Back to the Future Part 2 (2/12) Movie CLIP – Hill Valley, 2015 (1989) HD

Back to the Future Part 2 (2/12) Movie CLIP – Hill Valley, 2015 (1989) HD

The future.[Computer Voice]
Welcome to Texaco.You can trust your car
to the system with the star.Checking oil.
Checking landing gear.[Yelling] Shark still looks fake. Hi, friends.
Goldie Wilson III for Wilson
hover conversion systems.You know, when my grandpa
was mayor of Hill Valley,he had to worry
about traffic problems, but now you don’t have
to worry about traffic.I’ll hover-convert
your old road car…into a skyway flier…for only 39,999.95.So come on down and see me,
Goldie Wilson III,at any one of our
29 convenient locations.Remember,
keep ’em flying.# Beat it ## Beat it #

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  1. so on the new cars; the wheels are completely irrevelant except for taking off; and landing drving; the secret sauce stays with me so i can patent it; and achieve big 5 wealth status in the future not sure who the other ones are going back to USD treasurry 125% of all my wealth upon my death certificate.

  2. the secret sauce leads to crystals; same exact car will work within reason; now===complete A.I. control over it so it take for it what it is; that means A.I. crashes all of your theres no other way; and that will happen probaby in certain areas for sure; now

  3. Omg…You guys…I think I went a little to far into the future man because all of these memes are dead! Where am I?

  4. 1:15
    It's a wonder how Marty didn't get decapitated by the shark. Fake or not, that shark could have killed him right then and there. Just saying.

  5. This is the reason i dont buy those "time travelers" . They could've hire one for this movie just to be accurate but there's none.


    2019: we have people riding a skateboard with a Pepsi launcher

  7. You can thank the liberal nanny people you idiots keep voting in. They'll never change unless you can change the mindsets of Harvard and the other one they all attended. They believe the world is doomed TOMORROW if you don't do things their way and they want to be the ones to survive the 'Epic catastorphe" even if they have to make one from scratch. Look up 45 steps to communism and see how many we have struck through. You may be in for the shock of your life if you've been sheltered.

  8. Sadly the rich people are no better. They have their own agendas and fight with each other. We are caught in the middle. When America was at it's peak other countries wondered how it happened. The shot heard around the world was fascinating. Everything prior lined up JUST RIGHT for it to happen including our family ancestors.

  9. I have no idea in what Universal timeline you all live in but here we do have flying cars and hoverboards. How strange.

  10. A lot of you are forgetting that the filmmakers didn't literally think this was what 2015 would actually be like. This was intended to be a joke based of popular ideas at the time. You can find interviews with the people behind the film admitting to this.

  11. I like the "No Landing" sign on the road. It's cool that they considered the likelihood that if flying cars were ever invented there would be traffic laws enforcing where you can and can't land/takeoff.

  12. shitty clothes, cars that look like they were manufactured by hotwheels, empty stores, insane redisign and architecture, themes yearning for the past, psychopathic gangs. Honestly the only thing out of place is the vaccum dry function, the hoverboards and flying cars.

  13. This is really the 80s belief of what the future would look like. The irony here is all the clothes, the movie (Jaws), everything is just a "futuristic" 1980's thing. Really hard to believe they thought this was futuristic in the 80s. I mean even now envisioning what 2060 would look like, I would probably design things far more normal and rational.

  14. People wanting foyng cars and all that stuff but I think we got their depiction of the future pretty gud except for one thing, we made what was needed or "practical" cause unless a new energy form is discovered we dont need flying cars or hoverboards. They're cool but skateboards and normal cars are still doing good

  15. The " jaws 19" joke wasn't so far away from reality, we've got lots of sagas with too many movies like "rocky" ir "Rambo"

  16. You kids can have your Rick Sanchez we true level 100 IQ bois grew up with Doc and Professor Farnsworth

  17. There expectations were so high…

    after watching some movies of this decade same dialogue will be repeated by teenagers in 2050

  18. Hey,
    Quick update, we’re heading back towards 2020 and we can even dream for this to be reality.
    Yeah, we’re losers and we’ve disappointed the people who wrote back to the future.

  19. Here’s a fun game for you to play: find a comment that doesn’t mention that 2015 is now in the past. Or, alternatively, one that wasn’t posted (at the time this comment was written, Aug 2019) 3 or 4 years ago.

  20. 1:50 – I see JAWS for NES, an apple IIe, Burger Time, a stuffed Roger Rabbit, a CRT television, and… a six-pack of Perrier? Huh!

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