Azul Gameplay Runthrough

Azul Gameplay Runthrough

Hey everybody today rahdo runs through Azul, which is a new abstract tile line game? I’m gonna be doing a two-player run-through today before I get started I strongly recommend you turn your subtitles on to the Klingon channel, so if I make any rules goofs you know what they are okay be done, so then welcome to the palace of the King of Portugal and the Dealio, is he recently visited the Alhambra in Spain and fell in love with the Moorish tiles and he decided I want My palace to look like this and that’s where we come in we’re local artisans and we have been hired to totally deck out all the rooms in his palace – with all the Moorish beautiful tile designs and So this is the room I’m working on this is the room Jen is working on and they’re in a two-player game There are five tile factories They’re gonna generate tiles And we are racing to fill up as many of these spaces as fast as we can but in Clever puzzle II kind of ways to score lots of points so as part of setup at the beginning of every round each factory generates or Random tiles so here’s one two three four All right, I also get one two three four Wow a lot of blue there all right One two three four now. There’s no inherent value of one over the other Just because some of them have designs in some dough that has no function in terms of game. It’s just an aesthetic thing One two three four All right there. We go so all the factories are ready I Am the first player because I got the first player marker and so I will be the first to grab some of these tiles no I Whoever’s the first player before they go they take the first player marker and put it out here in the street Which is where reject tiles go so I put this here, and now I pick any one of these factories And I grab all the tiles of a given color of the same consistent color and Something’s if I come over here to grab a bike. I couldn’t grab one I’d have to grab both of these so where do I want to go let’s dishing? There’s a lot of black tiles that came out a lot So I think I’ll although a triple blue. I could grab three blues right off the bat Yeah, I think I can’t turn that down I’m gonna come over to this Factory and grab all the blues and now these come over here into my queue I’ll worry about that in a second the tiles the weren’t chosen these are rejects they come out here into the street Which means they can still be grabbed? But there is a penalty for the first player who goes and grabs reject tiles from that aren’t from within a factory Anyway, so that happened? But I take these tiles as you can see I’ve got five cues that represent the the different levels of the room I’m working on I have to fill all of these spaces in with the same color tile once I put blues here I can’t put other colors here once. I get five blues here I take one of them and put it over here to show progress on kind of the lowest level of the room and These other tiles they’re just removed from the game now instead I could put them a little bit higher up The higher you go in the room the less detail people can see so if you’re working up way high You only have to put one tile one a bit of detail to fill the space in up here I’d have to do three to fill the space in and down here on ground level Where people can see it up close and personal you need to do a lot more work? You need to fill up five tiles see it represents the fine craftsmanship So where do I want to put these well if I put them here? I’m gonna want to pick up both of these blues so I can finish the line I don’t know that I’d have a shot at that But I do think I have a shot at picking up one of these other blues So I’ll put it there right my turn is over It is now Jen’s turn and it’s a sack same situation Jen can pick any of these factories that are remaining Or so you can go out into the street and take all the tiles of one color now if Jen goes out here Just to get this single black, then by the first player who goes and gets rejects house She’ll take this she’ll be the first player in the next round But she will also lose one point by not going to the fine factory So I don’t think Jen wants to take that Plus actually could get black tiles elsewhere so but these there are a lot of black Tiles I think Jen will go ahead She’ll come over here to This factory and grab these two black tiles So these rejects come out here into the street nobody loves them nobody wants them and now these two factories are out of the round We’ve still got these three factories and the street that we can pull tiles from and jen has to decide what queue does she want? To put them in knowing that there are so many other black ones She could get she’ll just go on ahead and put it on the toughest row down here at the bottom and start working there Okay, so I was Jen’s turn back to me back to my turn. I needed one more blue. Let’s go on ahead and take this blue You know I’ll take this blue so I took this blue and then everything else slides over the street is getting full of rejects Okay, so it was my turn, and I’ve completed this at the end of the round I’m gonna all these will be removed from the game and this will go here, and I’ll score points for it, okay Jen’s turn so she needs to get three more black, and this is getting to be a problem because of the way I just did this is interesting if I had taken this blue Then two blacks would have been shoved out here instead of one there would have been three and Jen would have happily taken all three And filled these slots up But now for Jen to fill all these slots up if she takes these two Then later on she’ll have to take these two or these two and the problem with that is when you take a bunch of tiles All of them have to go on one cue if they don’t all fit on one cue anything that doesn’t fit gets dropped and broken And you lose points so in a perfect world Jen just wants to grab three black tiles all at once To fill up these spaces, but you can’t do that, but so she’ll go on ahead attack and she will grab No, if actually These are these oranges are starting to build up as well, maybe Jen should go for that I think Jen will be the first to go out and gather Or you know what? What Jen will do is? Jen will take this single red, and she’ll put it here thereby finishing an entire queue This is gonna get moved over at the end of the round It’s just called brooch for that and all of these go out in the street, okay So And now it’s my turn so there’s a lot of tiles to pick up here, but and and grab first player as well but lose a point and Here’s the thing if I take all these black I’d be able to fill in four of these five I wouldn’t want to take all these to put in three because then one of them would get dropped and I’d lose a point but I could grab all these and almost fill this line up. That’d be pretty cool. Oh Or. I could take these three and fill this line up and finish that oh yeah, that’s perfect I’m gonna be the first to go out and get the rejects from the street, which means I also take the first player marker It’s very gauche to go out in the street and get your tiles so I lost a point for that But I’ll put them in this cube And that worked out very nice for me because that means I’m gonna fill this space and this space and when you’re filling them up Ideally you want to fill adjacent spaces because you can score more points that way so that was very nice Jen’s turn okay Now that I’ve already gone out to the street Jen yo and taking that Jen doesn’t feel so bad about going on the street. She’ll grab these four and She she she’ll grab him she could put them all here But she only has room for three She can’t take the other one and put it on another row she would have to break it and lose a point Instead general just take all four of these and put them here and boom. She’s finished this cue Just because she can finish this cue in a future turn so she’s not worried about that so Jen did that so far She’s filled two queues and so of I it is now my turn okay I can grab either one of these or I could grab something from this Factory and the rest comes out into the street What do I want to grab? Ah? This is pretty nice. This is a double plus. I don’t want Jen to have these because then she’d be closer I’ll just go on ahead and Spin and grab these from this Factory and finish this cue and then BOOM some stuff comes out now all the factories are done from now on we can only come and get the rejects from the street and It’s Jens turn So what does Jen wanna do Jen will go on ahead and? Take these two blues and she will Fill up This space okay now. It’s my turn I could take the red or the blue I could start working on this or I could finish that I Will take the red is that right? Because that’s their and that’s their own. Oh, No ah it’s not really good either. I’m particularly good That would be that and that would be that, but or I could start work on the bomb But I’d be nice to get one finished I’ll just go ahead and take the red and then Jen will take the blue, and she she can’t put him here So she’ll put it and start working on that cue okay everything’s done now the second half of a round everybody can do at the same time you work from the top down and Every cue that’s filled you transfer over and you score points from the top down, so let’s do me first hey This is filled. I come over here. It’s a single tile all by itself I score one point then this cue is filled so one of them goes out of the game and this one comes over here It’s all by itself. It’s worth a point and then this one Okay, these go away this one comes over here into this slot. It’s all by itself That’s one point and now this one this one’s a little bit nicer this works a bit better Hey these all go away and this one comes over here, and hey it’s not by itself so it scores more points It scores points equal to everything. It’s adjacent to both horizontally and vertically so instead of scoring one points It scores one two points If there’d been a couple tiles here And I put it in it would score one two three four five so you can get some really nice combos This wasn’t particularly good, but still I score two points one two. I’ve made five points in the first round although I’m gonna lose one point because I was the first to go get reject so I scored four points this first round That’s of how Jen did she gets one point she gets one point This isn’t finished so we skipped that it’ll build up this gives her one point And This isn’t finished, so it’ll fill up so generally scored three points I scored five, but I lost one because I did a little bit better getting stuff filled out but still I’m only one point ahead of Jen and She’s got more stuff to work on she’ll be able to finish things quicker anyway. I Held on to first. I will be first in the next round and once again we fill them up with more tiles from this big old factory bag, so let’s go again and I mean I’m starting out from scratch but Jen she’s got targets to hit and Things to avoid as well, I’ll talk about that in a second after I get the rest of these factories Stocked up one two three four and one two three Four look at that. It’s nice going first cuz you give me the first to grab a really night cash like say this Yeah, I’m gonna go into this factory. Oh First of all this comes out into the streets. I was first. I’m gonna grab this and I will fill up this queue Yeah, that’s nice Okay, now. Here’s the thing I? Cannot put these orange tiles in this queue because this level of the room has already got its orange tile So in the future if ever I get orange files. I’m not allowed to put them here so at the beginning the game It’s pretty easy to put stuff wherever you want to go But as more stuff gets placed out here the board starts to tighten up and you get it gets more and more restrictive I’m gonna put these here because if I can get one more and fill this up I’ll get to put it here and it’ll score me one two points because it’s adjacent and if I could get three Reds and put that here Then when I put this here if it’s gonna be one two three Four five so I definitely want to get Reds on this row and there’s a bunch of Reds out So we’ll see how well that works out for me, so anyway that was my turn. It is now Jen’s turn She wants to get some more blacks for here. She wants to get some more blues for here and she wants to get and these are these aquamarine ones she cannot put them in this row she cannot put Reds there and She cannot put black on tiles on that row so what is she gonna do? Let’s see here, and now unfortunately you know Jen would love to grab these and put them here So she could fill this space in but she can’t because this blue is leftover She’s got to fill all these up So this blue goes away before she could start filling up with the light blues to fill that space so she could get a combo bonus But you know what there are a lot of light blues she could fill up this row to go here to be next to that so let’s go with that Jen will come here and Take these and these go out into the street Okay Right how did that work there? Should be more right? Yeah? Yeah, because I grabbed three in the first round okay, so it is now my turn again and So here’s the thing I wanted to get one more orange so I can fill that up if I take this one from the street All there’s a point so instead I’ll grab this single orange because I don’t want Jen if Jen notices She might snag both of these oranges cuz she could put oranges here And here and keep me from feeling so I better grab these which puts more rejection in the street and hooray I’ve done it. Okay. It is now Jan’s turn and what does she want to do? Okay, she is very happy that these blues got left behind She’ll take them and that puts more rejects in the street, and so now there’s gonna be a nice little combo here It’d be great if Jack you get two more blues because then she filled this space in this space And there’d be some nice combo action there also and there is a blue and there is one more blue So we’ll see if Jen can pull that off But in the meantime remember how I really wanted to get red here look at this three Reds it’s like I planned it this way folks one two three and But I do lose a point because I went out and got into the rejects first, but it’s gonna be worth it That’s gonna be a nice combo and in the meantime Now the gent now that now it’s okay to go on the street Jen will come over here and fill out these blues All right, so that’ll be a nice not as big a combo, but still that’s pretty good. Okay Okay, now. We’re coming down to the wire There’s two Reds here. Oh, I will take these two reds cuz look at this so these are rejects I’ll put them right there because it’s allowed cuz I haven’t filled up this red space yet. Oh, that’s gonna be Phenomenal okay, and now um wait a minute. I guess this must have been rejecting. I just forgot to put it out there Okay, where’s Jen gonna go? Now this is where the rubber hits the road Jen wants to take this Here’s the problem if Jen gets stuck taking these She can’t put them here because this row already has that type if she puts them here one of them will have to get broken She can’t put them there so Jen does not want to take these and if I pay attention I know Jen doesn’t want to take these I don’t mind taking them because hey I got a big old space there It would be perfectly all for me to place them But Jen does not want to take those so she’s hoping I will anyway in the meantime Jen she could keep on working on this black but I think She instead likes the idea of working on this because hey these are will be next to each other and she’ll get some bonus points For comboing them, so that’s where Jen goes now. It’s my turn and I Will And now I got something about can I do this in such a way That it screws Jen over because I’d like to put her in a space where she has to take a tile that she can’t use But actually no I can’t She’s fine because if I take this one she’ll take the blue and I’ll get these so I’ll fill this on the top which is Nice she’ll take those And I’ll take this but sometimes as the board gets tighter and tighter and you’re more and more restricted about what you can put in These Q’s because the room has already been filled you get opportunities to basically take things that force your opponent to take two or three maybe even four tiles they can’t place and then they all get Dropped to the floor they all break and you lose a lot of points, but right now We’re still wide open enough that I don’t think I can screw Jen over right now so instead I’ll take this because this will work really nicely for me now. It’s Jens turn She doesn’t want to take these because she can’t put them here She can’t put them there because there’s already a color here and this colors already been finished So she’ll take this and put it there hue and then I’ll take these no problem. I got plenty of room form okay That was the second round now Let’s resolve stuff getting everybody does at the same time, but we’ll do them right so here. I go and I get one two points Okay, and then here. I go this comes over here. It was gonna be nice I get one two three four five six points ooh one two three four five six Lovely and then coming over here all it just keeps getting better folks Boom one two three four points two three four and then over here all these slide away Oh, yeah, one two three four five one two three four Five points and now finally this isn’t filled up, so That’s that and let’s see how Jen did okay? She’s got this done, and hey that’s one two and then she hasn’t finished it so that Waits. She’s got this one done and That’s a measly one not very exciting. She’s got this one done That’s a little bit better one two three one two three, and then she hasn’t done that one either Okay, so I am clearly screaming into the lead on points? But that is causing me a problem because in the future It’s gonna be harder and harder for me to play styles because I’m already restricted I can only place red tiles on these two rows if I get stuck with red tiles and I Can’t put them on these rows. I can’t put them here if any red tiles come out I gotta put them there otherwise if I have to take them I end up losing points so the more finished I am the tougher things get for me right so we move on to the L and I was still first Oh, which means I do lose a point for being first and We fill up The factories once again, okay? I don’t see how well this goes 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 Look all the Blues 4 1 2 3 4 And finally 1 2 3 oh wow 4 black totally random, I’m first it’s good to be first even though. I’ve lost a couple points for it But I’m not complaining so what am I gonna do? Yeah, all four of these could just instantly fill this up and put that space out although I won’t be generating points, but hey if I fill this up later, then it’ll activate all that now I should say the game is gonna keep going like this until one player completely fills a Horizontal row whichever one they want and that’ll trigger the end of the game at the end of the game There are bonus points to be had in addition what we’ve been scoring all along You will get two points for every complete row you’ve done, but seven points for every complete column You’ve done, so I definitely want to fill these in because if I get these in and fill this up That’s a seven pointer plus It’ll be a five one two three four five when I put it down plus seven at the end of the game Also, you will get ten points for every color that you have completely placed if you get all four blues You’ll get ten points you get all full. I’m sorry five if you get all five Reds You’ll get ten points and stuff like that So these are big swinging points you can go for at the end of the game as well now as it stands right now I’ve got twice as many points as Jen. I’m still the first to go It’s kind of hard to say oh, and I’m going first so this goes on the street It’s kind of hard to say no to this just instantly boom Just finish this and Don’t put anything in the street for Jen, and then she Jen’s turn and Jen man. She might have considered taking all those even though it would have meant she what a drop one so she could have finished this cuz that would have been the beginnings of Something for her there’s still two over here, so I think Jen will take these two Which puts these out and now it’s my turn again whoo want these because it’s hard for me to fill okay up But if I wait if I take something from here, then this comes out here Then I could grab all three and fill the space so What’ll I do? I’ll go on ahead and take these two which means these two become rejects and I’ll put them right here Finishing that row and getting some more combo tastic stuff, and now it’s Jens turn and Jen can see how badly I want these Jen says you’re not having them Jen is the first to go out into the streets she fills this which is totally legal and She’ll be first player next round although. She’ll lose a point for it Okay, cool, and um now. It’s my turn. Let’s see here ooh three blues. Yeah, I’ll take them Because that’ll fill in here quite nicely. It’s legal because I haven’t done that blue yet. Okay, Jen’s turn I See here know what she wants one more blue to finish this So she could take all of these And put all those out or she could take this one and leave those there What else just you when she has even start here, she wants this last black though she would like to get this match so she’ll go here and Finish that cuz that was tough to fill that row or to fill that column, but hey she well I mean now she gets this done That’s seven points for at the end of the game, so that’s that and now it’s all gutter tiles now folks. What do I want? Okay, here is where things get rough I’d like to take this double, but I can’t put them here, and I I could put this double here But I’d lose a point so I’d like to put in all these light blues there and put that in but there’s none of them if I take this blue I’ll do this and it’ll only be a point by itself, and I can’t put a red here because Reds already finished I can only put blues down here though, so Let that guy go on ahead and I’ll put a blue up here All right And now it’s Jens turn and she because she hasn’t built as much as me she has a lot more flexibility I think she likes this blue Well, she doesn’t appear to finish this or she could do it like here and do that little combo um Or Let’s see Where just want to do with this red the red she could start working on these. She’d rather take these And start working on this though and do a double, but she’d like to get these finished as well see in a perfect world She’d like to take this and this Forcing me to take – I can’t take so they both get broken and I’d lose two points But I don’t think she can work it out quite that way Because I’m only gonna lose one point because I can’t place any of these tiles none of them are legal for me I can only place these so Jen will go on ahead and take She’ll take the blue and She’ll just go on ahead and finish this one and so I if I take these I lose two instead I’ll take this I’ve got no place to put it so it gets dropped on the floor I lose a point and then general take these and she doesn’t lose any points. Okay, unless resolve it. Hey this comes over here He’s all by himself kind of lonely He just makes me one point these however come over here, and that makes me one two three four five points These come over here, and this makes me one two three four five six points Six these come over here and just make me one measly point and these aren’t finished And this loses me one point because I broke one tile Jen meanwhile. She comes over here. She gets one two three four five Okay, this one isn’t finished these come over here and Jen gets one two three four two three four all right now this isn’t finished, and then this is come over here She’s finished the big line and that gets her just three one two three But Jen is feeling very good about getting this seven finished now. Also. Jen’s very close I’m you know the if I just fill I could in this game in two rounds but Jen could as well because Next round we both do this one of these we filled after that we do that and the game will be over So the games coming to a close pretty quick, so we got to start thinking. What kind of bonus points can be good G I’m ten over ten points ahead of her eleven points that looks like ahead of her um but How well have I done we have Jen gets two more if he’s filled up that’s ten points for her for having done all them and If she all right, so she definitely score for that do I have anything along the way I need to get two oranges because that’s ten points for me or two blues or two Reds So I got a lot of opportunities for ten points for completing all these things But I’ve also have a harder time placing things because I’m really restricted in what I can and cannot do so that might play out not in my favor if I’m not careful about how I draft one two three four Four so the next round starts Jen is the first by the way I forgot Jen lost a point for me in the first player and She gets first dibs on all of this stuff And what does she want to do and what does she she really needs to start thinking? Aggressively about taking stuff such that it forces me to take things. I don’t want because I won’t be able to finish them like I Let’s see well I know. I really want to take blues and Red’s I don’t particular take these because there’s so many of them I won’t fill them up although I do want to take at least three of these so I can finish this to get seven and You can see there’s one two three So maybe Jen doesn’t want me to do that so Jen might start out that makes sense by taking these Although that’s a problem if Jen starts trying to fill this line out What are the chances she would get the rest of them to do this? She could instead just go quickly, but then she’ll be dropping one and lose a point But she’s gonna go for it. She’s gonna. Hope to finish all these blues she definitely used to get blacks because she’s already done the work so she might as well try to finish the rest of those as Well, okay, so she’ll go for that thereby denying me the opportunity to finish this line. It’s impossible I can’t do it now this turn but what do I want to do instead? Mmm. I would like a bunch of red, so I’ll grab all these Reds and put them in this row Because it’s still legal for me to place Reds there Okay, and now it is Jen’s turn all right um And she really wants to get this blue finished because she really wants to finish this But she won’t be able to do that till those blues are out of the way, so I think Jen Will she’ll just go nah she’ll come and take this single blue and dump all these out in the street Okay, so that was Jen’s turn so she’ll get that and she can finish all these Reds although, man She’s kind of regretting having taken these now But she mostly did it because she didn’t want me to be able to finish this row because that would’ve been seven points plus you Know a whole bunch more So now we’ll see how well that works out anyway, so that was my turn or gents turn. It’s my turn now for Red’s I? Can’t these reds I cannot place anywhere I can’t place him in this row because I need to be putting these and reg reg reg, but so well Here’s what’s gonna happen gen is gonna work very hard to make sure she does not take these Reds and in fact She’s gonna try to build more Reds up here and make sure that I am stuck taking the last red So that I’ll have to take all them they’ll all shatter on the floor And I might lose 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Points if Jen plays her tiles right she could force me to take those Reds and lose a ton of points because I can’t handle Red so she is definitely leaving those even though I mean she could take him for herself and finish that I’m more important to see if she can finagle it so that she can force me to take them and Really stick it to me. So what is she gonna do in the meantime to make that happen well I think she wants to make this red build up even more um Maybe she’s wants take a black so she can stay ahead on these rows another thing she could do is because I’m in the lead it behooves me to try to finish this row as fast as possible and Jen doesn’t want that to happen She’d like the game to go on for a little bit and make me suffer because I don’t have as much and so Jen knows she doesn’t want me to get this or this there’s only one of these left I think Jen’s gonna take that so she can keep on working, and hey there’s another red. I don’t want Okay, and so now I do want to finish the game so I could take this single orange and put it up here I don’t want to take these because then that’s a double orange, and I’d have to so I’m gonna go on ahead I’m still first trying to rush the game I’m gonna put that and these build up, and oh so the factories are done now It’s just taking turns Jen wants to do this in such a way. I guess I call those Reds It’s her turn if she takes it and then I take it and then she takes in I take in and she takes it oh That doesn’t work shoot. This did not work out lost That’s the thing you really got to count it out to make sure because based on how things are right now It’s Jens turn my turn Jen’s turn my turn she can’t make me do it, but you know what she can either make me take I See if I take those blues I can put them there and I only lose one point that’s not that big a deal Shoot She doesn’t want those Reds either Because I mean there Yeah, so what her plan was is now backfired on her because I didn’t actually bother to count out how many turns there were left That six turn she’s gonna drop them. She’s gonna lose four points because she’s gonna be the last player to take something and This is the best place. She can put them so that hurts ouch ouch ouch Okay Well then What is she gonna do in the meantime? I guess she’ll go ahead and get this so she can finish this row and now my turn I Don’t mind these blues I’ll happily take them cuz they finish no no I can’t I can’t put them here because there’s already a blue I could put them I can’t put them here because it’s already full Well we’re can I can’t put these anywhere either so I’ll take the blues and I’ll put both of them here and that means I broke one cuz I was the only place I Could put them now. It’s Jens turn. She will take the oranges wait a minute. Oh did I count right? I just went and now it’s Jens turn she puts them here, and it didn’t work out Oh or maybe I just totally miss count I might have gotten this wrong folks if so I apologize But this is what Jen wanted to do. I have to take all these I have no choice I must oh I forgot who was the first player to go into the street. I don’t remember. Let’s say it was Jen I honestly don’t remember at this point, but anyway. I’ve got to take all of them I can’t put them anywhere so that’s one two three Four five six, I think I think I must have messed up there. I think I missed a turn I think I think I counted before and this didn’t work out this way But still this gives you an example of the kind of moves that is the game gets tighter It’s okay to be further back behind this you have more flexibility about what you’re trying to do if you’re in the lead things get tougher so we resolve this hey Jen gets one two three four points one two three four points there and she gets One two three four points Alright, and she does new anything and nothing else me. I get one two three four points one two three four I get one two three four five six points I Get nothing there I do that which is only two points, and then this is empty and Jen doesn’t lose, any or no Jen loses one if it was in fact her right tract But how to lose everything 3 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1 2 3 4 14 boom I got hit so hard I’ve lost all that progress and it’s now neck and neck although again like I said I think I lost track of whose turn It was but c’est la vie that just gives you an idea of how? It’s tough to be the leader because you can really if you’re not super careful it can really come back to bite you now we Have at least one more round either general. I could finish it this round by finishing these And if Jenn can get these two in this one she’ll get 10 points for having done all of them And if she can get a black here No, if she gets a black there and there she’ll get 10 points for finishing all those I only need to do one more red although I won’t be able to I can’t do that red down there But if I do a black there and there I could potentially get 10 points off of that or remember There’s also Jen wants to fill this space in Because there’s seven points to be had here Etc etc, but you know what folks. I think I’m gonna stop right there Because that should give you a basic idea. It’s just I don’t I’ve told last rack whose turn It was so everything’s a little suspect now, but you should have a good idea But a Zul is all about and now if you want hear some final thoughts where I’m joined by a special guest you can hit That I in the top-right corner follow the show notes in five four three two one

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  1. Wow that was chaotic at the end 🙂 Nice run through. You missed one mistake: at 17:00 you gave Jen 3 points – it should have been 4.

  2. Rahdo, I love how you tell a story when explaining the game. Is the bit about the top tiles being higher up and needing less detail and lower down more detail in the rulebook, or do you just feel that it is implied this is what is happening?

    Whatever answer I find it really helpful hearing the thematic explanations.

  3. 10:53 After the yellow tiles are taken, the remaining light blue tile should go in the center. Rahdo caught the mistake at 14:13.

    BTW, it's easy to tell if something's wrong – if there aren't 4 tiles on a coaster, than it probably means tiles were taken and the remaining tiles need to be discarded into the center.

  4. Thanks for the walk through! Can see why the combative part will turn you and Jen away from it.

    Any chance this gets nominated for the Spiel next year in your eyes?

  5. Have you tried out ''Beasty Bar''? I think you and Jen would love it… it's funny and quick and can be played in a restaurant even… it works well with 2-4. I am surprised you haven't reviewed it yet. Expansion is great too…

  6. Hi Rahdo, I really like your run throughs! But I notice that you keep making more and more rules goofs. Maybe it doesn't hurt to slow down a little and take a little more time for filming?

  7. He screwed Jenn at 21:25 by putting the Blue up top. The tile would have scored just 1 less if he completed the second row as opposed to the first and having the openness of the board would have helped on the next round. It also would have set her up for the bottom row Red for a column bonus. Since Red came out heavy the next turn (20/20 hindsight) it would have been huge. But the column opportunity Lost was my pet peeve

  8. Hey Rhado you messed up at 21:14

    a) Pick all tiles of the same color from any one Factory display

    and then move the remaining tiles from this Factory display

    to the center of the table.


    b) Pick all tiles of the same color from the center of the table.

    If you are the first player in this round to pick tiles from the

    center of the table, also take the starting player marker and

    place it onto the leftmost free space of your floor line.

  9. He makes such inefficient moves for Jen here. It's giving me such anxiety watching this. Obviously I need to buy this game.

  10. Lol I came here for a walkthrough. Game arrives tonight. And laughing about how you screwed your virtual gf in the first minute with taking 2 blacks when there is never the possibily of her getting 5. How…. lol.

  11. Rahdo I watched 3 videos before this one and thank you! You did make a few mistakes but you made it more clear then any of the other videos I saw and I am On my way now to purchase this game. Please keep making tutorials on board games.

  12. I just ordered this game and I couldn't wait for it to come so I was watching several runthrough videos of it! As others have pointed it out there were a few goofs and actually Jen might of been in the lead but I think that your explanation and back story on the game make me just more excited and enthusiastic about the game! Now I really can't wait…

  13. Even with some of the errors, which I mark down to over-enthusiasm, this was the best explainer I’ve seen for this game. Well done!

  14. Honestly with all these mistakes and scoring errors , you’re doing a disservice to those trying to learn the rules of the game . You should consider taking the video down; I’m trying to introduce my gf to the hobby and your constant mistakes confused her to the point where she doesn’t even want to play with me now. So thanks for that asshole.

  15. Howdy. Thanks for the video. I did play the game recently but was confused about some of the rules. Anyway, you did some mistakes.

    11:00 you need to put the light blue in the street.
    21:15 you need to take both blues
    28:30 there is an even number of colors and she is playing, she is not the one that is going to take the 6 reds
    28:50 you forgot to take the 1 tile
    29:30 those yellow tiles should complete the 4th row. You just screwed Jen.
    29:40 one of the reds would go into the 4th row.
    30:15 Jens actually gets 6 points.
    30:30 you cannot move the red tile to the right because the row is incomplete

    I hope Jen is not upset 🙂

  16. Regarding your comment at 1:18, the tile patterns do serve a purpose. For certain forms of color confusion, it can be difficult to distinguish the blue tiles from the green, and the red tiles from either the green or the orange. The patterns make it clear which tiles match.

  17. Thanks for posting this video. We tried playing this game tonight and had a hard time making sense of the rules. There are a few goofs here but the over all rule set is much clearer.

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