Asphalt Nitro – Game Trailer

Asphalt Nitro – Game Trailer

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  1. I am part of Gameloft and I also had know about this and the updates of every game a long time ago. I hope you will like the game we have made. They have emailed me about the latest update about the werewolf armor

  2. How the hell are the graphics a significant step DOWN from Asphalt 8? Did you outsource this to your Bucharest studio like you did with Modern Combat?

  3. ok soo i want to get things straight 1. this game came out 7 months ago on gamelofts market and this is just a big ass update that there bring to google play 2. the graphics are not good because its 24mb like come on its going to pull 1.5gb out of its ass no 3. dont refer this to an asphalt 9 and you probably wont like it if the olds asphalt you played was 8 because this controls and feels more like asphalt 5-6 4. i think this is more for being an experiment rather then being the "Next" asphalt what i do think is there going to implement the generation into the next game in some way shape or form so they can try a squeeze as much memory as possible as android apk formats only support somewhere in the ball park of 3gbs so adding this feature will hopefully allow them to bring that size limit up but hey who knows? anyway thats my rant over and should answer most questions that are being spammed in the comments. so if you liked asphalt of old when they still made java phone editions you will probably feel write at home if you didnt play it during tgat time then you will probably play it for 1-2weeks and then go back to asphalt 8 🙂

  4. After playing it I feel its more like Asphalt 7 graphics and music but with Asphalt 8 gameplay. The only downside the cars feel very stiff and if you have less then 3gb of Ram on your Phone be prepared for long loading times. I tested on my HTC One M8 and its slower then molasses on loading but okay running on my Nexus 6 but the music is way too generic for my taste. Thats what got me pumped in Asphalt 8 is the licence music. They should of just hired one good artist and do about 5 good songs for the game but what ever, I am hoping Asphalt 9 is happening.

  5. I'm not saying this is not a good game, but I've had asphult 8 for so long, and I download the game my expectations was so high for this game, when I played it, it had similarities to asphult 8, but felt it was not for me.

  6. Dear Gameloft,

    I would agree with the others,but in my opinion, this is one one the best polished racing games to take a rival of Asphalt 8! Thank you for making this game. The only problem is to put this on the Apple Devices, Then I'll be happy! Thank you, and continuing making Asphalt 9.?


  7. Muy buen juego.Ideal para aquellos que tienen problemas o no pueden jugar Asphalt 8.
    Un punto mas por el modo persecucion en el que eres policía ?

  8. I still think Asphalt 8's better than this. There's only a few cars in Nitro, and honestly boring music. But although the tracks are pretty good.

  9. Though this game is small sized and not as graphically impressive as Asphalt 8 and 9, this one manages to still pack a punch.

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