Bad News Bears, Sabermetrics Edition | If Sports Movies Were Rebooted Today

Bad News Bears, Sabermetrics Edition | If Sports Movies Were Rebooted Today

– [Narrator] They said the Bad News Bears could never win. – [Umpire] Strike three. – You suck. – [Narrator] Until they found
a coach with nothing to lose. And he’s gonna help them
the only way he knows how. Statistics. – Other teams may have talent, but you have something even better, a coach who knows that batting
average is a stupid stat and what matters is OPS in
a high leverage situation. – [Narrator] From the
makers of The Bad News Bears and Moneyball, comes a ragtag bunch with a stat hound coach. – All right, batting practice. Do not swing. Analytics show a walk is as good as a hit. – But I wanna hit. – No, just stand there. Next! You, strike out. Can’t hit any double plays
if you don’t make contact. You, get walks. You, try to get beaned. You’re the only one allowed to swing, but only try to hit
home runs, nothing else. – [Narrator] His methods are unique. – Hey, when are we gonna play? – When you finish reading spray charts. Boys, meet our newest pitcher. – We can’t play with her, she’s a girl. – Hey, girls can do anything boys can. – No, no, no, no. Being a girl means she’s
undervalued by the market. This isn’t about equality, this is about market inefficiencies. – [Narrator] But sometimes, different gets the job done. – Ball four. Ball four. – You told my kid not to hustle? – Hustle isn’t worth it. The chance of beating a
ground ball is very tiny. Sprinting’s more likely to cause injury. That a boys. We won! – We just took a lot of walks. It wasn’t fun. – Come on. Talk a look at this win probability chart. Tell me that’s not fun. – [Narrator] This fall
watch lovable losers play above their payroll. – This championship game is
a chance to show who we are. We show we know how to create value above replacement level. – Ball four. – Outperform our Pythagorean win loss. – Ball four. – I don’t wanna hear about bad luck. Luck is captured by babbitt. We don’t need good babbitt. We make our own babbitt. – Oh. – Yeah! – [Narrator] Bad News Bears. This time it’s war. Wins above replacement. – I’m proud of you boys. – But we lost. – Yeah, but if we simulated
this game a thousand times, we would have won close to 800 of them. That’s what it’s all about. – Hey, guys, thanks for watching. If you wanna see more
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