Australia: Great Sporting Land

Australia: Great Sporting Land

tremendous ride. [LAUGHTER] SPEAKER 2: What a putt. SPEAKER 3: Inside 50– [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 4: Goal for Australia. All the Australian fans out
there going absolutely mental.

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  1. For a small country, we have done exceptionally well for the last 100 year's. Even countries like India and China with over a Billion People can barely take us on in most sport, a country with just over 24,000,000 people, we are world class.

    Very proud.

  2. Australia. Great country. Far better after every single Google employee either working here or overseas promoting this bullshit is DOXXED.

  3. Ahh sportspeople, the only ones allowed to wave an Aussie flag. Anyone else that holds one is a rascist bogan dog with no rights.

  4. Shooting is Australia’s fastest growing women’s sport and EVERYONE is welcome……well maybe not commie vegans. No guns for them.

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