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  1. Thats funny. You call americans doper. Man u from spain right? Spain is known for the famouse dopingdoc Fuentes and a Doping-Control-System that is controlled by the state and willing to keep silent when spanish Sport-VIPs got tested positive. By the way: Quite seldom that Spain won da French Tour and the Soccer-Worldcup while all these sportsmen appear in international doping-suspect-lists.

  2. I have never heard MJ was under suspicion, I know about his teamates. MJ trained in a different part of the country with a highly respected trainer, Not only were the athletes using their trainors have now been indicted. Please disrepect this Man or the things he accomplished. As for J Weriner, he is from GP TX and I lived there at the time he was in high school. He ran almost every race including the Hurdles.What he did was unbelievable We would read about him always thought he was blk

  3. Michael has learned a lot about drive mechanics (especially about not crunching the neck upward) would be interesting to see what he'd run had he been as well versed about driving as he is now and could it have prevented his stumble on the 3rd step here

  4. how 400m runners have tested positive for drugs versus the countless number of 100m runners who have????

    Think before you post moron

  5. No you are trying to compare the suspicions about a 9.69 100m time with pump fisting at the line and saying he's only getting flak because he's black and that JW isn't because he's white???… Better idea, with the exception of those who are caught (I can only name one) how many people are suspected of drug abuse at 400m? While almost anything under 10.00 is in the 100m

    You're just plain stupid. But I'm not mad at you, I feel sorry for you if you really believe the garbage you're spitting.

  6. The point is that there's more suspicion and it grows faster over 100m times. This will never change and you have the IQ of a potatoe if you believe 100m isn't always going to be the must microscoped event for drug abuse.

    Merritt is black, and runs sub 20, why is he not being accused. Because his event is not characteristic for suspicion on the same level as the 100m even if he were white or orange.

    PS When was the last time any former BU track athlete has tested positive.. NEVER

  7. You see that,it was michael Johnson who rocked the gols shoes first NOT usayn bolt.Hopefully Usain will break his 100 record in london and I really really hope he changes his mind an decides to run the 400.And i kno its only a dream but i wish che would take carl lewis advice and participate in the long jump!

  8. @BenjaminPipic It won't unless Usain Bolt moves up and attempts it. But I doubt even he would break this record although I think he would maybe run 43.30 something. I also think Johnson had the potential to run faster in the 200m. Running the 200m and 400m double is obviously harder than the 100m and 200m double

    if you saw what you wrote?
    do not know where Europe is and we'll talk about grammar
    please do not pretend to be smart when it did not

  10. @akson432 i do see what i wrote since im the one who wrote it in the first place??? so i dont get how im pretending to be smart

  11. THE BEST ATHLETE IN THE HISTORY, I HATE JAMAICANS DOPED !!! USAIN BOLT IS DOPED. AND ALL JAMAICANS ARE DOPED. I know about athletics .. and ive been followin this jamaicans since allways .. and there are many strange things… Conspiracy.. MAFIA IAAF. i hate ATHLETICS NOW.

  12. I agree but I am pretty sure Ussain Bolt is clean don't know about the other guys who else can run peacefully on 120 percent of their energy but not to Fear MJ and JW (Jeremy Wariner) have kept the US strong in the 400 which is the man maker if Ussain beats this record then we thats when the world of sprints is completely in Jamaica's favor

  13. from end 2007 to beijing 2008 he gained 20 or more pounds of muscle and still managed to loose fat in the same time. impossible. you should know that if you know at least something about athletics

  14. and you should know that they definitely test an athlete after he or she breaks a record. and how do you know he gained 20 pounds of muscle? the internet? if usain bolt was on something strong he wouldve easily ran a 18. something by now

  15. Bolt only started lifting seriously in 08 so no shit he got bigger, not to mention he's been a beast since he was a young teen, he has all the age group records over 200m since age 15. U think Bolt put on lots of muscle? look at Tyson in 05/06 and look at him now, big difference (I don't think Tyson is dirty.) Just cause someone gets bigger due to heavier lifting doesn't mean they're dirty u dumb fuck

  16. well the past teaches something different. look at blake 2011 and 2009. 40 pounds of muscle gain? all clean?

  17. It's possible. Yohan's muscle gain from 09 is no more than Tyson's from 06. T&F is a dirty sport so obviously not everyone is clean but why accuse when you have no proof? Prove it first, then hate all you want

  18. I love the flaming debate in the comment section:D Apparantely, everybody is on drugs because they look ripped… well, I'm sure they are… Bolt, Blake, Gay, everybody… but this is video about Michael Johnson.., so, if you can't help it but accuse people of taking roids, at least concentrate on Johnson, because we don't want to read comments about everybody but the guy who we came to watch here on this video XD

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