Australian Sport – Risk Management

Australian Sport – Risk Management

Hi how are you going? Not too bad I’m Kylie, I’m going to be refereeing
the 12s game today. Um do we have a first-aider
around anywhere on the ground? Yeah, we’re right to proceed Ok no worries, thanks for that I’ll go
and do a check of the ground ok Ta How are you going guys? I’ll just check
the gear, so if you just kneel down for me, face this way and face me. That’s it, and
I’ll come round the back and I’ll check your boots, ok?, Yep, when I’m finished you can hop up
for me ok Yep your right Yep That’s it, you can hop up Yep you can hop up No worries K I just want to check your nails guys,
everyone on the line for me and just hold out your hands Yep just show me that one, that’s it That ones a little bit too long mate so
if you can go to Andy and get it cut for me? Yep no worries Yep, do you just want to take your
wristband off for me mate, give that to the coach as well yep? Ok Has anyone else got any jewellery,
earrings, any padding on? No, have you got any, you haven’t got any jewellery under
your headgear mate? No earrings, no? Ok no worries, give me about 5 mins
guys and we will kick off Thanks very much up you go nice and low, nice and low
oh, hold on there ok move away guys, move away
You right mate? Show me
Ok no worries, hold it there we’ll get the first-aider, Chris can just you come
on, he’s got a blood nose K guys stand back for me, just come
back out of the way, give him some room Think, yeah we better get him off Chris
That’s it clap him off guys Ok hold it there Dave, hold it there,
play the ball from here guys Play the ball, there guys, hold here
up you go Nice and low
Held there, held there, held there Guys hold it there, we’ll have to play
the ball, ball boys come over here for me OK guys you’ve got to hold onto the
footy for me ok, we can’t have the ball coming on to the field, I’ve got to
concentrate on the game, so I don’t want you to kick it and pass it anymore, I
just want you to hold onto it for me. Ok? Play the ball there
That’s it, wait for first receiver That’s it, up you go, nice low tackles
Back it up red team lets go Held there
Wow, we’ve got a dog Hold there guys, wait there for me
Would you be able to grab someone to get the dog? Yep Thanks mate Get the dog off Bella, Bella OK guys, wait till they’re off Here we go Hold it there we’ll play it from there
Good work, up you go Nice low tackles, nice and low now, nice and
low over here

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  1. Great examples of simple common sense risk management that is so often forgotten. Gotta love the dog running across the field!

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