Baseball Is Losing Popularity and Ratings – Phone Call With Sports Illustrated

Baseball Is Losing Popularity and Ratings – Phone Call With Sports Illustrated

– And I will be historically correct. I cannot wait to read your article in 37 years and say see
this is what I said. (shouting) – [Gary] You got your perspective. (techno music) I just wanna be happy,
don’t you wanna be happy? (phone ringing) – [Jack] This is Jack. – [Gary] Hey it’s Gary
Vaynerchuk, how are you? – [Jack] I’m good Gary, how are you? – Very good. – [Jack] Thank you for calling me. – Thanks for the interest. – [Jack] So I don’t
know how much you’ve uh you’ve been apprised of
the story I’m working on. – I have a good sense.
– [Jack] So basically I also weirdly without
knowing of the timing where we got together got into a little bit of
twitter conversation last night so I’m very I’m aware of what talking about and I’m a I’ve been paying attention very closely for a very long time. – [Jack] Oh great! So yeah that was kind of a
funny timing with that too. You know if you were given if Mike Trout came into your
office and said you know, “I want you to make me a household name. I want you to make me Twitter famous.” What would you tell him? – I would start with a series of questions for about 15 to 20 minutes because you have to
reverse engineer someone who’s actually busy and famous. You have to reverse engineer their DNA. So for example, Mike
could have those ambitions yet may feel uncomfortable
in being out there because he may think it’s bragging ’cause that’s just his DNA. And I would explain fine maybe the format that we need
to put you in is a podcast where you feel more comfortable ’cause your shooting the shit with friends and that’s how were going to
be able to create content. Some people are super
comfortable running around Earth taking selfies and that’s where they create content. Other people, look- look
at myself, I’m busy. I’m running an actual company that’s big. I don’t Even though I have a huge audience and have made myself “big” by having somebody film me at all times to create content to be distributed so the first thing that has to happen is there’s a very big DNA trait difference in all these people. I would try to figure
out how to create content in a world where he was
comfortable in doing that because most people feel
like they don’t have the time or ironically even though
there in the public eye don’t like it for many different reasons: skeletons in the closet,
not their DNA trait, they were taught to be
humble by their grandpa like there’s a million reasons why. But I would ask him a series of questions that put me in a situation that allowed me to create content out of and preferably in video form which would then feed
written and audio form in the way that I think about it. – [Jack] If you could, you
know, sort of walk me through what personality traits
align with what format. – I think the more extroverted you are the more video, vlogging, or having actually somebody
follow you around with a camera which takes a lot of a lot of internal understanding
to be okay with that because it could come across
you know like being a charlatan or you know its a real personality trait which I have a lot of empathy. You know when I started
doing that three years ago I knew that it was gonna
be like frowned upon but now it’s happening
at scale on YouTube. In it’s most basic form,
extrovert: video and picture introvert: it’s being
recorded behind the scenes manifesting as audio and written. – [Jack] How much do you work
with particular individuals and how much do you work with brand? – So we work more with brands
at Vayner Media and I do but with individuals we have a
division called Vayner Talent where we have 12, 13 clients
that we do this with. And then as a human being, I’m
spending quite a bit of time with awfully famous
individuals off the record in giving them my points of view on how they could do better
on socials and how they say it but its far more holistic than that. It’s being a media entity. – [Jack] When you’re working with brands is there a type of brand that you see perhaps
aligning with Mike Trout, you know and his characteristics
as an athlete and a person? – You know whether it’s performance based ’cause he’s a super athlete or back to the point of it he’s so not out there or super extroverted I’m sure law firms and banks
and insurance companies and you know professional service companies would love to have a clean-faced, clean
record, super athlete, you know nice boy be the face of their brand. – [Jack] Especially
the sport like baseball where you know there’s not as
much focus on the individual as there is in the NBA
where you have someone whose personality is not obviously outside it’s a heavier lift. Has that been true in your experience? – I think that is way I think you just walked into the much, much, much bigger problem at hand for baseball. – [Jack] Uh huh. – I don’t believe that that
is a product of anything other than the way Major League Baseball has handled themselves versus the NBA. I mean Reggie Jackson
had a candy bar in 1977. Let’s not get confused
what’s happening here. What’s happening here is
that Major League Baseball a decade ago decided to
make short-term economics by creating BAM, their media group, so that they can control
all the short-term dollars at the detriment of being
everywhere where people are and building up their individuals. They’ve suffocated the creativity
in a digital environment over the last decade. There’s plenty of
personalities in baseball. The way that the team’s
have to do their creative in social media and the way that you can’t
find any baseball content on the internet unless
Major League Baseball is making a piece of that
action through their accounts has created a culture of suppression of personal brands. I mean literally to the point of a fan of Kolten Wong creating content on Instagram potentially is gonna be taken
down by Major League Baseball. Steph Curry was built not only
by Steph Curry and by the NBA Steph Curry was built by
the fans creating content of Steph Curry in the trenches
where attention actually is. There was plenty of interest
in Derek Jeter and A-Rod in real life. Bryce Harper is loaded with everything that you’d be interested in. It’s suppressed out of him systematically. – [Jack] So if you were
commissioner for day, what would you change
about the League’s approach to digital? – I would open up the communistic
point of view dramatically and have far more partnerships and leeway with the actual audience and I would disproportionately
be petrified that six to 13 year olds in America consider Messi, Ronaldo, LeBron, Curry, and Ninja the Fortnite
player way more famous than any single baseball player on Earth. That is going to play itself out in an extremely negative
way in a 40 year window and like every other business on Earth baseball decided to treat
digital for short-term money instead long-term IP
and success and brand. – [Jack] I mean the thing this like I think about baseball fandom
as oh it gets passed down you know from father to son and you root for you
know a particular team and if that skipped a generation or if that is skipping a generation you know is that salvageable? – It’s not. There gonna take the short-term There gonna take the short It’s funny how I think about short-term. I was literally about to say
they take the short-term loss which is actually a 30 year window. It’s salvageable if they
start now with you know with fathers and sons, mothers and daughters
interested in baseball having the ability to pass it on in a YouTube, Snapchat, app you know how they Baseball said “You’re
gonna consume us the way we baseball want, not the way you want.” And the problem for them is it was great for the short-term, you know, and it looked great like
they’re making all this money but what they did was
fundamentally destroyed the 50 year window of
their sport in a real way. People are unbelievably naive
how this is gonna play out. It’s an incredible sport to
take the family out for the day. That’s nice. So is soccer during the same time of year. Like this is not going to work out for baseball in a 50 year window and it starts with do you care. And I think that the answer
is no I do not believe so. I couldn’t be more down on
baseball 35 years from now based on what they’re doing now. Kids are not growing up with
baseball cards like they did. Their attention’s in different places. There’s new alternatives
like everyone’s like well it’s a great summer
night, well guess what do you know what every eight
to 13 year old in America is doing on summer nights right now they’re staying inside
and playing Fortnite. – [Jack] Yeah. – So I don’t care if you’re
good for the outside. If nobody’s going outside you’re finished. And guess what I think
people need a history lesson. Boxing and horse racing
were the most popular sports along with baseball in this
country in 1920, 30, and 40 and they were radio sports, that’s why. And then television came along and football and basketball
were television sports. And guess what they’ve benefited. And guess what, now
we’re in a digital world and that’s who’s going
to benefit a.k.a E-sports a.k.a. things like the NBA that understand how to manipulate it. And who’s going to lose? Baseball. You know why, ’cause they make an extra
hundred million dollars in little pennies and nickels
in ads on their channels that they rev share with
YouTube or Facebook. Yet nobodies going there
and it’s not cultural and nobody gives a crap. And then classic NHL
that’s always been bad decides to sign up with BAM. I mean talk about a sport that barely holding on to relevance. And so what they did– What they did was literally
go into the same drug and sign up with BAM media which is devastating to
me because I adore hockey. Super hard to get excited about something if you can’t see it. And I don’t wanna hear like well players have accounts on social. They sure do, but when the
team’s content is sucked into being controlled by the organization like it doesn’t fester a culture. The Padres don’t have a
culture of creating content that’s really progressive because it’s part of the BAM machine so they’re sucking off the
teat of BAM and there’s and so then all of a sudden if there’s not a culture
inside the organization well the players don’t feel a
natural kinship towards that. And it’s crazy because
baseball is super cultural. Matt Kemp dated Rihanna. Like they have nothing
but ammo culturally. You know what I mean. – [Jack] No, and I think
they’ve certainly succeeded in I mean maybe there’s some pushback but I do think baseball has succeeded in making it seem like
the player’s problem as opposed to the league’s problem. – So to me that’s a really great, great conversation because anytime a leader says their employees are at fault there in the beginning of
the process of the end. – [Jack] Yeah. – The utter lack of
accountability is laughable. Baseball took the money in
the short-term in digital and they destroyed the long-term
value of the entire thing because of it. The end. And I will be historically correct. And I can not wait to read
your article in 37 years and say, “See, this is what I said.” – [Jack] Do you think
though even in that climate there’s a way for players to break through
– Yes – [Jack] Their personalities.
– Yes, I do. Yes of course I do. But it is so much more
in the vested interest of the team’s than it is for the players. The players are there
for three to 12 years. The teams are trying
to do it in perpetuity. But what you had was a bunch
of old owners take the cash. Because when you’re owned by 32 people that are of the ages of 59,
as the youngster, to 92, you take the short-term economics. Please understand my energy,
I’m angry at the owners for not holding up the
sanction of baseball for the long-term for their selfish
short-term financial wants. So yes do I think Aaron
Judge could do anything and everything? Of course I do. But I do think maybe ’cause I am a CEO and like being a leader that you need to create the environment for people to flourish. And I do not believe baseball
has done that digitally, contemporarily, or you know the end. What’s, what’s baseball doing about it? What are they doing with all the where is all that money going? Aaron Judge makes a lot
of money, a lot, a lot. And he can hire a social
media person, cool! The Dodger’s make a lot of money. Where’s it going?
– [Jack] Yeah. Like where is it going? And so the utter lack of
investment in the long-term IP of the asset you own only
speaks to my confidence and my bravado on this subject matter. And by the way, here’s the point of this. There will be plenty
people that will read this or watch this that are
going to disagree with me because you don’t see it
happening until it’s too late. – [Jack] Right. – People are going to
tweet at me and be like, “Gary, you’re an idiot, attendance is up.” Okay (Jack laughs). Guess what? Most companies that go out of business have their best year before
the beginning of the end. Toys R Us, when I was saying
Toys R Us was out of business, people shit on me left and right ’cause they pointed to
the numbers of the sales. I was like that’s cute
but you don’t understand that they’re not
positioned for the future. Let’s talk real life. If you’re an 86 year old owner and you and if you’re even smart enough
to realize what’s happening and you’re saying “but yeah but I making so much more
economics on the digital rights and my kids aren’t going
to be left with this anyway because of the way taxes
work and inheritance tax and so I’m gonna leave this
bag on the next dumb dope.” That’s really what’s happening. The 88 year old owner is saying, “I don’t give a fuck about the Angels. I care about me and I care about my kids but I’m not going to
leave it to them anyway.” Because they can’t pay the inheritance tax so they’re gonna sell it, right? – [Jack] Yeah. – And I just don’t care
about baseball in 2063. I genuinely believe
that’s what’s happening with the, and listen carefully, with the most intelligent of owners. The dopey owners don’t even
realize it’s happening. Because they so disrespect where the attention of
the consumer actually is. Why did wrestling get big in the ’80s? Because Vince McMahon knew
where the kid’s attention was and if you put wrestling
on Saturday morning and if you put wrestling
on MTV then people care. All that the internet is now:
Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat YouTube, podcasts that is MTV. – [Jack] I think there are
a lot of baseball writers whose retort is sort of along the lines of well if you, if you can’t appreciate what’s so great about Mike
Trout then hell with you anyway. – That’s great, that’s what everybody says before they go out of business. (Jack laughing) Right, if you don’t love my product well then you’re an idiot. Cool, the market is always right. I massively appreciate, I’m a, do you know how big of a boxing fan I am? Like it’s called the sweet science. It is one of the most fascinating things for me to watch, right? Here’s the problem. When it all went pay per view and nobody could see it on free TV everybody lost the appreciation
because they didn’t see it. There’s a very specific reason
soccer’s happened in America more than it’s ever had before. It’s called FIFA the
video game and it’s called English Premier League game’s
are actually on television in the morning on Saturday. – [Jack] Yeah. – This is not complicated. This is what I do for a living. It’s called attention. And Major League Baseball has
absolutely dropped the ball over the last decade on attention and they will feel the ramifications over the next half century. (Jack laughing) – [Jack] We’ve gotten a little
bit away from Mike Trout. Don’t you agree?
– But, I think But, I think to your point
I think you can sense it. It’s super important because
it’s not about Mike Trout because then you can absolutely make this a very narrow argument
about one man’s personality. This is epidemic. This is how did we get to this moment. Because I’m sure you agree with me that you know there are
tons of guys in the league that have nothing I mean do you know how much
money I could make Aaron Judge just on the gap in between
his two front teeth from a business standpoint? I just need, but you need
to make that you know you need to make that culture. José Altuve is five foot five. Like everything that
everybody says to why you know why Steph Curry is so culturally amazing ’cause everybody feels
that they can be him. José Altuve is a Latino who’s five foot five. That is unbelievably at
scale in America, right? – [Jack] Yeah. – I mean these are ridiculous
conversations, you know, mechanics, models, like there’s
plenty of things to be done. Javier Báez has more
personality in his left pinky than most athletes in America. – [Jack] (laughs) Right. – Right? I mean that hasn’t even
gotten into the fact that 38% of these dudes
are strikingly handsome and if you just take their shirt off and put it on Instagram lots
of good shit will happen. (Jack laughing) – [Jack] The thing is like and it did cross my mind when I was when I was conceiving of this story because I said well okay
so Trout’s not famous but then really like you look
around a game maybe Harper and Justin Verlander
’cause he dates Kate Upton – Married.
– [Jack] married Upton, are famous but I don’t really know you know David Ortiz was famous. He’s retired. – Yeah.
– [Jack] It’s hard to see– – Yeah and meanwhile
you’ve got so much, look when we’re having a marketing discussion not an on the field discussion, right? One of the best baseball
players in the world plays in Boston and his name is Mookie. – [Jack] Yeah. – Like you know like there’s so much, Scooter Gennett is Scooter! Nice guy in a nice market. There’s so much to do with him. I mean look, I really know
baseball, like this is not, I’m not pontificating from– – [Jack] No, I know. If you know Scooter
Gennett, you know baseball. – I drafted Scooter Gennett two years ago when he got cut by Brewers because I knew how good
of a prospect he was. Like I really know baseball. Like I really know baseball. I’m not even talking about culturally but like you give me Manny Machado forget about getting traded to the Dodgers and now he’s in L.A. you give him to me in Baltimore I’ll make him a real celebrity. I’ve made myself a bigger
celebrity than these guys. I’m a 42 year old business man. Let’s talk about another thing back to you know whether it’s Segura or
whether it’s you know Baez or Altuve or Eddie Rosario who’s exploding another guy I drafted
three years ago by the way for a dollar in my fantasy league. I mean America has never been more Latin has never been more Latino, Hispanic, has never been more specially at the youth and baseball is the most
Hispanic, Latino in our country. This is, they’re not putting out content where people actually live and that’s it. It’s as simple as that. They don’t have a culture of it. They took the short game
and they will pay the price. Can I throw another thing
at because I think it adds to the Mike Trout conversation? – [Jack] Absolutely.
– ‘Cause it ‘Cause it uses Bryce Harper who I think is always
the fun kind of, right that’s the fun conversation
with those two. – [Jack] Right. – I mean would you not agree with this. I believe baseball as platform
has sucked the star power and charisma out of Bryce Harper that he naturally came in with. – [Jack] I, uh, explain, explain more. – Sure, let’s think about
Bryce Harper’s personality six or seven years ago. I think people are going to
talk about well he “grew up” and that’s why he’s not
acting as a you know– – [Jack] Yeah, yeah. – Right, I say not true. I say he’s been suppressed
by the culture of. – [Jack] I think, I think
that’s possible although again that’s something where you don’t know whether that’s coming from the league or from the clubhouses. – I couldn’t agree more. You could have a 41 year old catcher that puts a hand on a kid and says, “Yo kid, shut the fuck up.” Right? – [Jack] Right, you don’t act that way. – I have a funny feeling if Major League Baseball had a culture where a 41 year old
catcher could make $300,000 off the field ’cause he’s a personality that you would see things
change systematically. – [Jack] Yeah. – And so I’m with you. I think I, as you can tell
I’m not naive to this. This is something I’m
very passionate about and know a lot of the nuances. I’m speaking to, its Major League Baseball as the organizations requirement
to create a culture of fame and fun and contemporary executions that would then overtime trickle down to. – [Jack] Mm hmm. It’s so funny because I
was at the game yesterday in an elevator with Rob Manfred I wish I had just I wish I had talked to you before– (Gary laughing) – You would have–
– [Jack] Yelled at him. – I mean look, listen I have
unbelievable amounts of respect for the point of view. I just unbelievably disagree. And
– [Jack] Right. – And he is the employee of owners so he runs the company line. But it is very clear that
they took the short money and ran with it and they will be the generation that made baseball culturally irrelevant. – [Jack] Well and this is a little bit off but perhaps relevant, you know, I remember an old boss of mine used to kind of make the argument that the whole steroid
saga was such a mistake because it resulted in the commissioner and ownership demonizing the
biggest stars of the game. And making them into pariahs and consequently making the you know– – Baseball in the two
examples that you just said and it’s an interesting thought and I haven’t spent a lot
of time thinking about it so as you can see I’m passionate
when I’ve thought a lot and I get a little more quite but if, let’s say we
agree and I’m gonna let that marinate for a month and I’ll text you be like you were right. Let’s say we agree, you
know what that speaks to? Another example when baseball’s not taking on it’s responsibility and
throwing it on the player. Yesterday, it’s player’s fault
that he’s not more famous I need him to tango with me. Are you kidding me with the steroid era? You’re absolutely right actually. It didn’t take me very long to marinate. They through their players under the bus. I want one common sense
individual to sit down with me and tell me they didn’t
know what was going on. – [Jack] Right. – Here’s my–
– [Jack] Of course they knew. – Here’s my problem. Parents love to shit on
millennials without recognizing they’re the ones who created them. – [Jack] Yeah. – The utter lack of accountability
against their own stars is devastating to me. Baseball’s very good at not
taking on accountability. It’s time it does and
they better move quickly because very quickly people are going to be watching video game players
throw swords at each other instead of baseballs
and hitting with bats. Very quickly. – [Jack] Yeah. – As a matter of fact
it’s already happened. Now it’s can they start to
process of unwinding it. Because the days of baseball cards in you bike spokes are over. – [Jack] Yeah. No, I mean it’s absolutely true. And it’s just like if they
can’t make a generation of young players
– It’s over. – [Jack] this talented
and this distinctive – It’s over. – [Jack] Yeah. – It’s over and you know what for them you know the audacity to
make Mike Trout a part of the conversation when he’s
everything you’d ever want. Right?
– [Jack] Right. – Like my great goal in life is Mike Trout is the kind of guy my daughter marries. So the fact that they’re willing to go Like have we gotten to
that place where now that’s who they’re willing to
subtly through under the bus? Because don’t get it twisted that’s exactly what he did yesterday. – [Jack] Yeah. No and like I mean I’m just thinking now, you know if you’ve ever
spent any time around like Francisco Lindor or something and you know I’d probably talk to the guy 15 minutes total in my life. But how is that guy not, you know, among the
– You’re preaching. You’re preaching and guess
what it’s baseball’s job when fucking LeBron’s there
during their World Series run to get LeBron with Lindor in a picture and all over social media. I mean JuJu Smith-Schuster
is doing a better job hacking culture than the entire Major
League Baseball machine. – [Jack] Yeah.
– Where’s the money going? They’re not reinvesting in their business. They’re sucking it dry and
they will pay the price. – [Jack] Yup. – Period end of story,
period end of story. Every other conversation is the micro and is fundamentally
irrelevant to the actual thing that’s happening. – [Jack] Yeah. – Cool, I got to go. – [Jack] Yeah, this was awesome, man. Thanks so much.
– Thank you, man, take care. – [Jack] Alright, bye. – That’s a lesson for everybody
in everything in life.

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  26. Gary thinks on a level most of us just dream of, I’m not a baseball fan but it’s really interesting to see why the owners would use the model they have and why it’s wrong for the sport

  27. Gary thinks on a level most of us just dream of, I’m not a baseball fan but it’s really interesting to see why the owners would use the model they have and why it’s wrong for the sport

  28. In 1983, I figured out how to attend 20 Orioles' games (including one playoff game and one World Series game.) I was 14 (no driver's license) and lived in the DC area (typically 90 minutes to Memorial Stadium.) To this day, I could probably name every player on that roster. I knew maybe two of the current players Gary mentioned in this interview.

  29. So true, the NFL adapted to having its content more easily available I mean hell you can watch a Thursday night game on Twitch for Christ sakes. Thats smart

  30. Gary I noticed that you are on Weibo and WeChat. That’s not enough, you need to get on Bilibili ( think the YouTube of China), a company that announced its IPO on Nasdaq just March of this year. It has the top 17 traffic in China and some 50m users.You can’t ignore it! It’s better than Youku or iQiyi. Nobody posts anything original on those two platforms, all our content creators and vloggers are on Bilibili! Just have someone who speaks Chinese check out their website. It’s got streaming, games, and so much more that you can’t miss out on.

  31. I wouldn't say baseball is dying. I just looked at attendance and it peaked in 2012 and has decrease by about 2% in the past 4 years but it is far from dead.

  32. Rob Manfred just came out acting dumbfounded why the ratings were so low for a high profile World Series like BOS vs LA. Everybody's attention is on the NFL and NBA!

  33. It's simple. NFL and NBA is just more exciting to watch. Constant plays, little downtime, one player can control the entire game. Ex, curry, LeBron, Brady. Whereas baseball there is a lot of downtime and the only activity is pitcher, batter,. It's not stimulating enough for the average viewer.

  34. Baseball is a game of statistics and tradition…..beyond that, its a slow mediocre game that doesn't translate well in modern society

  35. Ironic how popular baseball has gotten in East Asia, while the Ameri-mutts and their constantly falling IQ average think its boring. Enjoy your shitty CTE concussion American "Foot"ball then

  36. Problem is these guys are extremely private personalities. The guys who put themselves out there have and continue to do so. The baseball player and the basketball player personality are extremely different in nature. Ballplayers aren't mic'd up nowadays because they all talk like men. Which is to say the cursing on TV is supposedly not good for kids to hear. MLB may have dug their own grave but they are also falling into the pit of the PC culture. Just like wrestling. The attitude era fans will never love the new product where they freeze frame chair shots and aren't allowed to bleed.

  37. I hate to say it but this is something nobody wants to mention. I believe that the high rate of Hispanic players, whose names are hard to spell and remember, are a part of the reason the MLB is losing interest among American fans. Names such as Gleyber Torres, Giancarlo Stanton, Yonder Alonso, Yolmer Sanchez, Yuli Gurriel, Asdrubal Guerrero, etc, don't exactly roll off the tongue. There have been great Hispanic players for many years, but many had names that people could pronounce without the help of a name card. Nobody else is saying it, so I will.

  38. I'm English and I got into baseball recently thanks to its YouTube presence (which barely gets any views). But I also love cricket. And I love football (the soccer-kind) and like the NFL. Sports is not an either/or situation. You can like every single one of them.

  39. Only if the “good old boys” club would listen. Gary V for commissioner! How about a legitimate World Series played between the champions around the globe akin to the Champions League in fútbol. WBC opened the Americans eyes to how good the rest of the world actually is.

  40. You can't do anything with baseball being boring it's the game a few people will find it entertaining. In my eyes is like watching some group on the park playing their game with a board as the protagonist no pace just killing time

  41. Baseball is dying because it's boring as fuck and always has been. 97degrees,
    100% humidity sitting in the sweltering sun to watch some idiot walk up
    to a plate, knock dirt off their shoes 100 times, take a thousand
    practice swings, knock some more dirt off their shoes, more practice
    swings, the pitch, strike one then the whole process starts over again.
    And no one can hand me that line of shit about psyching each other out
    either. If you are that good to play at that level, you should be
    beyond being "psyched out" due to training and experience not to mention
    the enormous cash you are paid. I have spoken to millennials and they
    all say that when they are "forced" to go to a game for one reason or
    another, they all surf the internet, text, etc on ipads or iphones
    because they are bored out of their minds and are gone by the 3rd
    inning. I'm 56 years old and I have felt the same way since I went to
    my first game. Now, here in Cincinnati, the reds "need" a new fucking
    score board to the tune of 4 million dollars. For what? to show an
    empty house? Bye Bye baseball!

  42. The game is slow and not really associated with culture at large. It doesnt relate to millenials because of that. NFL has sort of the same problem except for the mega stars like odell beckham.

  43. MLB attendance 2018 – 70 million, NHL attendance 2018 – 23 million, NBA attendance 2018 – 22 million, NFL attendance 2018 – 17 million

  44. I wanna say something. Gary, I don't believe baseball is a dying sport. The money they're making is insane. But the reason why there were so many baseball stars in the 80s and 90s is because of how they marketed themselves. I'm only 18. I want a Rickey Henderson, a Barry Bonds, an A-Rod, a Ken Griffey Jr., a Manny Ramirez. We got those guys when it comes to talent, not personality. We need a Rickey Henderson, Ken Griffey type personality back into America's pastime.

  45. i like this guy…he has a point, no bullshiet talking around, facts
    u know what u.s. sports are missing also? a ultra fansector with bengals, flags and chants
    thats what brings goosebumps athomsphere and why people want to be there live in a stadium, otherwise i could watch from home

  46. Baseball is not a dying sport. It is the second grossing sport in the entire world. NFL – 11 billion, MLB – 9 billion, NBA – 6 billion, Premier League – 5 billion, NHL 4 billion. Baseball still completely dominates NASCAR and XGames and other 'cooler' sports.

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