100 Replies to “Asphalt 9: Legends – Redefining Mobile Racing”

  1. ok Asphalt 9 improve your graphics quality and I love it thank you so much for this gift and all your teams where happy and where hope this game will be enjoyable 🙂

  2. graphics are nowhere near like that on android ?? even in HQ settings my game.looks like shit without any AA in my device

  3. All of the asphalt games seem the same :/ I wish the devs would add something to make it better it’s kinda boring in my opinion they need to add something that’s new and extremely awesome

  4. There is nothing new except the useless shine on the cars. Why don't you people understand, make a racing game to feel like racing not like some sci-fi shit with colours flowing on cars.

  5. This music is so damn cool! It give me feels.
    But the gqme is unplayable for lag on some devices (where there is no Low Quality) and for playability of the game itself…

  6. Don't care. They make the A.I rubber band ahead of you at the last second in the race to make you look like you lost to entice you to pay for microtransactions. Cheating AI = frustrated player = player doesn't like losing = cash payments.

    Maybe make this a single payment game with no BS and I'll consider it.

  7. I played this game it deserves to be the no. 1 online racing on ios and android. Because.
    1. It has great graphics
    2. It has an easy gameplay.
    3. It has cops escape level.
    And for me this is my top no. 1 favourite game of all games.
    Good job gameloft.
    You should always keep updating it and make it even better

  8. Controls are fucked up, they "nerfed" for saying so the manual controls in order for us to play with the bullshit "TouchDrive"

  9. Only on my xiaomi redmi 4x game is on minimals without anti-aliasing in 480p, this is what the device should be to pull this on the max?!
    Только на моем xiaomi redmi 4x игра идёт на минималках без сглаживания в 480p,это какой аппарат должен быть чтобы ЭТО тянуть на максималках?!

  10. How can a game that's focused on single player be pay to win (and multiplayer puts you with similar cars?)? If you get stuck at 25%, 50%, and 75%, look at is as paying for unlocking the next episode like many games do now pay a few dollars to get it since ITS LITERALLY THE LEAST YOU COULD DO FOR GAMELOFT GIVING YOU HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT. For crying out loud, these games aren't free to make, especially not this one, and you got to play it for free for hours.

  11. Yeah mobile graphics, On my pc doesn't run like this even on highest possible graphics AND I HAVE GTX 1060 6GB!!!!
    Wtf man, and Gameloft tells us this is on mobile…
    R I P

  12. This is kind of bullshit. What they don't tell you is if you want these features you aren't getting 60fps even on the latest phones, you get 30 capped when you switch graphics from default to high

  13. One of the best games ever , the way they've handled lootboxes and shop is awesome too, game's much more rewarding with tons of opportunities like daily event, car specific events ,car specific packs to buy ( from in-game tokens which are fairly easy to get), tournament competition ,car hunt etc etc.
    I never thought I would acknowledge a supply drop based game ,but this game is so fun, satisfying and rewarding to play.
    The people saying this game is pay to win in utter nonsense.
    I'm around 2 months in this game and have unlocked 80% cars and maxxed 30% of em.

    It's way different than A8 and a very worthy successor.

  14. If you guys just play this game for the graphics, go outside, or just go to Instagram and sees the beautiful pictures of the supercars. This game is a p2w shitfest with awful controls and laughable singleplayer and physics. Just play Gear.Club, that game has shittier graphics, but a way better gameplay mechanics, or RR3, or Grid Autosport if you use iOS.

  15. I swear compared to PC racing games , this is the best racing game ever created 8 and 9 , because of all the stunts , PVP action and map design , and other people complain about collision… Yet Asphalt suggests otherwise , do anything to takeover against your opponent.

    Gameloft you are doing something right.

  16. Wtf gameloft, why does the soft launch version look so much better than the actual game? Use the soft launch graphics

  17. The usual.
    Racing games usually have the graphi s of their time's previous generstion of consoles.
    The first Asphaly game had PS1 graphics and was released during PS2 Era.
    And when that generation is close to its end, mobile racing games start to look pretty close to console racing games. For example, Asphalt 7 was released during PS3 era, and it looked pretty close to something on the PS3.
    And here we are now, 9th generation of consoles will soon be released, and best looking mobile racing games already look like something you can find on Xbox one or PS4.

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