Battle Royale with Game Master Spy Ninjas in Real Life! (Solving Riddles and Clues about Event Date)

– Hey ZamFam, it’s
Rebecca and as you know, the Game Master has us in spy
ninja training to get us ready for the event that’s
happening on February 23rd. For our first part of
training, the Game Master hid giant Hatchimals all throughout our house and we went on a scavenger
hunt to find them. And then we had to take those
giant Hatchimals and drop them from 45 feet because they
had spy ninja gadgets and we could not let the quadrant know we were getting them out of our house. These are all gadgets that
we think we’re going to need. One of the spy gadgets broke and we think it might have been the truth potion. I’m not sure if we’re
gonna need to go back to the laboratory at some point. But, today we received
a message this morning on our Apple watches from the Game Master and it had coordinates along
with a message that said, “Someone will be meeting
you for spy ninja training. Be there at 11:00.” So right now we are driving
up to the mystery location and I guess we’re gonna wait
for someone to be there. – Looks like we’re pulling up right now. – Okay. Wait! I’ve been there before! I filmed a ton of videos
there: Annie Leblanc, Shawn Johnson, the Rybka twins. This is a location I’m very familiar with. Look, there’s Daniel! – I guess we just pull in here. – Alright. Oh, but before we go in, thanks to you guys in
the ZamFam Spy Squad, you guys helped us figure
out a word that we think might unlock one of the
locks on the lock box. – Yes! – We only have two left you guys, and you went and found the
word under the brown box, which is some type of spy gadgets.
We’re not sure yet, but look. The word on the bottom
of the box said, “FLASH.” You guys, smash the thumbs-up
button if you think “FLASH” will be the word that unlocks this lock. – F-L-A-S-H. Flash, oh! Oh! It worked! – It worked! If you were one
of the ones that thought that “FLASH” would work, thumbs-up your comment and let’s go into the gym, alright. ZamFam, I wonder who’s gonna
be meeting us here at the gym. Comment below who you think
is gonna be meeting us. Daniel’s inside, Matt, let’s get in. – Okay, let’s get in. – Alright, so it doesn’t look like anyone here yet is for the training. I’m not really sure, no
one has come up to me. It’s not quite 11:00 yet, so
I’m just gonna get warmed up and maybe do some tricks before
I figure out what exactly my ninja training is supposed to be. – It’s gonna take me a
little longer to warm up. – It’s been a while, actually. You guys comment below all of the videos that I’ve done here that you remember. Matt, what’s your favorite? – Trampoline, easy. – Trampoline? – Ya. – Okay, I like the foam pit. – [Daniel] Ya, foam pit
is my favorite, too. – Ya, wait Daniel, you’ve been here too? – [Daniel] No, just from
watching the videos, ya know. – Oh. Comment below how long you think I’m gonna hold this handstand. You ready? Set? Go! – Eleven, eleven, I got
eleven. Eleven, ten plus one. Expectation versus reality. – This is a boys event,
so I never really did it. – [Daniel] Whoa! – Bec, Bec! – [Daniel] What? – Daniel did you have any idea about this? – [Daniel] No idea who these guys are. – Are you the Game Master? – Who’s the Game Master? – Jack, Z, Andrew, Bailey! – What are you guys doing? – We found these clothes on
our doorstep with a note. – You needed our help? – Oh! You guys this is Game Master paper. – [Daniel] What does the note say? – It says, “I have a really
big event coming up and I need your help with
ninja training. – RZ” – RZ, that’s you. – I didn’t write this note. – You didn’t write that note? – No, but uh… – But they’re here! – You know what, this is perfect! You guys are flippers, you
guys do all the crazy tricks. Can you help me like with ninja training? – Yes, duh, of course. – I need to kind of like
battle off people maybe? – Battle? – High-kick people? High-kick! – It’s a long story but I could really use your guys’ help today. So it’s actually perfect that you’re here. – We got you. – Okay, let’s do it! – Alright, so the first thing
we’re gonna do is you’re gonna roll right here and then
go right into army crawl. Right across the trampoline – Okay, that’s it?
That’s all I have to do? – Ya we’re starting off,
we gotta start off easy. So, roll, army crawl. – Okay, I can do that. – Whoa, wait what happened? – You did good! – Alright do you think I’ll
be ready in like a week? – Uh, couple more, couple more. – Ya, if you keep doing
this. Maybe some other stuff. – Alright, well what
else do I need to learn. – Boom, the rainbow pit. Alright, and for your next
training course, you gotta go from here all the way to that blue mat. – That’s it? Just crawl in the pit? – I mean, you think that’s it,
but there’s gonna be bodies in the air, you gotta dodge them, you can’t get hit by anything. – Okay. – This might, you know, you can train and dodge some spy ninjas maybe. – True, okay. No, no, no, it’s good. – Ya, ya, you’re gonna fight
some ninjas in the air. – In the air? – Yep! Alright, you just
gotta start from here and then get to the blue mat, go! – Okay, okay! Oh my god! – [Daniel] Watch out Rebecca,
watch out, here he comes! – I did it? I did it! I did it! – [Jack] You’re officially
half a ninja now. – You guys, that was crazy. – Alright, Rebecca, the
next thing we’re gonna do is test you with just climbing
to the top of the rope. – So because ninjas need
to be able to climb? – Ya, ninjas need arm strength too, it’s not all legs
climbing through the pit. We gotta get up this. Are you ready? – Daniel, oh my god. – Alright ninjas let’s go! Alright, c’mon. – Okay, so I just go after you guys? – Ya, ya, just after I
go, you can start going. – Okay, okay, oh wow. So I’m
just gonna climb up? Okay. – Wait guys I’m slipping! – Oh my god. – That was just a test. – I was just kidding, I was
just kidding, I was just joking. – What? Oh my gosh you
guys, comment below. – You gotta be ready for everything. – If you were scared comment below. – Alright they’re taking
a break right now. But, I just got a message
from the Game Master, I think. – What, what did it say?
I don’t have my watch on, I had to take it off
since we’re doing stuff. – Oh, oh! The Quadrant’s on
it’s way to your location. – To, to this location? – Does that make sense? – I don’t know, but there’s four of them. But, Jack, they’re just our
friends, there’s no way. – [Daniel] Do you think
that’s why this was set up? Like, this training? Maybe… – Do you think this was a trap? – Let’s get back in and
train a little bit more. Don’t tell them, just keep it
a secret but keep an eye out. – Okay, you guys, ZamFam comment below if you think they’re part of the Quadrant or do you think the
Quadrant’s coming here? What if we have to use our training today? ZamFam, so I want to um first
thank my friends for coming and helping with ninja training. And, you guys, I don’t
think I introduced you properly to them but we
have Jack, we have Andrew, we have Bailey, and we have Z. So, make sure to follow them on Insta, I’m gonna link their info in
the description below you guys. And we’re doing a lot more videos for Instagram, hopefully soon! – Yes! – Okay. Alright, back to training. – Okay, so one of the most
important steps of being a ninja is balance, so like now
we’re on this beam right now. – Ya, Ya! I failed! – Ya, you gotta maintain
your balance. It’s key. – Okay, I wasn’t ready. – So right now, uh ya so you
gotta maintain your balance And now watch out for the ninjas okay? – They do all the work, I’m
just glad I didn’t fall. I might need to defend myself in a battle royale in real life. I know that sounds crazy, but is there like one move that would help me? – Yes, it’s called a tornado
kick. Let me show you. – A tornado kick, okay. – You’re gonna start in your
stance like this so you’re always watching your target.
You wanna step over one time but make sure you’re still
watching that target. – Okay, gotcha. – And then you jump, kick your leg. Ya, there you go! But pull
that first knee up so it’s… Up, kick. Up, kick. Ya! – So wait, so you go here. – Ya, there you go! Just gotta kick that! – We need one more thing before you guys take off and head out Thank you guys so much.
Let’s, what should we do? – Do the wall, obviously! Ya! – Ninjas always like do flips on walls. – Crawl up the wall, flip off the wall. Here, how about you start right there where the red panel is. – You gotta watch it to do it. – And then you gotta have stealth mode. – Oh, stealth mode like a ninja. – So like, you gotta walk
fast and go all the way down. Ya, you gotta act stealthy, you
gotta get your stealth walk. – Okay, cool, okay. Oh my gosh okay. – [Jack] You made it!
That was so stealthy. – Made it! I wasn’t scared
at all! I wasn’t scared! I was totally fine, thanks guys! – We actually gotta get going, can we go out this door right here? – Ya, you guys thank you,
here I’ll walk you out. – [Jack] Need a little
help? Oh, ninja training! – [Rebecca] Where’s your car? – [Ninja Trainers] Right over there. – [Rebecca] Oh, perfect! Alright ZamFam, so I think we completed our ninja training successfully today. – Whoa, whoa, whoa. – I don’t think they’re here. – Maybe we should just get to
our car you guys just in case. – [Matt] C’mon! – [Rebecca] Go! Guys… – Okay, I think this is
the Quadrant you guys. – Let’s use our spy ninja training. – We’re not ready! – I didn’t really train, but
I think we need to do it. Ready? Here we go. – [Daniel] I didn’t train
either. I’m ready, let’s do it. – Alright, okay, here we go! – [Rebecca] Be careful, Matt! – Rebecca, you have to
use the tornado kick. – Okay, alright! – You got it! – [Daniel] His mask! – [Daniel] They took off, they took off. – We have the mask! – Ya we gotta get in the car. – [Daniel] Let’s go, let’s go, c’mon! – Oh wait, our bags, we
have to get our bags! – [Daniel] Oh bags, bags, you’re right. – Okay, oh my gosh, do you
think that was the Quadrant? – [Daniel] I don’t know,
wait, wait, who’s this? – Hey Rebecca, I left
my phone in your bag. – Phone? – It’s in there, there it is. – Oh, I didn’t, wait
were you guys just here? – We were in the alley and then we left. – Oh like, like you
were here in the alley? – No, no, we left earlier, remember? – Ya, no, oh, okay. – We’ll catch up with
you guys later, okay? – Alright, you guys good? – Ya, ya, ya, no problem! – Aright, see y’all. – Bye… wait that wasn’t them. – [Daniel] Who did you
guys just battle then? – There’s writing right here on the mask. Okay, okay something’s happening today. – Today? We need to go? – Ya, ya, let’s go,
let’s go, c’mon, c’mon.

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