Auston Matthews named cover athlete for EA SPORTS NHL 20

Auston Matthews named cover athlete for EA SPORTS NHL 20

all right what’s up Las Vegas alright
first I just want to ask all the Canadians in here to join me in
applauding my Toronto Raptors on winning their very first national championship I’d also like to congratulate Doug
Armstrong Craig Berube Alex Petra Angelo and the st. Louis
Blues on one of the Stanley Cup French glory last year I got to stand up here as the
guy on the cover of one of the biggest video games in the world look at that
thing Wow best-looking cover yet right right my
brothers and I played played this game in our house growing up and it was
always a dream of mine to be on the cover when I found out I was going to be
on NHL 19 cover I couldn’t believe it because to me it said that hockey is
growing and with new personalities and and celebrating and honestly it just
symbolizes to me that anything is possible there’s a whole new generation
playing to just yesterday was the finals of the NHL 19 gaming world championship
that’s right the best players in the world battled it out for $50,000 prize
let’s take a look we’ve been around the world but now we’re here in Vegas and
now we’re gonna get the chance to crown a 2019 gwc world champion
one of the craziest game that I have seen in a long time it all comes down to this it is all hiyo
versus Alaska right through the next goal is worth
50,000 is a champion all right Congrats to matthew top-shelf cookie
Kotowski cookie congratulations I’m pretty sure I could take you in a
one verse one but you’re the champ for now I’ll let you have your moment but
just a side note makes you add me online we’ll settle this all right I am
credibly excited to be back up here this year to help EA Sports reveal the world
premiere of the EA Sports NHL 20 and the new face of the franchise
are you guys ready to see the new face of EA Sports 20 new face of the NHL you
guys ready ready let’s go come in from Arizona I was different because my
friends played football baseball basketball they asked why hockey and I
figured why not cuz hockey doesn’t need more followers
it wasn’t afraid to kind of take a risk off the beaten path their own person
yeah it’s different now it’s not just about
getting it done it’s the style that comes with it there’s definitely an
anti-establishment streaking some of these kids are afraid of the old guys
anymore everybody what it needs to be a hockey
player and yet there’s pity on his show is taking a road you won’t recognize and
dominating on driving so be the leader of your own pack redefine the haqiqa
embrace being one of the church and take the game to the next level
cuz if they’re asking you why you already know the answer please welcome the new cover athlete for
EA Sports at hl-20 Austin Matthews thanks pk you know I think we’re gonna
have to go ahead to head here pretty soon
101 19 versus 20 let’s go about what you’re all about
but no honestly this is awesome I love this game played in my whole life I’m
insanely competitive when I do and you know being on the cover is one of the
coolest things that I could imagine I want to thank you to EA Sports and all
the LEAs fans out there yeah I neato 20 comes out September 13 to 13 and you
know I’m extremely excited you can go online and pre-order it right now thanks
everybody we’ll see you guys online

100 Replies to “Auston Matthews named cover athlete for EA SPORTS NHL 20”

  1. You guys try standing behind stage waiting for who knows how long, before going out infront of some of the biggest names in sports and television. Not to mention wearing a hot suit, and walking up as the new face of the NHL. Give the guy a fckn break. Hes a hockey player. Not a public speaker ffs. Great Job Auston

  2. Mathews got three countries on his shoulders. Representing his heritage and the country that that drafted him.

  3. Congrats to Auston Matthews on being the newest cover athlete for NHL 20… Not only is AM34 an outstanding player but he has my utmost respect 4 life for showing love to one of the greatest San Jose Sharks of all-time Patty Marleau at this past year's All-Star game!

  4. Nathan MacKinnon> Alex Ovechkin> Sydney Crosby> Connor McDavid> Patrick Laine> Nikita Chokorov> Auston Matthews

  5. So excited for the new nhl game!!!!! It comes out on my birthday so perfect timing for me to get it ?

  6. Got to be on the covers of one of the biggest video games of all time, not to mention one of the worst. EA just needs to sell the rights to nhl to 2K

  7. Matthews is over rated…there are better players who deserve this honour….binnington for instance,

  8. I am a huge Buds fan, but I think Marner should've been on the cover…

    Can't wait for this game, looks awesome!

    Go Leafs Go!!!

  9. Ovy wins stanley cup, blues win stanley cup, kucherov makes 127 points in season…Phuck it, Austin Matthews is our star from Toronto that makes 0 results every season.

  10. Are u sure the mic can't go any higher cuz it looks painful for PK to hunch over when speaking ?

  11. Why is it Austin when they got eliminated first round by the bruins. Oh wait every year too! Toronto is a horrible team. L o l

  12. I think Patrice Bergeron should of been it. His players all say he has style and he is hella good with plays

  13. Lol @ all these pit stain comments. They are under arm patches bunch of retards, dont know good suits.

  14. One of the biggest video games in the world???? Bruh this is hockey it’s not like your on the cover of 2k or FIFA….

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