle Fir Forest is really famous. It’s famous. People come here even if they’re not Buddhists. This is where they filmed the “Guardian.” That’s right. Right from the entrance… Main gate. I feel so at peace. This is really relaxing. It’s really relaxing when you see tall trees. We’re really taking a therapeutic walk. A green shower. This really is effective for your health. I think how you feel is important for health. Seungkwan, this. It’s the trumpet from the drama. Really? (Source, CJ E&M) (“Guardian” became a syndrome last year) (The goblin bride came here to avoid a tragic destiny) (They showed a picturesque view of Needle Fir Forest) The Needle Fir Forest trail is one of the top three. – Yes. / – It’s so pretty there. You have to take pictures like this. Don’t do it. It suits him. Rich. I look rich. – He looks really rich. / – Yes, I’m really rich. I gained weight from eating a lot at that time. With that fur coat… (His emotions explode with the music) We need music to get in the mood. Look this way. Stop. I think I can cry. My eyes are stinging from not blinking. – One drop. / – It’s falling. What an actor. You cry if you keep your eyes open for 1 minute. There’s Woljeongsa but also teahouses and bakeries. – Let’s calm our hearts. / – It’s so nice here. Hello. Hello. So nice here. Where is this place? I love the heater in the mountains. It’s a teahouse further in from Woljeongsa. – Oh, a teahouse. / – It’s right there. (A warm cup of tea melts the frozen body) It’s so good. First, we had buckwheat meal for $39. – We also went trout fishing. / – Yes, trout fishing. The entrance fee was $13 per person. That’s $26 and the fishing rods were $6. We paid the Woljeongsa entrance fee and parking. The tea cost $5 each, so that makes it… $10. – $4? / – We have $4 left. (Self-praise) – This was a neat trip. / – Yes, it was a neat trip. This is our last location. How does it feel? I think it’s really hard to do everything that you want to do on a trip. I never wanted to do anything else than work. Through traveling, I was able to try out other things. – They looked the happiest then. / – Yes. I realize why people go on trips. We just came and had fun for a day. That’s good. I think we gave them lots of good tips. Eat whatever you want to eat. And when a friend is driving, you shouldn’t sleep. That’s a grudge. – This has been… / – He slept so soundly. (This was the BuGyu Trip) That was a packed trip. Mingyu and Seungkwan have… – Good chemistry. / – Thank you. – They’re really close friends. / – We’re really close. Even if we fight, we don’t hold grudges. – We forget why we fight. / – Why do you fight? “Seungkwan, you can’t sleep during a shoot.” Saying stuff like that. That was a problem though. – I see. / – The VR experience center… Was the most impressive for me. Can you explain how fun it was because it wasn’t expressed properly through the screen. We got to know how fun the winter games will be after going there. How important it is? We also got to know how hard they were trying to prepare for this event. You can only go there during the Olympics, right? That’s right. Let’s see the final cost. We had a quick look and it seemed they spent their money well. – How much was the final cost? / – What’s the final cost? The BuGyu day trip… – Excluding transportation costs… / – Excluding that… We spent $96. – That’s $48 per person. / – That’s right. Okay. Final words. Where is the place for the Winter Olympics? – Pyeongchang. / – That’s right. When do you think we will ever have the chance to take a trip there? It’s not easy and it’s an amazing fact that the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics is being held in Korea. A winter trip to Pyeongchang… If it’s the BuGyu Trip, I don’t want to miss it. Very good. Okay. If you would like to take the BuGyu Trip to Pyeongchang, please vote! (What will the judges decide?) You look a little nervous. They did a lot of physical activities like exercise. They did fun games. We didn’t play any games. We took our time and went on a trip to relax. Like seniors? Yes, we relaxed like a senior. – You go on a trip to relax. / – Yes. It felt so good to see the sea even though it’s the winter. The winter sea is amazing. – Fish tastes better when it’s cold. / – It’s good. It’s a nice place to go with your lover. That’s why they have the “Winter Sea” song. It’s the best. – Let’s go see your trip. / – Okay. What’s your team name? – Our name… / – I’m really looking forward to it. Show us the composure of seniors. You can’t talk about Gangneung without ongsimi. Let’s wait and see. So we’re, Namsimi… And Jongsimi’s Gangneung Tour. Let’s go see it. (The original perfect dance group, INFINITE) (It’s already been 9 years since they debuted) Hello. Do you have a traveling style? Seongjong likes to go to a lot of places. I like to walk and take pictures. He likes to rest. Yes, I like to rest. There’s a place that has good bulgogi. I like things like that. Have you ever gone on trips together apart from work? – Not with him. / – We haven’t. I need to clean up after him if I go on a trip with him. – I need to… / – It’s a bother. I need to take care of him. The theme is domestic winter trip. – Winter trip? / – To Gangwon-do. Gangwon-do is nice. The budget is $100 for 2 people. I think we can spend $100 by eating Korean beef. We’ll have to save money. Should we eat at cart bars? – Is this your first time planning a trip? / – Yes. It’s my first time with him. We’ve never been on a trip together. Let’s see the map first. This is Jumunjin, where they shot the “Guardian.” This is Ojukheon. There are a lot of places here. We can go here. We can ride rail bikes here. We avoided popular places that come up on searches. That’s a good idea. Was it because of the cold wave? – What? / – It wasn’t because it was cold. We wanted to relax. There’s a place where I wanted to go in Gangneung. That’s nice. It’s cheap. I screen captured this. These are restaurants. I searched restaurants that people didn’t know about. Are we going to take the KTX? I’ll check the application. – I’m good at searching these. / – You have the app? – It’s really fast… / – I use it to travel sometimes. Wait a minute. We leave from Seoul. – Let’s leave early. / – Okay, how about 6 or 7? – In the morning? / – Yes. We won’t be able to do anything otherwise. The sun goes down at 5 p.m. But that’s too early. – We have to leave then. / – Let’s leave at 8 a.m. There’s a train at 8:01 a.m. Then we’ll arrive at 10 a.m. Let’s take a taxi at Gangneung. – We can rent a car at the station. / – How detailed. – We’ll eat. / – They laid out a full plan. It was our first time going there. Seongjong doesn’t usually study but he studied hard then. It’s really nice to go on trips with people like Seongjong. – I plan before going on a trip. / – Since you plan. It’s going to be hard. It’s going to be a hard trip. – Our team name is… / – Our team name is… Wait a minute, I have that famous scene. The lemon candy. Don’t show this! They’re going to show it? Hello, little lady. We meet again. If you have a lot on your mind, eat lemon candy. He was voted the worst idol actor. Lemon candy. What’s your famous scene? I’ll think about it. We have some time. (Seoul Station, January 23rd) Hello. There’s a cold wave today. – It’s so cold. / – We’re going to Gangneung. – It’s so cold… / – 16℃ below zero. It was so cold. – They’re reporting the cold wave. / – But it was fun. We even received a warning text message. It’s the coldest day to date. So cold. Let’s go back in. (The waves are getting stronger) The waves were unbelievable. It freezes, even if it’s salt water. My goodness. – We can’t go in. / – Why? Because the beach was flooded. Let’s go. Wow! What a pity. What a pity. (Will they overcome their sad legend?) – It takes 2 hours, let’s go. / – Yes, it takes 2 hours. It’s cold. Let’s go right away. Let’s go. It’s so cold. No. 14… We need to take the sixth car. Right now… The number of people… No. 14. Isn’t this our train? – That one down there? / – Yes, it’s here. It’s my first time traveling this early in the morning. Really? We need to set this up like this. That’s a good idea. Seniors set them up. – We’re so relaxed. / – That’s experience. – They’re like the staff. / – They have their way around. – Our tour name… / – How about potatoes? Potatoes are good for you. – I feel like ongsimi. / – Ongsimi? Ongsimi Tour? Namsimi, Jongsimi. – Let’s go with that. / – Okay. – Namsimi. Namsimi… / – And Jongsimi’s… Gangneung Tour. – Just one hand. / – No, I’m greedy so two. (Temporary train runs from the airport during Olympics) We’re here for our rental car. – Did you make a reservation? / – Yes. I reserved it under a name. It’s Nam Woohyun. (Rent car, $6 per day, depending on insurance) That’s Soohorang. – Bandabi. / – Soohorang. That’s our car. Let’s head to Gangneung. – This is nice. / – The door is frozen. So cold. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a car that you drive. It seems cold but the weather seems nice and clear. Fortunately it looked that way on screen. – By what time? / – We will go to three places. And we’ll have two meals. We will take the train at 8 p.m. The important thing is that this plan… – Excludes transportation. / – Excluding that… – It has to be $50 per person. / – That’s the plan. – That’s right. / – $100. Where are we going for a drive? Heonhwa Road. The course that’s closest to the sea in Gangneung. It’s most famous as a winter driving course. (Heonhwa Road) (The road that’s closest to the sea in Korea) – It’s the sea. / – It’s the sea. The waves are really strong. – It would be nice to just drive. / – Yes. That’s Heonhwa Road. It’s a famous driving course. It’s so nice for family and lovers to visit there. You don’t have to speed there. – You can drive slowly. / – Yes, you can drive slowly. This is the true ocean. The winter sea is so nice. The winter sea feels nice. It makes you relax. It’s nice just by looking at it. It’s pretty. It’s a great road for driving. This is amazing. Goodness, it’s so pretty. I can’t believe I’m here with you. You should be honored. – Wow. / – This is the winter sea. The weather was nice. Just driving there felt so good. It looks really nice. This comforts me. There’s a tent bar there. Those places have great food. Those places have the best raw fish. (A restaurant on the coastal road) It’s the best. It’s a tent bar that has been in business there for 20 years. This is the place. Rice topped with raw fish looks good. Not many people know about this place. Hello. Hello. – Looks delicious. / – It’s an eatery. We found it. (Fresh seafood from East Sea) As you see, the people sitting there are all local people. It’s a hidden gem. You can’t find this place online either. Yes, yes. This place has the best seasoned raw flatfish. – Nice. / – And crab knife-cut noodles. – It’s the best. / – The best? You love food, so I trust you. It feels special to eat in a tent bar like this. If you come here at night… This view right here… Imagine having a glass of soju here. I know what you mean. I’m sure I can finish all the alcohol they have here. He must be strong. How many bottles is that? – That’s more than 10. Really? / – I can drink them all. I can smell something delicious. It smells good. It’s ready. – Thank you. / – It’s flatfish. – They serve food in large portions. / – My first time. – That’s seasoned raw flatfish? / – Yes. – That’s a small portion? / – Seasoned raw flatfish. – It looks delicious! / – That’s a small. – That’s a small? / – Yes. It costs $20. – Thank you for the food. / – What’s this powder? It’s soybean powder. – It’s soybean powder. / – Flatfish is in season. – It’s in season. / – It’s in season… – Flatfish is in season? / – Yes. The soybean powder adds a savory taste. (It’s delicious) It’s good. If you like spicy food like me, it’d be better if you dip it. I took a bite of the food and then looked at the sea. – Seriously… / – It makes you say wow. (Woohyun focuses on the food) I can’t help smiling. Ma’am, the food is delicious. If you mix rice with it, it tastes good too. Really? If we mix rice into this? That with some sesame oil would be great. I really loved it. That tastes amazing. – With the sesame oil. / – You’ve been won over. – Buckwheat. / – Come to your senses. This is nice. – It’s game over. / – What’s that steam? Is it CG? No. It’s all real. It smells incredibly savory. Okay, okay. Let me try. It’s delicious. It’s very savory. After eating two spoons of it, I almost called the police. – Why? / – It stole all my rice. You have to mix with rice if you order this dish. – It’s delicious. / – Right? – It’s here. / – It’s here. I’m so curious about this dish. – It smells amazing. Goodness. / – Thank you. (It’s full of fresh snow crabs and shepherd’s purse) (He can’t wait to taste the broth) It’s spicy and refreshing. It warms my stomach. This is a perfect dish for winter. (Chewy) By the way, this is $6. In Seoul, you can’t find a snow crab dish that is $6. This has so much snow crab in it. Exactly. How can this be only $6? It’d be over $10. This is why we should travel to Gangneung. I bet Sikyung would love this. – Sikyung? / – He’d drink 20 bottles of soju. Driving here in this kind of weather. – Come here, have some noodles. / – I want some. – If you come with a lover, it’d be amazing. / – Yeah. Hashtag, romance tent bar. Hashtag, love station. – Okay, station. / – Love station. Here we go. – That was good. / – It was. It was really good, right? (Driving on Heonhwa Road) – It’s only 2km from here. / – It’s really close. We’ll get there soon. Now that we had food, we headed to Badabuchae-gil to digest. The scenery is amazing. The waves even hit the road. – It’s thrilling. / – Look how wet the road is. The water is so clean. (Badabuchae-gil is on Heonhwa Road) We can go in there. It’s a hiking trail. A really nice one. We can walk there. Walking will help us digest the food we ate. I heard not many people know about this place. No, not many know. It hasn’t even been open for a year. There’s a walking course there. If you pay the entrance fee… – You can walk there for about an hour. / – Walking? The waves came up all the way here. Look at that. Gosh, we need to take pictures of this. – Everyone… / – They’re walking on the side. People can walk on the road too? Some people stop their cars and walk. – It looks cool. / – The sea is really rough. Here we are. Let’s go. We’re here. We’re finally here. This is the place I found. Jongsimi and Namsimi’s… – Ocean road. / – It’s been open less than a year. – But it’s so empty here. / – You’re right. Excuse me. What’s going on? – Closed? / – Closed? Due to the weather conditions… – We couldn’t enter. / – Because of the cold? I thought the waves were strong. – This was totally unexpected / – It was. – What a shock. / – It’s all real. It’s been closed. It doesn’t make sense. Is the weather bad today? It’s just a little windy, isn’t it? It’s quite windy and cold but… It’s quite cold but… Is it so bad that we can’t go in? No way. We came for this. We came so far. There’s no one there. It’s been closed due to weather. Hello? We’re closed today because the waves are too high. You can just check out the observatory. – Up to there? / – Up to there? – Oh, it’s free? / – It’s free. – Free, free. / – Free. It’s for free Free entrance to the observatory. – For free? / – Yes. – It’s good that we don’t have to spend money… / – Yes. It’s not like we planned it, right? Right. This place is nice. Goodness, Woohyun. Look at the waves. Amazing. (What are they amazed at?) It was really nice there. You can take lifetime photos there. It’s like a scene from a movie. (It has to be windy to see such powerful waves) What a big wave. Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the winter sea. I know. It’s so cool. – The waves make a rainbow. / – It looks awesome. (The waves make a fantastic rainbow) – It made me feel refreshed. / – It did. – It’s really nice here. / – It is. That’s the road we were driving on. That’s where we came from. – We drove on that road and… / – And got here. It would have been nice if we could take a walk around there and take pictures. It would have been nice if we could enter. Many people prefer visiting the sea in summer. – But the winter sea is charming too. / – It’s charming. (If weather allows, you should enjoy the closer view) Photo, photo. I’d better take a good photo. I can’t open my eyes. – So nice, right? / – Wow. The photo looks amazing. It came out well. – That’s how you should take it. / – That red lighthouse. – You get great photos. / – It’s the highlight. – That photo was a bit disappointing. / – Slightly. They’re idols. (How to enjoy the sea in winter) These days, people close their eyes in photos. – We had to retake them in the old days. / – Like this? We didn’t get to go in all the way. But maybe next time when the viewers come… – The weather will be warmer. / – That’s right. – The perfect weather. / – Perfect weather. – You can go in all the way to the end. / – Yeah. – You must come here. / – It’s so good here. Let’s head to the next location. – Nice, we saved $1.50. / – Did you miss your members? – Yes, I wanted to be there with them. / – Right? (“Guardian” shoot location) Because the weather was nice. Don’t watch. Here we go. Here’s another embarrassing moment. Seongjong read a book there. My second famous scene for bad acting. Is it a goblin battle? Look at him with that red scarf. It’s so real. (Sand barricade of Yeongjin Beach) (A small barricade to prevent loss of sand) (You need to be cautious with strong waves) There’s a sign that says where “Guardian” was filmed. – Okay, we’re here. / – We’re here. – Arrived. / – Arrived. Look at the big waves. There are many people here. There are two spots. Which one is the real one? There are two spots. Which one is the real one? Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. – You won’t be able to shoot. / – It’s too strong. What a pity. They must be all wet. Oh, my God. The shoot location is over there. But it’s shaded so we’re going to the next one. If you visit this place, go to the second site. If it’s the same, you can go there. I prepared something. Who are you going to play? You can choose. Okay, I choose Euntak. – Will you be okay? / – Yeah. – Okay. / – You appear when I blow. Okay. Wait. I’ll give you a candle. Here you go. (Nam Wootak and Jong Guardian, take 1) That looks cool. Oh, dear. (Why are you appearing from there?) Retake, retake. – Blooper. / – This is so cringing. (Time for Seongjong’s line) Because the weather was nice. Because the weather was nice. – I’m cringing. / – You have to keep going. Seongjong likes to read. He reads it like a book. – Look at that. / – The weather was nice… – “Jong Guardian.” / – “Jong Guardian.” That’s such high quality. (Cringing from the start) What is this? I prepared it for you. (A flower from a guy, sigh) Because the weather was nice. The waves! There are cold waves… – The wind chill outside is -20℃. / – This is funny. – It’ll be the coldest day on record. / – The coldest. Because the weather was nice. Because the weather wasn’t nice. Because the weather was nice enough. I loved every moment of it. Go, go! What was that? Let’s head to a cafe. That’s another embarrassing moment. Hashtag, such bad acting. Hashtag, is this the second lemon candy scene? If you have too much on your mind, eat lemon candy. Go where? This area is not far from the filming site of “Guardian.” This is a cafe in Jumunjin. I heard this street is the original cafe street. Oh, really? After this street got famous, other cafe streets came up. Jumunjin is known for good coffee. We need to heat up our bodies. Let’s have some warm coffee. (They sat next to the window with an ocean view) (How about a sip of coffee while watching the sea?) So Seongjong planned everything? Yes, I did most of the planning. And Woohyun found the restaurants. I’d like to order fresh lemonade… And a cup of hot Americano please. Also… Homemade chocolate coffee bean bread. One bread. One cookie. – This place is nice. / – I know. – People would love to visit a cafe like this. / – It’s nice. It’s a great place to visit with your parents or your lover. It has a great view. It’s great being somewhere warm on a cold day. Exactly. Taking photos outside then coming inside for coffee. Try the coffee. – Is it good? / – I’m melting. That place was so good. Sweet treat after a long walk… – It’s the best. / – The view makes you… Crave for food… With the waves. – The cheesecake is so good. / – Right? You ate a lot. Do you think this is enough? It’s a battle. For a trip in winter… This is really well planned. It’s a cold wave warning. It was so cold that day. Why do they keep showing this? – Look at the vast ocean. / – I know. Just sitting in this cafe comforts me. – Right? This is healing. / – Yes. The sun is going down. – It’s nice. / – The sunset was… – That sunset would be so pretty. / – So pretty. You need to be a little relaxed when you’re on a trip. You shouldn’t be too busy. Does our train depart at 8 p.m.? At 9:30 p.m. – It’s 9:30 p.m. / – Yes. Then how about dinner near Gangneung Station? There’s a really good restaurant near Gangneung Station. – Right, you said that yesterday. / – It’s famous. Most people eat near Anmok Beach. – The cafe street. / – Yes, Anmok. Where we went was… – The original cafe street. / – Jumunjin. Gangneung ongsimi. Here. This is Gangneung ongsimi. Right? It’s Korean food. – I feel like ongsimi. / – Ongsimi. – Potato ongsimi. / – Ongsimi. – Namsimi… / – And Jongsimi’s… Gangneung Tour. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. – Where should we sit? / – Hello. Let’s sit inside. – Let’s sit here. / – Okay. Come in. There’s so much to choose from. You need alcohol. Alcohol. The menu calls for a drink. The potato fritters are normally called “jeon” but they call it “jeok” here. Potato jeok. Let’s order potato jeok and… Wait, they don’t have ongsimi? They don’t? – I can’t read the menu. / – I don’t see ongsimi here. Why don’t they? It’s next door. – You get it from there? / – What? – It’s a collaboration. / – Collaboration. – They’re next to each other. / – That’s good. That’s really good. – We can have it here? / – Amazing. – 2 birds with 1 stone. / – It’s not on the menu… But we can order it. I read on a blog that someone had ongsimi here. The ongsimi restaurant is next door. This is a potato fritter place. – We can order it all here? / – Yes, you can. We’d like to order ongsimi, potato jeok… Potato cake… Thistle rice wine. Thistle rice wine. – It’s a rice wine. / – It’s good. I’ll have to have one bowl of rice wine. Yeah, just one bowl. Because otherwise we’ll drink too much. (Meanwhile potato jeok is being cooked) It looks really delicious. It’s the perfect dish for rice wine. – Looks good. / – It’s the ongsimi. – That’s ongsimi? / – Ongsimi. Wow, that looks good. – Here you are. / – Thank you. It’s so big. – That looks so good. / – Ongsimi and potato fritter. I want to put that on my head. – I want to put that on my head. / – So big. (Made with 100% home grown potatoes) – It’s chewy and delicious. / – And this is ongsimi. – So it’s a hot dish. / – I thought it was ice. – Aren’t they ice cubes? / – No, they’re not. (What does transparent ongsimi and broth taste like?) – You have to shake the bottle. / – Right. – Because the yeast is at the bottom. / – You’re right. Let me pour you one. – Do I just pour like this? / – Okay. Okay, stop. (Seongjong fills up with water instead of alcohol) – Cheers / – Cheers. That day, Woohyun drank a lot because it was good. – It was delicious. / – So nice to drink on TV. – It’s your first time, right? / – Yes. It’s nice. I’ll have a bowl. I apologize. I’ll gulp down some rice wine. This is nice. This is the joy of life. – What’s more to life? / – It’s sweet. Is it? I’m a really picky eater. But that day, I ate a lot. The potato fritter… – I want to try ongsimi. / – I was so curious. I’ve never heard of ongsimi. Right. The youngsters… – Won’t know what ongsimi is. / – They won’t know. It has potato… The broth is made of mussels. – The broth is mussels? / – Yes, normally it’s anchovy. But it’s mussels there. – Yes, it was mussel broth. / – It must be refreshing. It was really refreshing. – Is it good? / – It’s good. It is good. We didn’t go there for a show. – We went on a healing trip. / – By ourselves. This tastes familiar. What is this flavor? – I know. / – What is this taste? (Woohyun carefully tastes it) I remember. I remember. – What is it? / – I remember now. I’ve been thinking it tastes like mussels. – There are mussels in it? / – There are mussels in it. It tastes like seafood knife-cut noodles with ongsimi. I’m so curious to try potato fritter. Dip it in the soy sauce. I love noodles and fritters. I think I should go eat that today after this shoot. Dip it and… How’s it? Does it taste good? (This is it!) You can’t explain? It’s made 100% of potatoes. – It’s delicious. / – I’ll dip it in the sauce. (He eats a piece of radish kimchi) I feel happy now. What’s good about the dishes we had is that anyone would love them. – They’re mild. / – Yes, they are mild. – It’s delicious, isn’t it? / – Yes. It’s very soft and savory. They added some peppers to make it less heavy. – The essential thing is… / – What is it? This kimchi. Kimchi represents the taste of the restaurant. That’s true. Kimchi tastes different everywhere. You have a way around good restaurants. This kimchi is perfectly matured. Kimchi is tasty as well. I’d love to come here again. – It wasn’t easy to find this restaurant. / – I know. (Shaking) It’s good. Thank you. – Potato cakes. / – Potato cakes. Wow, it’s transparent. – Oh, they had that left. / – There was more? – They’re potato cakes. / – They’re very see-through. They’re made using potatoes. That’s why they’re transparent. And they have perilla oil on the outside. So it was really savory. Is it good? How are the potato cakes? The texture is amazing. Is it? Listen to the sound. I know. – You can’t force this sound. / – It sounds very chewy. – It’s very chewy. / – I see. Are those beans inside? They go perfect with each other. – They do? / – Yeah. This is perfect for rice wine. Just drink as much as you want. Since you drove all day. I’ll drive on the way home. Since it wasn’t a long drive back. He pretended to care about me. Since it’s a very short distance. (Order one more bottle of rice wine) – He drinks so well. / – He does. I’ve never seen Woohyun drink rice wine that well. It’s like he’s been waiting to get drunk. It was so good. Seongjong! Seongjong! Where did this grandpa come from? – I’m drunk. / – You’re drunk? (I feel so good today) Woohyun, we ate so well and had a lot of fun today. It was so good to be on this trip. We saw beautiful scenery… I think their trip would be great for couples. It’d be great for couples. It’s breathtaking. We went to the “Guardian” shoot location. We went there… Then we had some coffee there. For dinner, we had rice wine. – And met these ongsimi friends. / – Right. – Right, Jongsim? / – Yes, Namsim. – Right, Jongsim? / – Namsim. – That’s right. / – Okay, right. I wrote down the expenses for the day. We spent $79 in total. What’s going on? We had so much money left. Was our raw fish too expensive? We could’ve had one more member on the trip. Let’s have one last bowl and leave. – Namsimi… Cheers. / – Jongsimi, cheers. Nice. People only think of Jeju-do when it comes to coastal roads. But there’s one in Gangneung as well. It’s called Heonhwa Road. From Geumjin Beach to Jeongdongjin, it’s 8km long. It’s really nice to drive on. So it’d be great to experience that. The prettiest part there is Simgok Harbor in Geumjin. – Simgok Harbor. / – Yes, if you drive there… It’s another 2.3km. – It’s not that long. / – No, it’s not. – That’s a short drive. / – You can walk there too. It’s great for a drive. That’s where we traveled. The Badabuchae-gil was opened in June, 2017 as a coastal defense site. It’s a total hot place. – So it hasn’t been open for long. / – Only a year. You couldn’t drive there before. You’re not allowed to take photos there. – But everywhere else is fine. / – It’s a military base. Just the military areas. So you have to see for yourself. – Yes, go for yourself. / – Since you can’t take photos. One thing I felt was that SEVENTEEN’s trip was… – A very youthful trip. / – So much energy. It was energetic and passionate. But from INFINITE, I could feel a sense of age. – We were relaxed. / – Not age.. Age? You mean they had no energy? No, no. If a trip is really busy and exhausting, you get tired in one day. You need 3 days to take it easy. – And take it slow. / – Right. It definitely was the more relaxed one. Let’s find out the final expenses. – Pyeongchang team. / – Yes. – $96. / – We had $4 left. How much did Gangneung team spend? The amount Namsimi and Jongsimi’s Tour spent for a whole day at Gangneung… The final costs? – Excluding travel expenses. / – Excluding! – It was… / – It was… – It was… / – It was… $79! The great thing was, thanks to the cold wave, we got in for free. – The cold helped. / – It was good that it was cold. You got more out of it. We saved more money. Knife-cut noodles are quite cheap. Yes, they are. We only spent money on food. – Right. / – A final word from you two. Namsimi and Jongsimi went to Gangneung. It was really great. Whether it’s with your lover or parents, friends or family, it’ll be a great trip if you go there. Come to Gangneung! Just vote fairly. If you feel like you want to visit Gangneung just as Namsimi and Jongsimi planned, please vote for them. Are you ready? Please vote. (They designed a winter trip to Gangneung) (What will the judges choose?) Is it BuGyu’s Trip to Pyeongchang? Or Namsimi and Jongsimi’s Tour to Gangneung? – The judges’ decisions are… / – Come on. Anyway… The Olympics will be on soon. – Namsimi and Jongsimi’s Tour? / – BuGyu Trip? – Gangneung. / – Gangneung or Pyeongchang? They’re both in Gangwon-do. – What’s this? / – BuGyu is 8. Namsim! – First digit, 7, 8? / – Namsim! Jongsim! (What will the judges choose?) (Gangneung wins with 72 votes) – It’s okay. / – It’s okay. It was close. Just 4 votes. – They won with 4 votes. / – 4 votes. N, you did a great job today. You should join us next week. I did great as the special host today. You did great. You did. I hope the staff will send me on a trip now. I’ll look forward to it. We can look forward to that. The PyeongChang Olympics will open in 1 week. Athletes of Korea, we cheer you on. Go get it! Soon it’s the biggest holiday. Seollal is coming up. So we’ll be taking a break next week. We’ll be back for a Seollal special. – We’ll come back with a special. / – Another special. Sounds good. The world is your school. Life is a journey. Battle Trip! Thank you! (U.S.A. vs. U.S.A., Heading to California) I think everyone will visit here. This is the best! Everyone dreams of Hollywood. Amazing, amazing. The city that most Americans want to live in. It’s San Francisco. There are no words to express this. It’s so good. We must win this. We’re fools if we lose. (Battle Trip) (“The Boots” by Gugudan)

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