Backyard Games Battle | Dude Perfect

Backyard Games Battle | Dude Perfect

Hold on, ladies and gentlemen. Ah! Dude Perfect. Today we have an
epic obstacle course with croquet, balance beams,
trampolines, scooters, and more. Make your way
through the course, getting as many
deductions as possible. The fastest two times
move on to the finale. Team Cory here– another
day, another battle. Gar usually starts off. I’m going first. Let’s do this. Here we go. Three, two, one. He’s got one hit
through the horseshoes. He’s headed to the trampoline. Wow, froggy. Fun fact– Cory is not
a great scooter-er. Wow! Oh! Cory’s got a strawberry on
the left or right thigh knee. [BUZZER SOUND] Wiff opportunity! Wiff opportunity. We’re headed to the final
round with the Frisbees. Yeah, just go low. Oh and he only gets one, and
for a big time, minus 20. [BUZZER SOUND] Nice. Hey, you know what? There’s potential, folks. Ladies and gentlemen,
with a time of 2:09 and 48 seconds of
deductions, Cory Cotton– 1:21. Wow! [CLAPPING] I’m winning. Team Ty fans–
appreciate you guys. Appreciate you sticking with me. Here we are. I’m going third. It’s kind of weird. Ladies and gentlemen, these
are the moments we live for. Looking for a finale
opportunity because I just want a chance to go
on the big slide. I know you all don’t know
what the big slide is. We keep talking about it. Here’s a quick picture. I’m going to full send it here. Let’s get after it. Not a bad first hit. That was very good. He doesn’t know where to go. His horseshoes hit each other. OK, he got 3 deductions. Gonna get low. And he rides it out. You guys are crazy! [BUZZER SOUND] I’m going to go ahead and
say he’s already in the lead. But this will just
be icing on the cake if he can get four in a row. One, two– he’s not even a
Frisbee guy, folks– three. He’s a gamer! One, two– oh, wow. [BUZZER] [BUZZER] He needs it. [BUZZER] Didn’t I need the 20? Tell me I needed the 20. Everyone at home,
welcome Ty to the finale because he is officially– That was impressive! Hey! They’re calculating. They think it’s going to be
close between me and Cody. Announcing who will be
joining me in the finale– Cody is currently on
the chopping block. Come on, Ty. The drama here. Come on baby, send me. It’s Coby. Coby’s going to be– Yeah! Yeah! Woo hoo! This feels absolutely rigged. Cobes, I will see you in
the giant slide corn hole extravaganza finale. Yes! Let’s head that way! Woo! Welcome to the ‘nale. Is that like the finale? It is. it’s short for
finale because team Cobes, we’re in the ‘nale a lot. And you get tired of saying a
word like finale over and over. It’s too long. We don’t have time for that. first to 3 points–
a board hit is 1. So obviously you’ve
gotta stay on the board. A holer is 3. So you could end
it with a holer. But those are the rules, Cobes. Good luck to you. Best of luck. Wouldn’t want anybody
else to compete against. Appreciate that. Blue all the way, though. Yeah I’m with Team
Red, obviously. Unfortunately, the three
amigos are not in the finale. We’ll be watching. Yeah, I think that’s the worst
part about getting eliminated. One for the money. Two for the show. Three for the cornhole. Let’s go. Oh man, that looked fun. Raccoons are my favorite animal. Uh, OK. Ah! Coby’s on the board with one. I saw it coming. He saw my toss. He mimicked. That’s fine. You know, they say mimicry is
the absolute form of jealousy. I think you mean flattery. I’m just going to go. I would never tell Coby this,
but those last two throws of his were pretty good. I’m not nervous, but I
am slightly concerned. Aren’t those kind of the same? Ah, no way! Ty just went, splashed it. Amazing shot. But because Ty went first,
I have a chance to answer. We’ve pulled Ty’s bag out
so that the balloon’s not in the way. This is my only chance
I need a buttery biscuit or it’s all over
and Ty’s the champ. It’s a great job, Ty. Time to take it from him. I say, just like a
recent Marvel’s movie, let’s end this game. That’s punny Cobes. Get it? “End Game?” OK, let’s go. It was a stretch. It was a stretch for sure,
but yeah, let’s end it. Go high. Dag gummit! Tyler with a comeback
victory, brother. Nicely done. My bearded dude
gets it done, baby. Pound it. Noggin, outro. I’m closing my eyes and
holding out my hands, Cobes. Ladies and gentlemen,
it is not my honor, but it is my duty to present
you with this giant trophy. So much bigger than I imagined! Oh wow. Guys, thank you, truly. You went above and
beyond– above and beyond. Thank you. Hey, if you’re not already
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video, click down here. Signing off for now. Pound it! Noggin! See ya! Got to hang that
on your wall, Ty!

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  1. Who knen backyard games and corn hole on a giant waetr slide cuold be this fun Special thanks to Amazon for sponsoring this video ! click here to check out some of the gear we used in this video :

  2. عربي (Arabi) عراقي (Iraq) راااااااااااائع 🌎🌎🌍🌏🌆🌉🌊🎳

  3. I’m starting a you tube Chanel called kid perfect you are my inspiration so it would mean a lot if you said something and I would love to do trick shots with you guys if you see this I might have my Chanel started🎱🏀🏈🥏🎾⚽️🥅🏒🙂🙂

  4. I have a battle idea
    “Custom trick shot battle”
    Rules: Each dude sets up their own trick shot in 1 hour and the dudes invite random people to vote whose trick was best
    Finale: The two dudes get to choose 1 person to help them set up a trick shot in 1 1/2 hours. Random people vote.
    Plz like so they can see I put lots of thought into this

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