100 Replies to “Barstool Sports founder: LeBron James is a hypocrite”

  1. Bottom line is that there's a $$$billion dollar market waiting to be quietly tap in China by LeBron, Nike & the NBA. It doesn't matter what people say except support the L.A. Clippers..

  2. Sportsmen are like children, no sorry sportsmen are children, like actors, they think I'm good at one thing so I must be great at everything. And like a spoilt child they think we love them because they are great people, we love them because they happen to play pretty good for our team. The rest of their personality is as interesting as the conversation of a 2 year old, to everyone other than their parents.

  3. If you support Hong Kong democracy, boycott the NBA. Refuse your subscriptions and tickets. Let the NBA sink into bankruptcy.

  4. Gutless bumstead bonespurs is once again showed up by another little dictator. First it was little rocket man and then puppet master putin then the saudi prince and now erdogan. Absolutely no back bone unless it's being predetory towards women or cheating with porn stars.

  5. Gutless bumstead bonespurs is once again showed up by another little dictator. First it was little rocket man and then puppet master putin then the saudi prince and now erdogan. Absolutely no back bone unless it's being predetory towards women or cheating with porn stars.

  6. lol his point is, by speaking on something that won’t change anyways, will cost thousands of jobs, affect millions of fans, and cost billions. He’s not going to open his mouth and affect millions of others, he’s thinking outward, rather than inward. 500m viewers in China during the finals alone, if Lebron speaks, say goodbye to being able to watch NBA games in China, and for what? Lebron would literally affect millions by criticizing China… maybe he doesn’t feel inclined to speak for millions of others(those that are impacted)

    Now you want him to play politics ?

    These are the same rioters who are killing police, burning down buildings, and murdering innocent civilians.

  7. Fox: Lebron needs to shut up and dribble

    Fox: has a man who’s become famous doing pizza reviews to talk politics

  8. He gets paid a lot for being fake. That's weird.
    Never been told no? He's a black man, in America.
    You were doing fine then you lost it went too far with it. Try not to cry Everytime you think about labron ok.

  9. Freedom of speech from real hypocrites:

    Side with violence covered by “liberty”:

    Side with facts:
    Shut up!

  10. This is why most Americans are tired of the selective outrage and bashing. When real issues come up, the loud hypocrites get super quiet.

  11. GZR RZG
    Lebron is uneducated and hypocrite with regards to political and human rights issues! He has double standards! He knows if he speaks against China will affect his bottom line! – MONEY!

  12. We all Need to take everything lebron james says VERY seriously because he knows how to bounce a rubber ball and put it through a round piece of metal…

  13. This dude really wasted 4mins talking about how lebron is this and lebron is that but the truth is hes just tryna expose James bcoz he makes more money per game than his yearly salary ?

  14. Here is what most people miss. The surprise is not that LeBron made the statement he did. The surprise is that he was ever asked at all. Why is it that because an individual is a remarkable basketball player we believe his opinion on world issues is important? LeBron has a high school education. It may or may not be a good one. He has never shown himself to be well read. There are thousands of intelligent men and women leaving a factory tonight with a high school education. The are knowledgeable in areas I know nothing about. Some are brilliant when it comes to their jobs. Why is someone not in that parking lot asking them about the things going on in the world? Many don’t know and many more don’t care to know. Ask them about the goings on of their job and they will educate us all. LeBron is a man with a high school diploma that knows a lot about basketball. He is not a sell out. He is not a hypocrite. He simply does not know and for people to gather around him with microphones to hear his wisdom on other matters is absurd. His opinion on politics, the economy, human rights is always going to be lacking.

  15. No mention here of The National dept increasing by over $2trillion under Trump who inherited a strong economy and eight years of falling unemployment rather than the recession, growing unemployment and financial crisis inherited by the last Democrat administration. National dept at a record over $22 trillion, annual budget deficit to soon increase past one trillion and trade deficit increased by $84 billion in 2018 alone.

  16. You are absolutely spot on with this Dave. LeBron comes off as a complete tone deaf hypocrite. Him coming at Trump could have had negative ramifications as well…but when LeBron does it, we're just supposed to accept it cuz of who he is?

    He basically sounded like Trump trying to come at Morey. And here's the thing…coming at Morey was the cowards way out. Its like picking on the one socially awkward kid in class & fighting him instead of the bully. Thats what LeBron did here.

    But why is it okay for LeBron to culturally appropriate the Mexican people with Taco Tuesday but it isnt okay for Morey to want Freedom for the people of China?

    How can you claim to be the voice of the people while disrespecting Mexicans with no remorse? By attempting to trademark Taco Tuesday, he proved he's more about the money than caring about the people!

    This segways perfectly into my problem with LeBron in this China situation. He's a complete hypocrite. Nike's Daddy is China & Nike are LeBron's Daddy. He cared more about Space Jam 2 being aired in China than he cared about the PEOPLE who make his shoes in sweatshops & buy his merch.

    He has completely lost the plot. And proved to the world he's a fraud whose just corporate shill pawn for Nike. Anyone defending LeBron after what he just said is more than a Bronsexual…they are Bronunists.

  17. Forrest Gump of the,All American Ping Pong Team.Defeated the communist with just a paddle. First American to set foot in China in like a million years…a real American hero ??

  18. LeBron is black and he hates white people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  there I said it!!!! so sick of black people.. please go back to wherever you think you came from! all they do is cause trouble and cause problems…

  19. Why doesn't Lebron just shut up? Because Chairman Xi is paying Lebron to spread anti-American Chinese propaganda. If Lebron was just a hypocrite, he would just shut up about politics. But Chairman Xi has commanded Lebron to bash America.

  20. If Lebron was alive during slavery he'd take the side of slaveholders as long as they bought sneakers. The whole point of BLM is to raise awareness of issues affecting black lives outside their own communities and for those outside to not only be aware but care.

    So how do you remain silent on HK? Silent on the human right abuses of China? Or even worse take their money? Then still have the temerity to demand people pay attention to BLM? The answer is you don't. Lebron has been exposed as a fraud

  21. Trump say China our friend…..Trump supporters say China our friend, Trump say China our enemy….Trump supporters say China our enemy

  22. He barely graduated from some hole in the wall city high school. And with that being said, he knows nothing about sentence structure, verbs, adjectives, nouns, periods, commas, semi colons, or paragraphs. You can also add the thesis statement as well as topic sentences.
    Furthermore, his vocabulary is extremely limited to most likely a 8th grade education.

    I’d love to see him pass a college level English comp 1 class never mind the college level comp 2 class where you need to analyze poetry.

    This is why NBA players are the dumbest out of all the pro athletes. Now they only need one year of college before entering the draft which is pathetic.

  23. i hear what they're saying but that doesn't change the fact that Darryl Morreys untimely tweet put NBA players in a potentially dangerous situation in China. Also, when LeBron talks about empowering people to speak up and do whats right an all that, he is referring to Americans, usually athletes like Colin Kapernick or the general black community to resolves racial issues in America. So i don't think he's a hypocrite. Also, Lebron said in his show "the shop" that he regrets naming his son lebron james jr.

  24. I'm glad this black bastard ( Le-bra Jane) has finally stepped into the light, to show his true hypocrisy, stupidity, and greed…let the buck stop here for that fool…you hear that Nike!!!

  25. Lebron just published an objective and fair opinion, but he was attacked by these people without any reason. Where is the freedom of speech in the United States?

  26. "Why not be quiet about politics?" What he said was wrong but right wing idiots would have criticized what he said no matter what.

  27. When Lebron who is 6.7 270lbs Of muscle would walk up and tell u to kiss his shoe and all of you would cause no one her or on fox could step to him ? JAMES

  28. He doesn’t realize how great a country like USA has been good to him, he can crap on America and nothing will happen to him.

  29. "The United States has become a place where entertainers and professional athletes are mistaken for people of importance. "
    This is THE reason that sports and politics do no mix. Period. It's time for major sports leagues to put a muzzle on discussing politics when we should be hearing about sports…..

  30. I agree with this guy about LeBron, but his rating of LaNova Pizza sucked. It's at least a mid 8 pizza & how dare he make Big Joe look dumb for the private tour of the coolers. I banned Barstool for that. I'd wear that t-shirt though.

  31. it not just nba corp America is own by china know this they did not play for fiba usa basketball but they did play in china

  32. No LeFRAUD, you seem to be the one who is uneducated on the situation here. The Chinese people, especially Hong Kong, is under an oppressive dictator and their freedoms are not what ours are here in the United States. I applaud Daryl Morey for standing up for what he believes in, regardless of the ramifications. That is something that the whole country should stand up and respect. On the other hand, this fraud that everyone puts their trust in, Lebron James, failed to publicly back Morey. The man who has a huge global brand that makes millions, maybe eventually billions, in the Chinese market, decided to not take a stand for freedom. It is easy to take a stand when you have absolutely nothing to lose. I can sit here and say I stand with freedom and the people of Hong Kong because I have nothing to lose. It takes a real leader, a real man, to stand for something you believe in when you have a lot to lose. Lebron fell way short here. Max Kellerman called him a sellout which is spot on accurate. I am going to go a bit further and call him a hypocrite. Here is a man who talks about freedom, racism and everything else equality related in the world. He bashes our president every single chance he gets, refusing trips to the white house annually. When he has the chance to finally put his mouth where his money is, he ran away like a scared little boy. Shame on you Lebron.

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