Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Legacy of the First Blade Gameplay Preview | Ubisoft [NA]

was a time when the Persian Empire ruled the world. And at the top of that
empire set King Xerxes. But even his power was no match
for the hidden blade wielded by Darius, one of the
earliest assassins. In “Legacy of the First
Blade,” you’ll meet Darius and he’ll turn his
legendary weapon on you. Survive and a new chapter will
unfold, pulling you deeper into the hidden history
of the assassins and of their masked enemies. “Legacy of the First Blade”
is the first major post-launch story arc for Assassin’s
Creed Odyssey. And its premiere
episode, “Hunted” will take you far north to
Makedonia Intended for players level 28 and above, it’ll become
available after the Naxos quest line in episode 7 of
the main storyline. And it won’t spoil any of
Odessy’s other plot details. It will, however,
give you a chance to chase the new level 70 cap
and unlock a new high level assassin ability,
death veil, which makes stealth killed bodies
vanish and eliminates any risk of them
being discovered. Darius, who fans might remember
as one of the ancient assassins enshrined under
the Villa Auditore, is the first known wielder
of the Hidden Blade and used it to take down
Xerxes and crippled the Persian Empire. Unsurprisingly, his blade
isn’t the only thing he’s keeping hidden. There’s more to
his checkered past than the slaying of the king. Darius may be old, but he’s
a lot tougher than he looks. And you’ll need to hold
your own in a tough fight, until he figures out
you’re on the same side. He’ll back off thanks
to the intervention of his son or daughter,
[INAUDIBLE] or [INAUDIBLE].. The one you meet depends
on who you’re playing as. Commanding Spartan soldiers. Getting ambushed
by a hungry old man. MIKEL REPARAZ (VOICEOVER):
Darius and his child quickly become key
allies in a fight against a new power-hungry
crew of masked fiends who crept into
Greece from Persia. They’ve got you firmly in
their sights Eagle Bearer. And before they move
in for the kill, they’re going to make
you suffer by dangling your past sins in front of
you, literally in one case. You are not the judge of
what is right or wrong, killer. MIKEL REPARAZ
(VOICEOVER): So it’s in your interest to
take the fight to them, which you can do by
uncovering clues, unmasking their identities, and hunting
them down across Greece. One of their orders’ branches
can be hunted in episode 1 with seven targets in all. In your search
for clues, you may want to tackle some of “Legacy
of the First Blade’s” new side quests, which charge
you with fun stuff like hunting mercenaries and
assassinating bear squads. And that’s just the beginning. Fuck yes. MIKEL REPARAZ (VOICEOVER): After
the first episode, “Hunted,” launches on December 4th, the
second and third installments of “Legacy of the First
Blade” are scheduled to arrive in early 2019, adding new
abilities and revealing more about Darius,
[INAUDIBLE],, [INAUDIBLE],, and your mysterious new enemies. Any more secrets
you want to share? MIKEL REPARAZ (VOICEOVER):
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visit us at [MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER: Assassin’s Creed
Odyssey, available now.

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