Bar Curling with Jason Sudeikis and the U.S. Olympic Curling Team

Bar Curling with Jason Sudeikis and the U.S. Olympic Curling Team

100 Replies to “Bar Curling with Jason Sudeikis and the U.S. Olympic Curling Team”

  1. The other late night shows aren't creative enough to figure out how to include guests like US Olympic curlers with segments like this.

  2. I like to rub my son's weiner on my lips like lipstick and then sniff his butt when my wife ain't home. Yes I sure do.

  3. 117 comments by people. 116 of them think this is how curling is really scored. In reality the score should have been blue 2 – red 1.

  4. Months later Rebecca and Matt would finish with a record of 2 wins and 5 losses at the Olympics not advancing to the playoff round. Kaitlyn Lawes and John Morris of Canada would go on to win the gold medal. Rebecca and Matt, not being able to deal with being one upped by Canada in yet another world competition, took a trip to San Francisco and jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge together on April 20th 2021.

  5. Fallon's show is one of the best out there. Just keep away from the all the hatred out in the real world. People just want to have fun shows. Something that takes your mind off the chit going on out in the real world.

  6. I never understood all the 'fake' comments, but Jimmy really IS overselling his enthusiasm here. We got it man. Olympics, S Korea, NBC.

  7. Honestly curling is my favorite Olympic winter sport it’s oddly satisfying to watch and weirdly entertaining it’s an anomaly it makes no sense at all but I love it

  8. Stupid type of game very boring ass game. Just leave it in the bars. Getting drunk and shuffle boarding… now that’s an event

  9. I know they know this and they probably changed it on purpose but now less people are going to understand how to score in curling

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