Audi Sport: Commitment

Audi Sport: Commitment

For Audi,
what does progression look like? Power. Performance. Innovation. An Audi earning its rings is a high bar unto itself, but for an Audi Sport car to earn its rhombus,
that’s another story all together. Audi’s 80-year legacy on the track is legendary.
In the days of the Silver Arrows to the rally race conquering Quattro of the 80s
to the R18 e-tron, our success in Motorsports has few peers. Out of 185 races to date,
Audi’s prototypes have achieved 106 victories. In the U.S., the R8 LMS brought us
our first manufacturer’s trophy in 2016. For us, the racetrack is
the pre-development lab for our road car technology. Audi Sport cars are crafted and tested
by the same Motorsport engineers. Every bolt, weld and material scrutinized. Every seam, stitch and click perfected.
Every drive system technology tested at unwavering conditions. For an Audi Sport
car to earn its rhombus, the car must become more than just the sum of its parts.
And in 2017 Audi Sport is making its biggest commitment ever in the U.S.
The all-new R8 Spyder: its 5.2 liter V10 engine beats its predecessor with more
horsepower and a 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. The all-new RS 3: with a new, more powerful
five cylinder engine can do 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds. The 400 horsepower engine
with 354 pound-feet of torque is also the all-new TT RS, which does 0 to 60 and 3.6 seconds and inherits many systems from the R8. Other manufacturers
innovate to compete on the track. Audi Sport cars compete on the track,
innovate for the road. It’s the mountain each car must climb. The heartbeat that dwells
within every rhombus. A symbol that represents the
unwavering progression of innovation. Born on the track,
built for the road. This is Audi Sport.

86 Replies to “Audi Sport: Commitment”

  1. Offer a manual in the RS3. Come on guys and gals of Audi, don't send people to your competitors based on that. That 5-cylinder is a sweet engine.

  2. Thanks you very much bye you get out please thanks you bye you lover oneen got it thanks you very much we love you bye you bye.

  3. Can u guys just make a Audi suv that has the power of a R8 and the comfort of a rolls Royce hen I’ll be buying one

  4. I am addicted to the Audi brand now and own a B8.5 S4. Best car I've ever owned hands down. I'm hooked now and brand loyal. Hoping to own an R8 one day God willing!

  5. Man that spyder is big ugly with that soft top. Would've preferred a hard top. Every car manufacturer need to understand that is hideous.

  6. Audi Sport: lease payments from as many suburban 30-something Q5 owners as possible, while ditching manual transmissions across the lineup! Audi Motorsport–for the accountants and dentists in all our souls!

  7. Rs3… But not sportback? Audi just not gettin it…smh I have a 2006… And it still gets stares when I make wide turns at the light. Love that car.

  8. how u going to make ur sport car faster than ur super car. i mean, 3.7 or 5 seconds is ok but super should always be faster

  9. Audi's are world renowned for being criminally unreliable and crazy expensive to repair… Buy at your own risk…

  10. I'm waiting on Audi to win in formula one! When I see Audi beat Mercedes, Honda, Ferrari and Renault in formula one theeeeeeeeennn I'll be impressed!

  11. What a waste of money ,, the price of this car can buy homes for 40 families or feed 5000 ppl in Africa for a year

  12. All those years of motorsport victory and the only good, accessible and reliable engine you produced was the 4.2 v8. Maybe you can start now, because no one is looking back at the products you’ve made in the past.

  13. Audi Sport – where the everyday driving enjoyment ends after 3.6 – 3.9 seconds…
    Cars are awesome, but we'll never know how fun they could be with a manual…

  14. Love Audi's. owed and desired…..until

    Where's the manual trans? Had/wanted all best Audi's that made the name starting with Quatttro!

    I respect offering auto to open the market, but the best cars started manual only, and are now automatic only….HMMMM

    Now? Good luck unless you want a small and/or VW transverse layout.




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