Asphalt Street Storm Racing in One Minute

Asphalt Street Storm Racing in One Minute

Bringing the thrilling discipline of drag
racing the Gameloft’s speedy car franchise, Asphalt Street Storm Racing lets you experience
the fastest quarter mile of your life – NEEEEOOWWWWM! This concept’s simple, get to the checkered
flag as quickly as possible beating up to three other players on the way. Tapping the screen to shift gear, precision
timing is required to insure you lose no revs. Another tap unleashes your NOS to burn your
way up to first place. Don’t let the controls fool you, Street
Storm is a game of depth. Time your rolling start to perfection and
master when to unleash your Nitro for maximum effect if you want to win. Weather also impacts your car’s performance. Learn how heat, rain, and blizzards all effect
your car as you race for the line. With up to three other racers on the track,
you must be sure to stick to your strategy. When an opponent pulls away, you’ll want
to hit that NOS to catch up – but remember the plan and only go when the time is right. Upgrade your car until it’s the perfect
speed machine. Think you have the best ride in town? Then it’s time to put your money where your
mouth is and wager in-game money and even Pink Slips against other racers online. Put it all on the line and prepare for the
race of your life in Asphalt Street Storm.

16 Replies to “Asphalt Street Storm Racing in One Minute”

  1. Sir please make a gameloft game on cricket.
    Please for Android Make a Cricket game. It will surely be highly appreciated.

  2. lemme re-write this:
    asphalt street storm is a pay 2 win game meant to scan you out of money. it pulls you in with about a couple minutes of fun, free gameplay, then hits you with a pay wall. you either grind your butt off for months, or pay. if you grind, your progress won't matter as the cars you wanted are made outdated by new cars added in the carefully timed update. these cars will make the other cars useless. if you pay, you waste money on a game you'll probably lose interest in after a couple months. the game is popular in 3rd world countries, filled with kids who have no money. these kids hack the game to win, making the games multiplayer (which they push alot) a joke. overall, don't download it.

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