Athletics vs Track Cycling – Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

Athletics vs Track Cycling – Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

(SPORTS SWAP) Elis Ligtlee,
Dutch track cyclist. Such a strong rider. Elis Ligtlee is going
to take the gold medal for the Netherlands. She can’t believe it,
an Olympic gold medal. The most
beautiful time in my life. Naomi Sedney,
Dutch track sprinter. It’s going to be a race here. Passionate, disciplined, kind. The ultimate dream
to do that 100 on an Olympics. Delight for the Netherlands. It’s OK. Go! Oh, God. (CYCLING/ATHLETICS) (ATHLETICS/CYCLING) – Hi.
– Hi, nice to see you again. – Yeah, how are you?
– Welcome to my velodrome. Thank you.
I’ve been here before, though, for track competitions. – Oh, yeah in the middle.
– Yeah, in the middle. We have our nationals here,
so a lot of good memories. You see, here, my team-mates, the national team
track cycling, – training on the track.
– Yeah. What do you think
about track cycling? Oh, my God,
I’m petrified to try it! I mean, it’s sort of OK
looking at it like this cos you’re not too high
but way up high… Yeah, it’s a little bit steep. We obviously do a lot
of biking in this country and I grew up biking
and I learned as a kid, but I didn’t like it much
so it was me basically me biking to school every day
and then I got a car and I stopped biking,
as much as I possibly could, so I’m curious to see
what will happen now. How do you feel
about sprinting? A little bit nervous. You’ll be fine.
You’re strong, you can go fast. I hope so. It’s a totally new experience
and I look forward to doing it. It will be different –
it’s with my legs, also, but not on a bike. We will see. (THE KIT) You, of course,
have your bike – we have these. These are spikes,
they’re very light, we have spikes for grip – and they don’t have
a heel or anything because you don’t need it,
anyway, because you’re just running
on your forefoot. – Yep.
– So, these are yours. Thank you.
Oh, yeah! Really light. These are blocks
and you position them in a way that makes you want
to jump out of them, basically. You just press
down really hard and go out and that’s it. – So, here’s your bike.
– This is it? Nice! What do you think about it? It looks good.
It’s very orange. (TRACK BIKES –
CARBON FIBRE FRAME, FIXED GEAR) So, if you can feel,
it’s very light. It is! It’s so very lighter
than a normal bike. Yeah, because
you have no brakes. – No brakes?
– No, it’s a very simple bike. How am I supposed to stop
with no brakes? You have to stop
with your legs – and I think you can do that. There are no brakes on them!
OK, that is worrying. Yeah, that will definitely
worry me. That’s…good to know
beforehand, I guess. It’s important
to wear a helmet. Yes, with those not-existing
brakes and stuff, I can imagine. Thanks. (THE INITIATION) One of the most important
things is to get warmed up, so we’re going
to get warmed up first. OK. First things first, I want
to see how fast you can run. You’re going to run
a 60-metre challenge, that’s all the way up to there
and I’m going to clock you. On your marks. Ready… ..go! Come on. Come on, come on. Not bad. 10:06 – Oh, wow.
– Not that bad at all. Oh, my feet. Ooh! What do you think? It’s fun. The start is difficult,
and the speed, it feels weird. Normally you see it
only on television, or with a competition –
but now you do it by yourself and you see
how really hard it is. Oh, that’s better. Oh… So this is a roller. We use it for warm-up
before a competition. The harder you ride,
the easier it is. Are you sure?! OK. What did you think about it? I don’t think I like it much. I think I’d rather
just cycle on this than be stuck on these. We have to do one lap,
it’s 250 metres. This is the start
and also the finish. – OK.
– I will clock your time, and after that I will coach
you for a better time OK? – OK.
– You ready? – I guess so.
– Go! – Oh, God.
– Come on! Faster. You can ride so much faster,
come on. Oh, God, oh, God. Go, go, go, go, go! OK, that was not fun…
Oh, terrifying. – Why?
– Because I kept thinking I was going to fall and
then I slipped on the blue part and had to get
back onto the blue part. Curves are difficult, and I couldn’t stay on the blue
part on the straight ends… But I didn’t fall,
so I’m really glad about that. Your time. So that’s, like,
really slow, right? Normally, we do that
in two runs. Yes, I bet! But it’s OK,
it’s your first time. I can run faster than that. – It’s, it’s your first time.
– That is true. (THE BASICS) Now let’s see if we can
get you under the 10 seconds. I think we can. First things first, your start. How did it feel in your blocks,
was it comfortable? Did you have enough room? Yeah, the space
it was not enough. What I usually do
is two and a half, measure that out
and put the blocks there… ..and like three and a half
on the other side. – Feels better?
– Yes. It looks like
you’re at the right angle. So it actually
looks pretty good now. The first step is supposed
to be as big as possible because you want
to be right in the race so the first step you’re like
go – and, like, almost a jump. Yeah. Your arms were
really big, which is good, but try and keep a little
bit of a 90-degree angle. Yeah, that will be like…
Yeah, that looks pretty good. And this would have to be… If you can tighten your abs
the entire run, that’s, like, ideal. How does that feel? Like a robot. I could tell with your running that you were hitting the
ground with your whole feet. Yeah. You don’t have
to use your whole feet. You actually only
use your forefeet, the part which
has the spikes on them. Do you think you can do that
for 60 metres? I don’t know. It feels like
you’re walking on high heels. – I have some tips for you.
– OK. Um… It looks very good, a little bit dangerous
sometimes. The best way to explain it
is to ride some rounds and we do it together, so I can
learn you how to do it. Oh, God, it’s no good. Go. I’m going to need another
round of going round just to get my feet
in this thing. Agh! – Yeah?
– No. I was close, though. You have to do it
with your… Yeah! The first thing,
I think it’s better to stand up on your bike, on your pedals,
to make more speed. I think you have much power in
your legs and we could use it. – Yeah!
– Aah! That looks good. It feels like
I’m going to topple over. You have to sit
in the right position. The right position
is with your hands there and then your elbows
to your knees. OK. You have to sit above your bar. More to the front. – There?
– Yeah. OK. It looks good. It feels terrible! (THE DIET) Well, usually I think
I’d eat a lot more protein than I have on my plate now. Yeah, more eggs and chicken. – Chicken. Beef, even.
– Yeah? Yeah, we have
a lot of meats for lunch. OK, we use protein shakes,
and also with breakfast. Do you ever struggle with that? Eating clean,
eating healthy? Yeah. It’s very important. Sometimes it very difficult
when you’re at a party or something and you see chips
or chocolate or cake there. Ah, cake especially. In your head, “No, no.” (THE CHALLENGE) Elis did her first run
in 10:06 – now the challenge for her
is to go under 10 seconds, so that’s 7 hundredths
of a second faster and I think she can do it,
so, we’ll see. (60 METRES IN UNDER 10 SECONDS) On you marks. Ready… Go! Come on, keep going,
keep going, keep going. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on. Whoo! 9:43. Nice. Way under 10 seconds,
well done. High five. Really good. The start feels better. Yeah, it feels better.
Oh, I can actually coach! I’m so proud of myself –
and of you, of course. It was really hard,
but it was really fun to do. It was very good coaching tips,
so, yes, thanks to Naomi. – Under 10 seconds.
– Really good. She made so much progress. She went over half a second
faster in her second run, so it was really good. I was really impressed,
I’m proud of her. (ONE LAP IN UNDER 30 SECONDS) 35 seconds is the time to beat. I think you can go
under 30 seconds. – OK.
– Do you think? Er, we’ll see. Under 35 should
be possible, at least. Ah, under 32? – OK.
– Yeah? – OK, deal.
– OK. I wish you good luck. Thanks! Go! Come on. Come on. Quick, quick,
quick, come on. 29:43? What do you think? 33:05. Nice!
Under 30. – Yeah.
– Good. Good job. She rode a 29,
so that was very good. I’m a happy coach. I don’t think the fact
that I’m a track sprinter helped me in any way today,
like, not at all. I was so out of
my comfort zone. I never even got to the point where I was trying
to transfer power, I just got to the point where I was trying
not to fall on my face. It was 6 seconds for her,
and it was 6 hundredths for me, so it was a good day. (SPORTS SWAP)

100 Replies to “Athletics vs Track Cycling – Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge”

  1. The sprinter should actually be able to beat the cyclist. Give her about 100 runs and she'd be passing the cyclist. Alright jumping to conclusions. Don't know how much pedal pressure is needed. The cyclist obviously does heavy squats and works on the quads a lot.
    In my opinion it would be much easier for the sprinter to become a champion cyclist, than for the cyclist to become a champion sprinter. Of course they are different builds.
    Speed and fast reflexes are useful across all sports that I can think of.
    Another thing…after seeing how out of breath the cyclist was in a 60 meter race…she should really work with a track coach. The lung power is extremely important for the muscles to work their best.
    I used to press 1000 lbs with one leg on the "gladiator" machines. The best exercise I did was turning the torque as high as it would go on a stationary bike and pedaling as fast as I could for 5 minutes. This just builds the explosiveness into the muscles and improves the circulation and lung power. My legs were not excessively large (played a lot of hockey too), but the difference in lung power made a huge difference in making the muscles work.

  2. My bet would be sprinter will do well on cycling but cyclist won’t sprint as fast… finally she was affraid of riding a bike… maybe guetting someone who wants to ride a bike is basic for that exercise…

  3. Is that biker considered an athlete. And to those people who say she is successful she really isn't. It's just that all good athletes do actually popular sports such as sprinting. There is only one athlete in this video. The other just didn't make the cut. If you have rolls of fat on you you it's not your body type or shape it's just that your fat. This sport is so irrelevant that she is considered an athlete.

  4. With regards to the international community: if you speak English and need subtitles to watch this video, you should probably learn how to speak some other language besides just English.

    Much love, Rob.

  5. All you track people like me, are any of you a little bit offended they refer to Track and Field Running as "Athletics", when they use the proper name for Track Cycling. I really enjoyed the video, but was a bit disappointed both sports didn't receive the same amount of respect. Reply to this and let me know what you think

  6. The video is nice but I'd like to see them to get a bit more used to both disciplines. The cyclist that's running still has poor technique (arms' movement is still bad and she's still hitting the ground with his whole foot and not with his forefoot. On the other side, the runner that's cycling is clearly limited by her fear to fall. Even with a far from perfect technique I am sure that she can be much faster than that.

  7. И эта жирная кулема велосипедная спринтерша?? Да они в этом виде спорта здоровые и крепкие. Мышц гора. Они ведь спринтеры. Но тут какая то жирная бабища

  8. No they can't,, it's just way too different,, a sprint or distance runner will best a cyclist,, because of the different explosiveness of sprinting,, Just the same as, if you put a track sprinter on a bike an then get them to race a cyclist,, Just like in track sprinting,, the cyclist will 100% win,, it's just not the same muscle memory, between, track racing an bike racing

  9. match up not very good. the cyclist runs with horrible technique (heel strikes in sprint ow ow ow, that hurts all ankles, she immediatly takes off sprinting shoes after her run) and the sprinter is not very bike affin and so scared to ride a fixed gears with even no breaks, which is completely understandable aswell. if you wanna make a good match, check the circumstances first and let them explain technique. i like sprinting and i like cycling, but even I would be a bit scared to ride fixed no breaks on high intensity, even in a safe indoor place with no traffic like that.

  10. if any of you want to attempt beat Elis Ligtlee's speed at your local velodrome, you must be able to hold 39.1 miles per hour for 200 meters.
    good luck with that, buddy.

  11. Interesting concept but hard to make it work in practice, it needs to be the right people facing each other.
    Cool matches would be: Peter Sagan vs Usain Bolt, Chris Froome vs Eliud Kipchoge

  12. With the speed of sound, being 60 metres away… Naomi was starting the stopwatch right when she says "go" so Elis was running under 10 seconds already

  13. They are both so very, very, very dumb and stupid. Need I say anything else? Stupid! It is obvious that they are NOT top athletes because all of the negative that they gave. As for the cyclist. Sorry but she is a little, little, little over weight. Thus, I have grave doubts with your weight if you are Olympic caliber.

  14. Cycling sprints on track are more similar to heavy lifting than 100m sprint running. It's incomparable even to other track cycling disciplines like 4000m or omnium. I like the sport, don't get me wrong, but nothing relevant comes from this comparsion.

  15. So interesting! I thought the leg muscles in running would help in biking more, and vice versa. I also think bc these are highly trained athletes, their skillset is very very focused and honed in, so trying to learn something new and in different forms can be challenging

  16. I've always thought track and field should be able to transfer to cycling with some concerted effort and training, conversely cyclist could also follow the same path. Although the sports might be different they still have the same basic motions, and movement. If nothing else the training should be of help. Speed skater's would probably be even better on a bike ?

  17. Was just binge watching these video's while bored, how nice to see Elis Ligtlee! She's from the same town as I am. I got to play music when she toured the town after her return to the Netherlands! Definitely Eerbeeks biggest accomplishment!

  18. It made my feet hurt when the cyclist sprinted the first time while practicing a heel running technique. It's natural to heel run for most people but it hurts a lot in spikes.

  19. Some of you people out here need to get off your high horse before you continue to bash the abilities and figures of these two athletes. It’s not fair to criticize the other for not performing as well as a seasoned athlete in a discipline THEY AREN’T FAMILIAR WITH. Secondly, just because the cyclist has more body weight doesn’t mean she’s not as “fit” as the runner or athletes in general. The bodily characteristics that are found in different disciplines vary greatly, the societal standard of “thin=better athlete” is absurd. Let’s appreciate that these two women were kind enough to take the time to make this video, because I personally enjoy this series. Hopefully more people start to think before criticizing these two hard-working athletes. Much love❤️

  20. はダサダサ多和田まさアナカータフ曽於ラム竿はたさた働かわか果たさた。

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