Babysitter for Jon Gruden | Hardest Jobs in Sports

Babysitter for Jon Gruden | Hardest Jobs in Sports

(echo effects) – Jon Gruden is an NFL announcer
known for being excitable. – Big R! – Rowdy, really out of control. – Watch out Mike. – And I’m his babysitter. (xylophone music) About five years ago, Jon Gruden started getting really wild, so the network brought me in. My job is to watch him when
he’s not in the broadcast booth. Keep him under control, manage his energy. – What the hell are we doing?! – Jonathan has trouble focusing. You’ll look away for two seconds and he’ll shove things into a blender, or he’ll be swinging a pool noodle! We had to take away his
pool noodle privileges. It’s the every day tasks with
him that are so difficult. Like, I can never comb his hair. This is our rumpus room. This is where I take Jonathan when he needs to burn off some energy. We have toys, activities, tactile objects, and padded floors, so
he doesn’t hurt himself. Oh, these are cracker doodles. They’re his favorite snack. They’re cookies. With Adderall. A lot of people don’t realize,
but his QB Camp show on ESPN, I created that. So he’s have a place to go on
play dates on the off season. Tucker himself out. This is the wall where we
keep all of his art work. He likes to draw his little plays. Wait a minute, what is this doing here?! He knows he’s not supposed to have this! Gosh darn it Jonathan! Jonathan’s not a bad person,
he’s just got too much energy. He’ll be a really good
kid when he grows up. (drum snare) Oh, this is spider two y banana. It’s his imaginary friend,
he talks about him a lot.

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  1. do a video on the "get back" coach for clemson. His only job is to hold Brent Venables back so he doesnt go on the field.

  2. Lol spider 2 y banana…. Gotta tucker him out lol this was funny as hell I was thinking it was about where he spent a lot of time coaching b4 the ffca by the title

  3. ??? qb camp is just for play dates I'm rolling! We won the Mack trade and will build a bully, we will draft high because bears will suck and that's the Packers/Vikings division.? Just win baby!

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