Baker Mayfield’s “Hulu Has Live Sports” Audible • Hulu • Commercial

Baker Mayfield’s “Hulu Has Live Sports” Audible • Hulu • Commercial

– [Team] Break! [Whistle blows] – [Baker] Hulu has live sports!
Hulu has live sports! – [Player 1] Bake! Saying that in the game
is going to get you fined. – [Baker] Trust me, it’ll be worth it. – [Player 2] Yeah, Hulu’s paying
you. What’s in it for us? – [Baker] Y’all go along with this and you’re all getting jet skis. (players exclaiming) – [Player 1] Oh snap, for real? What color? – [Baker] Any color you want. – [Player 1] Is camo a color? – [Baker] If you want it to be. – [Player 1] I’m in. Y’all in? – [Team] We getting
jet skis. We getting jetskis. (rap beats) – [Baker] Hulu has live sports. ♪ Money get that money ♪

100 Replies to “Baker Mayfield’s “Hulu Has Live Sports” Audible • Hulu • Commercial”

  1. signed up right away got the no ad subscription but even that wasn't good enough lol you have to pay 45 a month for the live sports aint nobody got time for that!

  2. Hulu sports sucks … They act like they cover the NFL games , but they don't , at most you get 1 game on Sundays … Hulu should stop pretending that they have good coverage of the NFL .. the only sports that they do cover are sports no one cares about …total fraud and a rip off !!!

  3. No matter how many time you paste this add in someones face they still know that Hulu sucks. Save your money. You are going to need it.

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