Assassin’s Creed Origins: E3 2017 Official World Premiere Gameplay Trailer [4K] | Ubisoft [NA]

Assassin’s Creed Origins: E3 2017 Official World Premiere Gameplay Trailer [4K] | Ubisoft [NA]

We are the first. The first to see the gods. The firsts to tame their beasts. The first to guard
the soul from evil. We conquered this land
and built an empire. But there are
whispers on the wind. A brotherhood born
in the shadows. They are the first to call
themselves the assassins. Assassin’s Creed Origins. Available October 27th. Pre-order now and
get a bonus mission.

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  1. a good game I like the details on your character when you upgrade get to see them into cutscenes but that combat system is straight up trash it fucked the whole game up for me I don't know I wasn't feeling it if Odyssey is going to be the same way like Origins then I just might not even buy it just give up on the franchise.

  2. The Egyptians may have been a cruel empire,and a foolish one for their beliefs.
    But no one should ever underestimate their architecture.

  3. Model name
    Lenovo G500 59-370339

    Operating system (with version)
    Windows 7 ultimate 64bits

    Display size (in inches)

    Display technology
    HD LED Display

    1366 x 768

    Ram included (in gb)

    Ram type

    Processor model name
    Intel Core i5 (3rd generation)

    Clock speed
    2.5 Ghz

    Graphics processor
    AMD Radeon HD8750 2GB Graphics

    Hard drive type

    Hard drive capacity
    500 GB

    Respected ubisoft gaming,
    Can i run assassin's creed origins in this configuration? Please reply as soon as possible.
    Thank you

  4. ubisoft, if there is a chance that someone of your crew reads it than pliiis notice: giving us a new AC game every year/ every 2 years isn't what we (the fans) want. Give us some unique and non linear story, package that in a hype- producing cinematic trailer and Take your TIME to polish that until it becomes a nearly perfection. And success will come like you've never seen before, i promise you.

    edit: hit the like so they can see it guys

  5. I have tried so much not to love Bayes over Ezio but Bayek has potential to be as loved as Ezio. He deserves a sequel ….

  6. Which game is better
    Assassins Creed Odyssey
    Like – Spider-Man
    Don’t like – Which game is better
    Assassins Creed Odyssey
    Like – Spider-Man
    Don’t like – Assassins Creed Odyssey

  7. Inevitably this long and systematic indulgence in blood lust recoiled on the heads of the leaders, and the
    Assassins like the Terrorists of France, ended by turning on each other. The Old Man of the Mountain himself was murdered by his brother-in-law and his son Mohammed; Mohammed, in his turn, whilst "aiming at the life of his son Jalal-ud-din, was anticipated by him with poison, which murder was again avenged by poison" so that from " Hasan the Illuminator " down to the last of his line the Grand Masters fell by the hands of their next-of-kin, and "poison and the dagger prepared the grave which the Order had opened for so many."

  8. Am I the only who liked the transitioning to RPG ? I mean sure its not the like other games but damn Origins and Odyssey are really good RPG games.

  9. I like the open world within this game it is so much to discover and enjoy in ancient magic Egypt. One of the best assassin creed games.Top hit from ubisoft!

  10. why yet other???, weapon have yet red -2 -3 Quallity and more more, verflucht falceta hitpoint 1660, why make this???, i`m sorry, i´m not bying my game as so!!!!, joh erlich gsogt hob i koa lust mea zum spuinn!!!

  11. Everyone, let’s just take a moment and show our respects to Ashraf and his team. This game is a masterpiece … I just wanna say thanks!

  12. There is one problem! When I saw the first pictures of the game, there was shown other Egyptian who was like screaming to make revolt. And also I thought that there will be slaves who will build pyramids

  13. What is the song or soundtrack played in the first part please ? Does any one knows ? It sounds so great! Thanks 😀

  14. Can someone explain to me what this WE and SMACKS LIPS joke is that's going around in the comments??

  15. This Assassin's Creed…. The Last game of the series that at least looked like assassin's creed…. Odyssey ruined it all…

  16. I can’t believe this masterpiece was fallowed up by an assassins creed game without assassins. Or a useable hidden blade. Or an actually developed modern storyline.

  17. A good trailer for a good character and story but bad for the gameplay, I'm absolutely disappointed with the new engine,
    still better then odyssey, that one ruined the entire series

  18. The gameplay footage of AC2 already reached the graphic level of AC1's CG animation trailer, but it takes them almost 8 years to make the gameplay footage to reach the graphic level of AC2's CG animation.

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