Bait bike nabs at least a dozen thieves in Spokane

Bait bike nabs at least a dozen thieves in Spokane

SPOKANE POLICE ARE CREDITING A SOUTH HILL BIKE SHOP FOR HELPING NAB AT LEAST A DOZEN THIEVES BETWEEN JANUARY AND JULY. INTERESTING PART…. IS HOW OFFICERS WERE ABLE TO CATCH THEM IN THE ACT. KXLY’S ALLIE NORTON WORKING FOR YOU TONIGHT. SHE FINDS OUT ABOUT THEIR EFFORT. FOR MOST PEOPLE, IT’S COMMON SENSE THAT BIKES AREN’T UP FROM GRABS, EVEN IF THEY’RE NOT LOCKED UP. BUT SOME, DIDN’T GET THE MESSAGE. IT’S AN ISSUE THAT SPOKANE POLICE DEAL WITH ALL TOO OFTEN. AND IN JANUARY THEY WERE OFFERED A SOLUTION. (SOT/ CPL. JORDAN FERGUSON- Spokane Police Dept.) (“One of our officers was taking a recovered stolen bicycle in to get an appraisel so we could figure out the value so we could know what to properly charge the suspect with and the manager at Wheel Sports said do you just want a bicycle to use?”) CORPORAL JORDAN FERGUSON EXPLAINS THEY’D USE IT LIKE BAIT. A BAIT BIKE TO CATCH THIEVES. (SOT/ CPL. JORDAN FERGUSON- Spokane Police Dept.) (“So they loaned us a bike since January, even put a bottle holder in it, so that we could put a beer can in there, so they think they can get a beer and a bike.”)THE OFFICERS WOULD PUT WHEEL SPORT’S BIKE IN DIFFERENT SPOTS IN TOWN… EXCEPT IT WASN’T LOCKED LIKE THIS ONE. MEANWHILE, IN A CROWD OF PEOPLE, OFFICERS BLENDED IN AND WAITED FOR A HIT.(SOT/ CPL. JORDAN FERGUSON- Spokane Police Dept.) (“People that are inclined to steal things have been hopping on it to steal it and taken off.”) OFFICERS DID ABOUT SIX TO EIGHT STINGS… IN DIFFERENT AREAS OF SPOKANE. NABBING ATLEAST A DOZEN BIKE THEIVES, THANKS TO WHEEL SPORT’S IDEA. (SOT/ ALLIE NORTON @AllieKXLY) (“The bike that they used for bait was almost 800 dollars, so that’s enough to get someone on second-degree theft, but in some cases they got multiple charges.”) (SOT/ CPL. JORDAN FERGUSON- Spokane Police Dept.) (“We’ve found people with controlled substances, warrants and all sorts of things so it’s just been a neat event with the collaboration between the business and the police department.”)

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  1. Hahahahah, good for SPD. Lock them scumbag bike stealing people up. Bait cars in the neighborhoods, use Honda cars and you will find a ton of low lifes trying to steal them. Then increase the time spent in jail to over a year and send them to prison.

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