Badminton-Forehand Spin Net Shot

Badminton-Forehand Spin Net Shot

Forehand Spin Net Shot Hello, I am Lee thank you for coming in this video I am going to demonstrate how to make spin net shot, forehand spin net shot there are several learning points I will explain one by one first of all, how to hold the grip depending on the type of grip the shot, the quality of shot will be different the forehand slice net shot needs very sensitive feelings in the finger so the grip must be gentle and the racket should be hold by the fingers, end of the finger areas rather than this palm area so have a look number 1 point there should be little room here and this second finger is better to be straight rather than holding like that and the thumb also better to be straighted so thumb and second finger, hold together so slicing, using this two fingers and this 3 fingers hold the racket gently like this from in front there and there this is right way of holding the racket when a player is doing the slice net shot and this is wrong way like this this is for the power shot not very sensitive shot this is right way so more feelings at the end of fingers now how to spin the net shot its better to make semi circle rather than flat movement which I mean this not like that, slice like this do semi circle, like this in this way of spin, that will be more effective please have a look like this like that the important things here the player must take shuttle in front of their body which is here so they have room to slice it if they hit it side of their body which is here then its difficult to carry on slicing because shuttle is in front of the body that is possible but side of the body that is not possible so when shuttle is little bit side here then its better to move little bit wider so that action is posssible like that rather than go like this thats difficult ok wrong one with shuttle shuttle is there not here not there this is not right way this one should be hit by this position like this so there is more speed the third one take shuttle as high as possible that way more safe shot can be made, which is this higher rather than here not here should be here and the posture should be same the level of eyes, the level of impact should be similar much better control will be made like this there rather than here – here does not match for techniques like that, lots of repeat will be essential for practice, this kind of forehand net shot slice spin also backhand net shot when you have spare time you can practice like this have one normal shuttle and then you can slice forehand as well as backhand in any directions in this way you will be able to develop it your eyes to hit the cock rather than the feather practice is like this I hope you enjoyed this video thank you

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  1. Yesterday I tried this and I was amazed at the success rate. Sometimes it hit the net, but the ones which passed through fetched me points. I am simply amazed by your technique Sir. Today I will be trying the backhand drive. Since my footwork is not so good, lets hope that I am able to execute it. Thanks for your contribution.

  2. Dear Mr.Lee hoping that I am not writing too late can you do a video for lefties.Your videos were of great use thanking you in advance.

  3. Hello Mr Lee.
    I am struggling to generate more power in the back hand short. what is the key for generating more power when the shuttle is in the back galary. Thanks a ton.

  4. Excellent!!  I enjoy watching all those tutorial videos you made, and those are awesome! I hope I can practice it on the badminton court..  😉   especially the smashing part.. Thank you so much for sharing all these! 

  5. As usual, a very good lesson with good instruction and good example and excellent video demonstration.
    Your willingness to share your knowledge and experience is admirable.
    Keep up the great work! 🙂

  6. Improved a lot thanks to your advice very good coach, Smashes, drive, dropshots 🙂
    I fell in love with the sport one year ago and now with all of your video I got noticed by the coach of my club 😉 I'm now at the starting line , i have now practice session and training which i couldn't do before thanks a lot coach !!

  7. Thank u very much coach lee u are the only coach who's giving tutorials on YouTube. All your videos teach me something or the other…Keep the good work up!!!

  8. @Lee : Thank you so much for your teaching videos ! Merry X'mas to you & your family ! Wishing A fully luckiness & happiness in the new coming year, cheer ! ( sorry for my poor english as well (~.~) ).

  9. Very useful, however the motion done in this video is way to much. You have a greater chance of failing the spin by using a long stroke like this. You do not need this big of a stroke to exert spin into the shuttle. Also this can't really be disguised as a lift, whereas a smaller stroke can. I know you're probably over exaggerating the stroke, but still.

  10. Very good video Coach Lee. But I think the hitting motion are slightly overdone. A little over a quarter of a circle motion should give you a good result without risking of dragging the shuttle. It's just my humble opinion. 🙂

  11. I love these video's. The english is a disaster, but he's still perfectly understandable and everything he says makes sense. Really impressive how he is able to explain these complex topics in "easy" terms.

  12. Grear coaching with wonderful illustrations,you make it so easy, I have played at County level be it 35 years ago but tecniques have changed considerably !

  13. Awesome Videos, that are lot to learn than what i thought off. Certainly your videos have improved my game!

  14. thank you Mr Lee ur videos had help me a lot….? I learned performing drops just by watching ur video and as u say we should practice…?

    m really very thankful sir

  15. dear sir
    I am 30 years and just began to play badminton. I must thank you for ur videos which are helping me in improving my game. take one suggestion From me that please make a playlist which help the beginners step wise improvement. though all useful videos are present but it is difficult to choose from where to start and which should be my next video. so I just ask use to give a list of stepwise videos.
    please also recommend exercise for improvement.

    thanking you for your great videos.

  16. lee sir i m thankful to you for helping us to learn bedminton steps but i usually fail to return shuttle from back court using back hand shot where is problem being played beminton for last 2 years player

  17. Lee Sir, I'm Biswa from Odisha,India Yesterday after I hit a smash I feel pain in my shoulder and there after I am unable to play..
    so my question is is there any exercise to recover???

  18. hello sir,first of all thankyou frm the behalf of all the viewers for ur superb detailed videos….my question is, what's the benefit of spinning the net shot vs simple net shot without spinning? Thanks.

  19. Hi Master Lee,
    Sometimes i try to hit slowly just to clear the net and land immediately after that but most of the times it hits the net or falls in my side of the court. How to play such slow and silky shots.? Any videos or tips you can share would be helpful

  20. Lee sir.. this video gave me a lot of ideas on how to play a forehead spin net shot. i usually face problems while playing short hands. This is definetly going to help me practice the same. please do keep sharing your skill.

  21. Lee sir I am agraj from Chennai.; yesterday I got heavy pain in Elbow and forearm .i can't show to play now. It's hurting. Can you please advice why I am getting that pain

  22. I am no doubt a good badminton player. and I adopt your techniques of smashing,spinning the shuttle and slicing too. I like the chineese/malayessians and indonessians world class players.they are marvellous

  23. Sir, for backhand spin shot you said for making more spin player should move the racquet in the same direction of shuttle. i.e from right to left. But for forehand spin shot you are moving the racquet opposite to shuttle .i.e right to left (same as backhand spin)… This looks like contradiction. Sir, can you clarify this.

  24. You are a genius Sir. Thanks for educating with your valuable videos. I have followed all your tips and found a huge improvement in my game.

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