Autism in Children: Teaching Exercise and Sports

Autism in Children:  Teaching Exercise and Sports

Throughout these videos you are going to see or already have seen many different types of exercises sports and activities one thing that we discuss at the
exercise connection is movement first sport second and the reason is is many of the
children or adults seen in these segments are not very big sport players or don’t enjoy the game of sport and we are trying to teach lifetime
activities and any type of activity to keep them moving, or even just to start by engaging them and move it now if sport is the motivator for your student your
child or the adults that you may be working with then yes use it, but we want to make sure
that you have plenty of different activities routines and strategies that don’t involve sport because someday the competitive game or the sport that there and they may not be able to do throughout their lifetime
but we still can keep them engaged in some
sort of movement activity so movement first sports second can be a great way to begin and strategize and develop techniques for your students kids or adults

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  1. hi there, I'm Paul, Im training to be an elite sports coach, I would like to get in touch as i'm trying to start an organisation that can help people with learning disabilites how to handle sport, Thanks

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